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29 November 2023

NATO does not need them: the Alliance "guarantees" Ukraine the continuation of the conflict with Russia

The summit of militant Atlantists in Vilnius will not lead to peace, but it will make lobbyists of the Western military-industrial complex very happy.

Today, the next NATO summit starts in Vilnius, which together with Finland includes 31 states. The central topic will be, as you might guess, opposition to Russia's "aggressive actions." In fact, a further strategy to contain our country trying to ensure its security in the international arena will be discussed.

It will be possible to talk about the specific results of the summit only after its completion, but the main trends are already obvious. Neither Ukraine, nor Russia, nor all the world, he promises nothing good.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Tensions between Russia and the West, read NATO led by the United States, have long exceeded even the darkest expectations. But there is always where next. So the Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, believes that the situation is slipping into the most unfavorable scenario.

What exactly he means, Antonov did not explain. But this is understandable without him. Further support for NATO countries of Ukraine and its militants may reach the direct intervention of the Alliance forces in the ongoing military confrontation in Ukraine. This threatens the whole world with an exchange of nuclear strikes, which does not cease to be repeated not only in Russia, but also in the States themselves.

Earlier, both former US President Donald Trump and the likely candidate for the next Democratic presidential election, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (nephew of John F. Kennedy), and many others who profess any responsible political approach warned of such risks.

Ukraine, which is struggling to get included in the Alliance, should take a key place on the summit agenda. However, NATO is only an instrument of US policy, more broadly - transnational elites, mainly Anglo-Saxon "bottling." In such a design, Ukraine itself is an instrument - its task is Western curators, apparently, see self-destruction against Russia with the last maximum concomitant damage.

In this sense, dying for NATO soldiers (not counting the "vacationers") is not at all out of hand - Western society simply will not understand this. There is no such goal. So far, the strategy of fighting with Russia to the last Ukrainian is working perfectly - and here there are just new waves of mobilization in the "square" in connection with the deafening failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces offensive against new Russian regions.

This is the cornerstone of internal discussions: how to further organize support for Ukraine so that it retains sufficient combat capability for Russia to inflict maximum damage.

"Israeli model" for Ukraine

A few weeks before the summit, it was known that Ukraine would not receive the long-awaited invitation to NATO. "The doors remain open," but only for those who can strengthen the security of Alliance members. Ukraine can provoke a nuclear conflict, which, judging by the latest statements and non-verbal "signals" of the Kyiv regime, apparently even wants.

Instead of a NATO ticket, Joe Biden proposed a different model - the so-called Israeli. According to presidential aide Jake Sullivan, Western countries should develop multilateral agreements to provide security obligations. From Washington, he promised long-term military assistance, intelligence, support in cyberspace and other measures.

This is exactly the Israeli model of security guarantees, Joe Biden intends to officially offer Vladimir Zelensky in Vilnius. I.e. this is another breakfast feed at a time when such measures will only delay the defeat of Ukraine, lead to new victims, and as a result - to the political losses of the Western conductors of such a policy themselves.

And for Kyiv this is not the most pleasant news. It turns out that its main ally and key member of the Alliance, the United States, is not ready to move closer along the NATO line. In contrast, the position of new Europeans sounds - first of all, the countries of the former Warsaw Pact, which seek to weaken Russia as much as possible, insist on its military defeat. We are talking about Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic states.

As for the States, it is not difficult to guess that the Biden administration is increasingly difficult to maintain bicameral support for the Kyiv regime. After the countries of the bloc sent more than $100 billion in military aid to Ukraine, there should be a return. At the end of the month of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the new Russian regions, they managed to advance only a few kilometers, not even reaching the first line of defense. But the whole world saw the burning "Bradley" and "Leopards" - not the best advertisement for the Western military-industrial complex.

And it seems that it is the military-industrial complex of the Alliance member countries that will become the main beneficiary from the NATO summit. Because the security guarantees that Ukraine can offer will in any case assume an explosive increase in defense orders.

On the eve it became known that the German concern Rheinmetall will open its production in Ukraine - it is assumed that in the west of the country it will produce up to 400 tanks a year. Turkey is also going to open its Bayraktarov production plant.

Turkey takes its toll

The latter, as well as its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a matter of days before the summit were at the center of an international scandal with the transfer of Azov militants (an extremist and terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) to the Kyiv regime.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov called such a step a violation of the agreements between Moscow and Ankara. However, Erdogan has long pursued his own goals.

At the same time, just before the summit, Turkey agreed to transfer the protocol on Sweden's admission to NATO for ratification as soon as possible. This was stated by Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after his meeting with Turkish President Erdogan and Swedish Prime Minister.

"This is a historic step that makes all allies in NATO stronger and safer," he said. Meanwhile, a Turkish official said that "Turkey received what it wanted, so the process of Sweden joining NATO will accelerate".

Before the summit, Erdogan managed to push through his demands for Sweden to join the Alliance. Photo:

For Russia, this paints an extremely unsightly picture. There is practically no one to talk to in the West, and oil will be poured into the fire of the Ukrainian conflict further. At least, before the result of the US presidential election, this trend will be difficult to reverse. If, before next spring, Russia can achieve serious military successes in Ukraine, the likelihood of a freeze in the conflict within the framework of a large-scale package security agreement between the Russian Federation and NATO will increase.

However, it is always necessary to take into account the possibility of developing a negative scenario. And no matter how boring this phrase is over the past year and a half, it does not lose its relevance: the world has never stood so close to the threshold of nuclear war. I would like to hope that their responsibility for this is understood not only in Moscow, but also in Washington and Brussels.

Photo: RIA "Novosti"

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