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01 December 2023

Not washing, so skating: who provokes Russia

Unsuccessful attempts to draw Russia into the intra-Ukrainian conflict continue despite the "failure" of the fake "offensive."

Diplomatic Games

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, the situation in the East of Ukraine, on the line of demarcation between the LPR and the DPR continues to heat up. Shelling continues from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, residents of unrecognized republics leave for Russia en masse.

Against this background, US and Russian leaders Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin agreed to meet in Europe to hold a summit on security and strategic stability in Europe. The meeting should help reduce tensions, cool the heads of the warrior in Kiev, and at the same time serve as a platform for in-person discussion of Russian and American positions on security guarantees.

The summit will be preceded by talks between Russian and US Foreign Ministers Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blinken. They will meet on February 24th. They will prepare questions for heads of state.

The new summit was announced after a series of negotiations between the Russian leader and the heads of the United States and a number of European countries. In particular, with French President Emmanuel Macron. The situation was heated to such an extent that the latter was forced to postpone the formal nomination of his candidacy for the next presidential term. It is believed that it is Macron who makes the most of peacekeeping efforts.

Germany, whose new chancellor Olaf Scholz recently visited Moscow, also stands in more or less balanced positions. Germany flatly refused to increase arms supplies to Europe, and Scholz himself, no matter how Zelensky tried to persuade him, did not speak negatively about Nord Stream-2 at a general press conference with the Ukrainian leader.

But the position of the United States and Great Britain, as well as the smaller brothers in reason who joined them - Poland and the Baltic countries, is difficult to call constructive and balanced. They are locomotives of pumping Kiev with weapons, manufacturers of aggressive rhetoric, the main ideologists of new sanctions restrictions on our country.

Despite all the statements about peace, their real task is to draw Russia as much as possible into the conflict in Ukraine, representing it as an active party. The ideal option is a military operation in the Donbass, as a result of which Russia will be as limited as possible in access to financial markets, not to mention human losses. Well, the partisan war against the Russian military, similar to the one waged by Bandera in Western Ukraine after the end of the Third Reich, is a completely blue dream of Anglo-Saxon geostrategians.

When the strategy of drawing the Russian Federation into the war through the media and rising tensions failed, Washington and London seem to have decided to play sharper. And now a whole series of both informational and military provocations. Shelling of civilian objects in Donetsk, Lugansk and the environs continues. At the same time, tremendous efforts are being made to discredit the security forces of the unrecognized republics.

Fake war

The whole world was circled by photographs of a kindergarten, where a shell allegedly hit from the unrecognized republics. But the photos on the other side show that the shell, allegedly hit the wall, did not touch the walls of the building. Not a single one is knocked out - this is the result of an artillery strike. Who is this rude fake designed for?

Western public opinion. Including, on a variety of adventurers who volunteered to Ukraine to defend it from fake Russian "aggression." Another attempt to expose LDNR and Russia as barbarians - it seems that they have already scored "they are shelling themselves."

At the same time, the authorities of the LPR and the DPR report on sabotage groups of Ukrainian security forces, as well as on prevented in the republics, but warned terrorist attacks by Ukrainian intelligence. In parallel with this, the evacuation of civilians from areas under fire by the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues. In Russia, financial assistance is allocated to forced refugees.

At the expert level, the discussion of the prospects for the development of the situation continues. It is believed that Russia, following the United States and NATO, is raising the stakes in Ukraine in order to focus on strategic security proposals. If so, the upcoming summit between Putin and Biden will be evidence that these tactics are working. And also another evidence that Russia has no aggressive plans to capture Ukraine.

Jokes are over, there is nothing to joke

President Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, other Foreign Ministry officials are already tired of explaining this to their colleagues and Western journalists. Even jokes on this subject are already ending. There is a real information war against Russia, the purpose of which is to draw Russia into the conflict, and then further strangulation with new and new sanctions.

This is a policy of dishonest competition, creating unilateral advantages in an attempt to restrain Russia and balance China, which has gained strength. And, as Vladimir Putin stated, sooner or later this sanctions-geopolitical "outburst" should burst.

Now it is clear that such tactics are working worse. Even Kiev puppets of Washington understand that they are pushed to slaughter. And now Vladimir Zelensky refuses to believe in the imminent invasion of Russia. So the day when the US will have to make real concessions in order to maintain the remnants of geopolitical influence is getting closer.

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Filippov

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