NATO detonator: in peak to expectations of the USA Europeans had a tendency to think the head

To recede on borders of 1997 as Moscow offers, the leader of the USA isn't allowed by pride, and Ukraine became the arena of a master class in geopolitics.


To recede on borders of 1997 as Moscow offers, the leader of the USA isn't allowed by pride, and Ukraine became the arena of a master class in geopolitics.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post, in Paris today, January 26 reports, there has to take place the meeting of political advisers of "a Norman format", including participants from France, Germany, Ukraine. The delegation of Russia will be headed by the Deputy Chief of the Russian President's Executive Office Dmitry Kozak.

The answer is prepared

By data already all of the known agency Bloomberg, the American White House prepares the written answer for Moscow on security guarantees. They say that the text was "coordinated" with the EU and NATO that in him will be stated in general in what West areas is able to solve problems of Russia. And also will list actions of Russia which are alarming at Europe.

It is better, than nothing. A question only in whether such statement of known will arrange the Kremlin. Especially, in the conditions of the accelerated transfer of Ukraine to the anti-Russian, military rails. To believe in gravity of intentions of the USA and allies standing in a system on a lawn in front of the White House it would be naive. Process of "military development" of the territory of Ukraine by the North Atlantic Alliance is adjusted, deliveries of arms grow, advisers and instructors arrive.

But, as speak, there are nuances. The pendulum of the American nervousness increased amplitude and frequency. Anthony Blinken's uncertainty is transferred to Joe Biden. Except inevitable remorses concerning failures in communication with representatives of the media, the U.S. President should regret still that geographically far euro-democracies for some reason solved: they can have own opinion. Their leaders obediently listened until recently to political manuals of the White House, had a reputation for silent interlocutors.

Germany would like to tell …

Everything suddenly changed, the audience of the European Union started moving, began to ask questions, some "listeners" even risk to offer something. In NATO the discipline too foully limps. The vice admiral of the Bundeswehr commander-in-chief of Naval Forces Kai-Akhy Shenbakh crossed requirements of the instruction for the choice of words about the Crimea and was fired.

Scandal happened as speak, because of a denunciation of the ambassador of the country which Biden personally fostered so far was the vice president. I mentioned the vice admiral the Russian Crimea during the discussion at the Indian institute of defensive researches and the analysis (IDSA). For him would be strange, speaking about a situation in Europe, to tell something other. For example, that Kiev by all means will achieve return of primordially Russian territories won once by Russia from Turkey.

He as the professional, argued on security of Europe, being among professionals. IDSA is known that it holds such conferences on the rules of Chatham House excluding disclosure. When the German vice admiral precisely crossed border of a lawn of the White House, so it in that situation where he dared to notice that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin deserves "respect at the high level". Also I continued: "Russia is the important country. Even we, India, Germany, need Russia. We need Russia against China …".

The Russian president in "signs of respect" hardly needs this context. But the Chinese subject sounded in a performance more, than distinctly. The guest reminded that the German politicians speak about the People's Republic of China, consider "China not such the good country".

"We too", female politicians reminded

Remarks of the vice admiral Shenbakh on possible problems with China were heard in only two days after the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Annalena Berbok carried out a videoconference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China I. Wang.

Spoke about cooperation on a number of questions. China is the main trade and economic partner of Germany long ago. Export of Germany to the People's Republic of China reaches 150 billion dollars.

To me is too what to tell, Christina Lambrekht, the Minister of Defence of Germany with experience as the lawyer interfered. Having referred to a question of ownership of the Crimea, I fired the commander-in-chief. The decision to approve was necessary to the federal chancellor Olaf Sholtsu.

Annalena Berbok having already shown that she can conduct as equals a conversation with Sergei Lavrov. And then I said before a meeting of the EU Council at the level of Foreign Ministers that it is impossible to mix the territory of the North Atlantic Alliance and Ukraine in a critical situation around the last. Earlier, after change of an office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany declared inadmissibility of application by the Ukrainian forces of Bayraktar drones. Under the Minsk Agreement only observers of OSCE can apply them.

Kiev's relations with Berlin go through the "black strip," would think Angela Merkel, one of the sponsors of the "Western choice" of Euromaidan in 2014. Now Beijing can be added to Kiev... The Verkhovna Rada committees on integration into the EU, on foreign policy and inter-parliamentary cooperation even appealed to the Bundestag with a call to reconsider the attitude of Germany towards Ukraine, threatened with "serious consequences."

"Germany's behavior in recent days has undermined our good relations with this country. In the situation in which Ukraine finds itself, not to arm us, and even to prevent partners from doing this, is irresponsible and short-sighted, "Ukrainian parliamentarians said.

Ukraine has repeatedly resented Berlin's refusal to supply it with lethal weapons.

"We have not supported the export of lethal weapons in recent years," Chancellor Olaf Scholz told reporters. Germany blocked the transfer by Estonia of 122-mm howitzers D-30 produced back in the GDR.

Paris, Brussels and others step wrong

The initiative is punishable. This should be thought not only in Berlin, but also in Paris. Ukraine's new and "democracy-independent" policy of its disjointed body elite and Nazi bandits controlling it has brought Europe to the brink of a massive conflict. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at a meeting of the EU Council emphasized that the US administration will closely coordinate with allies and partners steps to "deter Russian aggression." In this regard, one cannot fail to see that Europeans have a tendency to think with their heads.

