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09 December 2023

NATO opts for 'nuclear blackmail' strategy

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization says it will remain a nuclear alliance, says it rates the possibility of nuclear weapons being used by alliance members as "highly unlikely," but translates "arrows" to Russia.

There is no possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in connection with the crisis around Ukraine, although you can never know for sure, said US President Joe Biden, speaking in Helsinki at a press conference in which his Finnish counterpart took part, according to The Moscow Post.

The topic of nuclear weapons has not been easy lately, as they say, everyone has heard. Senior officials are speaking out on the issue of nuclear weapons. The main reason is the "nuclear blackmail" that the West applies to Russia.

First of all, encouraging the shelling of the Armed Forces of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, turning a blind eye to the provocations of Kyiv with a "dirty bomb," and declaring the admissibility of using nuclear weapons. The strategy of psychological pressure with a "nuclear taste" has long been chosen by the West and the escalation of lies against Moscow continues.

Escalation course

In parallel, there is a creeping escalation in the field of supplies of weapons to Kyiv, including cruise missiles and aircraft. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that supplies from the "collective West" to militants of the Kyiv regime of F-16 fighters capable of carrying nuclear weapons will be considered by the Russian Federation as a direct threat.

"We have informed the nuclear powers - the US, the UK and France - that Russia cannot ignore the ability of these aircraft to carry nuclear weapons. No assurances will help here, "the minister said. "The very fact of the appearance of such systems in the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be considered by us as a threat from the West in the nuclear sphere," Lavrov stressed.

By heading for escalation and promising to supply the Kyiv regime with more and more modern, long-range and deadly weapons, NATO is consistently lowering the threshold for the use of force, as well as strengthening the nuclear component in its military planning, the Russian Foreign Ministry noted following the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Vilnius.

NATO lowers threshold

Russian President Vladimir Putin previously indicated that the Russian Federation is ready to use all the means at its disposal to protect its territorial integrity and people. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov emphasized that Russia does not want to take part in nuclear rhetoric and recalled that Moscow can use nuclear weapons only in accordance with the provisions of its nuclear doctrine.

According to the Fundamentals of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence from 2020, the use of nuclear weapons by Russia is possible if the enemy uses this or other types of weapons of mass destruction against the Russian Federation and its allies, receipt of reliable information about the launch of ballistic missiles to attack Russia and its allies, the enemy's influence on the facilities necessary for the retaliatory actions of nuclear forces, as well as in the case of aggression against the Russian Federation with the use of conventional weapons, when the very existence of the state is threatened.

Biden, referring to his Western colleagues, China, and the world community, wringing their hands, exclaims "Do not do this!" It would be good for him and his colleagues at the NATO summit or/and at the ensuing meeting of G7 leaders to address the call "Do not do this!" Volodymyr Zelensky, his subordinates, or his subordinates, sent to Kyiv to lead Zelensky.

Playing with words has reached dangerous limits and the Kremlin cannot but answer. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, having received British and French cruise missiles at its disposal, threatens not only the ZPP, but other strategic facilities in Russia, including Moscow and the Moscow region, Kaluga, Bryansk, Belgorod, Kursk regions and Crimea.

The Ukrainian military regularly fire at these border Russian territories, strike from drones and arrange sabotage.

In the Bryansk, Kursk, Belgorod regions and Crimea there is a high (yellow) level of terrorist danger. ZNPP is under constant threat of destruction of vital nuclear safety nodes of the plant.

There is nothing to be ashamed of

On the eve of the NATO summit in Vilnius in the Bryansk region, two cruise missiles were shot down. On the afternoon of July 9, air defense systems worked in Kerch, shooting down a cruise missile. Traffic on the Crimean bridge was suspended. Another rocket was shot down in the Rostov region, local authorities reported. The Armed Forces of Ukraine use NATO missiles, other means, including S-200 anti-aircraft missiles, modernized and reconfigured (converted into an attack version in order to defeat ground targets).

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that if their ultimate goal was the Smolensk (Desnogorsk) nuclear power plant, then "there is nothing to be ashamed of." The answer could be a blow to the South Ukrainian NPP, Rivne NPP and Khmelnitsky NPP, as well as nuclear facilities in Europe. However, the condition for such a power scenario may be the origin of the missile from NATO countries.

Is such a warning capable of stopping Zelensky and if not, what can Russia oppose to the strategy of blackmail in relation to civilian nuclear facilities? And can the West rely on him? And is there a desire to keep Zelensky under control?

Dmitry Medvedev, for example, stressed that a special military operation would end in a few days if the United States and its vassals stopped supplying weapons to Ukraine. But the vassals ran wild!

On May 11, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace announced the transfer of air-launched cruise missiles Storm Shadow to Kyiv. It was argued that London received assurances that the missiles would be used only at targets "in the sovereign territory" of the former Ukrainian SSR. Since then, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have repeatedly attacked Lugansk with these missiles, and also tried to attack Berdyansk, fired at Mariupol on May 26.

At the end of May, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov called on Germany to supply Taurus cruise missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers.

Before the NATO summit, French President Emmanuel Macron said France would hand over SCALP long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Army General Valery Gerasimov, set the task for the command post of the united group to organize systematic work to identify storage locations, as well as launch positions of S-200 missiles and other enemy strike weapons and plan their preemptive fire defeat.

How to protect the world?

Something unknown and new appears in Russia's relations with the West, which could be conventionally called the doctrine of "mutual guaranteed infection." Radiation or psychological, it does not matter much. Both in large doses can be fatal. When "this is new," imbued with hatred, becomes part of an already fragile balance in relations between nuclear powers, or countries with civilian nuclear facilities in a war zone, it causes real alarm.

According to the deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, Washington's policy on the issue of constantly pumping Ukraine with weapons is understandable: "The United States as a whole is acting in alignment with its pragmatic interests. They themselves do not fight, but earn money. Trying to destroy a centuries-old enemy. " As for the countries of the Old World, in his opinion, "Europe has gone crazy. They constantly warm up and heat up the situation with their decisions", the politician emphasized.

This is another cause for alarm - the boundless and pervasive hatred of Russia, which Western elites are intensively instilling in their societies. The former "Soviet Baltic" has long been angry and dirty talk to everyone, including its Russian fellow citizens without passports. Poland and Romania are active participants in this dance competition with tambourines of "centuries-old Russophobia." Finland, Sweden and others have already officially appeared on this list. And they are all very close to the suburbs of St. Petersburg, not to mention the Kaliningrad region.

"The elites in most of these states have lost their guidelines and, panicking about the failure of their own positions inside and outside, obediently lead their countries to slaughter," Sergei Karaganov recently wrote in a sensational article on how nuclear weapons can protect humanity from a global catastrophe.

The article sparked discussion and even complaints from some students at the Higher School of Economics to the HSE ethics commission. But it is impossible not to see that the world is experiencing a deep crisis of ideas about how the system of international security should be built. And not only.

Relations between countries are only a small part of something much bigger going through difficult times. But the world order is exactly the key component on which the survival of the world and the trajectory of its further development depend on nothing else.

Karaganov reflected on this, spoke about the degradation of the elites of a large number of countries of the "golden billion," the loss of not only the intellectual level and the foundations of strategic culture, but also humanity. This paves the way for "liberal" totalitarianism and a new fascism. Ukraine convincingly shows this, but the West does not want to see it. So much hate.

"This vector of movement of the West serves as an unequivocal sign of a drift towards the unleashing of the Third World War. It is already beginning and may flare up into a full-fledged fire due to chance or growing incompetence and irresponsibility of the ruling circles of the West, "Karaganov said. And in this it is difficult to disagree with him.


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