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrel, after negotiations on Monday with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, did not hold back during a meeting of the EU Council. He said that there was no threat of an immediate attack by Russia on Ukraine. Then, cleverly walked away from questions about Russia's disconnection from the SWIFT system. He also said that he saw no reason to evacuate diplomats from Kiev.

Borrel said that "advance" to announce sanctions against Russia following the meeting of the EU foreign ministers is not planned. It would be naive to think that the EU has become more aware of its interests. The White House explained: the threat of sanctions is more effective as a deterrent.

Who in the choir is fake?

In the choir of the EuroNATO Union, the voices of some countries are distinguished. The further the country from the eastern border of NATO, the more noticeable this is. Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles proposed not to dramatize the situation around Ukraine, called for prudence.

Emmanuel Macron intends to offer the Russian leader a de-escalation option. The situation in Ukraine causes, as he found out, concern for our collective security. For future persuasion, the guarantor of the Minsk agreements emphasized: "The United States today does the same thing that I have been doing for several years: they speak with the Russians"! Proud of his achievements, Macron even pointed out the importance of full EU participation in preparing a response to Russian proposals.

Germany, for its part, removed from consideration the issue of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT as part of the alleged introduction of another package of sanctions. About this with reference to the portal Eurativ reports RIA "Novosti." Germany needs Russian gas, as well as a system of settlements for its supply. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for a "qualified new beginning" in relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the United States, this caused irritation. An article appeared in The Wall Street Journal, its author David Gotthard called Berlin an unreliable partner. He complained that the coming to power of the new chancellor did not make Germany obedient to the White House. Next, by list:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan Lipavsky told that "EU countries differently see sanctions [against the Russian Federation], but their views differ only in small nuances".

The deputy of the Bundestag of Germany, the former head of fraction of the Left-wing party in parliament of Germany Gregor Gizi subjected to sharp criticism of NATO, having accused alliance of escalation of the conflict with Russia.

The Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova Nikolay Popescu at a meeting with the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged to achieve a deesklation, not to allow military operations.

The authorities of Croatia in case of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will recall all the military personnel from forces of NATO in Eastern Europe. It was said by the president of the republic Zoran Milanović.

It is what breaks through disciplinary veils of NATO and the European Union. It is possible to imagine that actually Europeans think that they speak about actions of "islanders" in Washington to which it is safe, at the expense of geography, Ottawa and London adjoined.

That there will be to a deranged Kiev top Germans and the French who aren't able to control. But what can occur in Europe in case of provocation will undermine a habitual course of affairs. And not only in the relations with Russia.

NATO cuckoo and Europe

But the trajectory of the movement is set, the sphere of events slides to the conflict. As the well-known bird, America laid eggs in the European nest and waits that she will hatch. At the same time the USA appeared at the deadlock. Their gluttonous a child, decorated now-headed Stoltenberg, 14 European states snipped off, aimed at Ukraine and Georgia. And forces at the USA any more not those, Afghanistan to that the witness. But to think and move, especially to recede on borders of 1997 as Moscow offers, the leader of the democratic world isn't allowed by pride. And Ukraine became the arena of a master class in geopolitics.

As it was already noted, it is interesting not to all Europeans. But Washington doesn't see", and doesn't want to see "signs of de-escalation" from the Russian Federation on border with Ukraine more likely. Especially doesn't notice military hysteria in Kiev, military preparations on the line of demarcation from LPR and the DPR. Doesn't bring the military instructors as diplomats. Is going to send to Europe 8.5 thousand soldiers for strengthening of eastern frontier of NATO. The alliance reported too that it directs replenishment "for protection of the countries of alliance".

Very conveniently: to create tension at borders of Russia and Belarus, and then to take measures that to protect itself! Told, a master class in geopolitics! And to the airport of Boryspil from the USA there arrived the third plane with the consignment of lethal arms from an aid package requested by Joe Biden from the Congress. The previous deliveries with a total weight more than 170 tons fell on January 22-23. As showed Afghanistan, America has enough this good, it is necessary to use. The main thing that the client masters equipment novelties.

The Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov noted that statements of NATO for increase in the contingent and tightening of forces and funds for east flank increase tension in the sphere of safety. According to him, growth of tension is promoted also by "information hysterics" which was started by the USA and their allies on the block.

Whether it is possible to trust Kiev?

In the run-up to today's meeting of political advisers of "a Norman format" it is appropriate to remember that the cabinet of Ukraine at an emergency meeting withdrew from the Verkhovna Rada the bill of a transition period in uncontrollable territories of Donbass. Russia compared this bill to withdrawal of Kiev from the Minsk Agreement. Withdrawal of the project was one of conditions for a meeting of political advisers.

In the mode of a videoconference the Working groups on political and humanitarian issues and contact group on settlement of the conflict in Donbass got to work. The latest work is interfered by intervention of the West.

The head of department of the Defense Ministry of LPR Jan Leshchenko reported that "the situation reminds pre-war … more data show that the Ukrainian army conducts preparation for transition to active fighting". Movements of AFU carefully hide in Donbass, work of observers of OSCE is blocked.

In Luhansk the conflict is called intra-Ukrainian. Kiev doesn't agree with it that process of settlement on a failure side puts, creates risks of decisions at the level of field commanders of AFU and nationalist battalions. According to National militia of the DPR, fighters of Right Sector (extremist organization banned in the Russian Federation) can be used in Donbass for creation of protecting groups.