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01 December 2023

Mirages of "scrap metal" of Ukrainian "support"

Ukraine finally turned into the ground on utilization of second-hand articles from stocks of NATO.

The day before it became known that France - one of the key states supporting Ukraine conducts negotiations on deliveries of AFU of the Mirage 2000 fighters ("Mirage") from the arsenals. Representatives of "independent" tried to obtain it at least since summer of the last year when avoidance of escalation and possible collision with Russia was refused to them in a name.

Now, when the Overtona window even more extended after the decision to put the American and European tanks of Abramsa, "Leopards" and Challengeera, time is suitable also for aircraft. However, according to experts, they are waited by the same destiny, as the old Soviet equipment - utilization by army of Russia in the battlefield.

In more detail - in the material The Moscow Post.

The exact number of fighters which can transfer to Kiev still is unknown. However, it is possible not to doubt - the decision will be made. At the same time doesn't hurry to deliver more modern Rafael France fighters - even in respect of discussion. "Mirages" are taken out of service at all - last summer they were left by the last French crew, they were transferred to storage.

Only even the possible decision on deliveries of "Mirages" for Kiev is more likely not such and the good sign.

A number of experts believes that similar initiatives not only split NATO, but also are the obvious certificate that on battlefields the Ukrainian army is already simply incapable to break a situation in own favor without massive deliveries of heavy weapons. And even to constrain the expected impact of our troops.

In January the Russian troops took control of a strategic initiative again, having taken the offensive in Zaporizhia. On the southern, Zaporizhia direction as a result of developing attack the first line of defense is broken through, Russian Armed Forces approached Orekhov. To the east of this field of fight Ugledar's storm, important logistic and defensive knot which will open the flank of AFU towards Marinka continues.

In Marinka the expression of the opponent also continues. As for Bakhmouth (Artemivsk), after falling of Soledar and capture under control of the Salt station and salt mines, groups of PMC Wagner freed the village Fertile to the southwest from Soledar. It is a key to Bakhmouth which appeared practically in an operational environment, his garrison sustains big losses and it can be brought out of the city soon.

The main that it, in opinion of both our military analysts, and the western experts, not the main directions of blow. All foreign hysteric persons, starting with the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, assure that Russia is preparing for more serious approach.

In this situation Ukraine carries out all new and new waves of mobilization. Are enough already all without discrimination, are on duty even on water intakes and entrances to the subway. The reason can be only one - an acute shortage of military on the earth, their low motivation and huge losses which according to the American expert institute Startfor could exceed 200 thousand people long ago.

But NATO isn't able to allow the wards to lose and transfer fighting closer to the center of the country. On the other hand, the Commander-in-chief of AFU Valery Zaluzhny assured of The Economist interview several months ago that he needs at least 300 tanks successfully to conduct fighting.

These tanks, as we know, will be provided. About 30 Abramsov (M4A1), and several hundreds of German "Leopards" and English Challengeerov. Only tanks these older modifications, than those that the countries of NATO were retained. The USA said at all that will never put modernized Abramsa, worrying that those will fall into hands of Russian Armed Forces and will be sorted on bones - there many confidential elements, including new booking.

I.e. the second-hand articles go to utilization to "independent" - on you My God that to me not to a gozha. And terms of their deliveries will seriously differ. At all tells the USA about the end of 2023, the beginning of 2024. I.e. the line of fighting contact will be sated with them long, unevenly. At the same time suppliers order to themselves new types of arms on replacement with put – military industrial complex of the States and other countries of NATO endures the real rise while Ukrainians continue to perish massively, echoing their plans for destruction of Russia.

Hunt for "Leopards"

And at this time, representatives of the Russian government and business have already announced large cash awards for the destruction of Western heavy equipment.

The day before, actor Ivan Okhlobystin said that he had agreed with business representatives that they would pay 10 million rubles to those who destroy the American Abrams. Such initiatives come from the Russian authorities.

The Governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Alexander Osipov, signed a regional government decree determining the amount of payments to citizens participating in the SVO for the capture or destruction of the Leopards and Abrams. As noted in the document "lump sum payments will affect Russian citizens registered in the Trans-Baikal Territory"

For the capture of one "Leopard" of any modification to the person who directly seized the tank, which is in working condition, - in the amount of 3 million rubles. Persons participating in the capture of the tank (up to 10 people inclusive) - 500 thousand rubles each.

For the destruction of one "Leopard" of any modification to the person who directly destroyed one tank - in the amount of 1 million rubles. Persons who participated in the destruction of the tank (up to 5 people inclusive) - 150 thousand rubles each. "

For the seizure and destruction of Abrams tanks, payments are determined in the amount of 1.5 million rubles. and 500 thousand rubles. respectively. Citizens (up to five people inclusive) who helped to seize or destroy the tank - 300 thousand and 100 thousand rubles, respectively. The newspaper Kommersant writes about this.

Photo: https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/5796865

At the same time, hunting participants are judiciously advised to "restrain courage and distance to reasonable limits." Some express fears that in pursuit of the appointed award, our fighters may forget about the risk and act on courage - they will have to be taken away by the commanders. But this does not negate the fact that the hunting season is open.

What's next is also known. Pressure continues over possible deliveries to Ukraine of American F-16 fighters and German Tornado. And the problems there are still the same - the complexity of technology, the need for long training and coordination of crews. It is unlikely that they, in the event of a corresponding decision (and it will definitely be made), will enter the Armed Forces of Ukraine earlier than the end of the summer of this year.

At the same time, the talking heads of the collective West vied with each other that it is the upcoming spring that will become the decisive period in the confrontation with Russia. That is, they may simply not have time. Consequently, other assumptions are made that are very similar to the truth.

Realizing the inevitability of Ukraine's defeat, the same United States and NATO seek not so much to give the "square" more opportunities for victory as to inflict maximum damage on Russia, in order to then catch fish in the murky water of the Ukrainian partition.

Recently, on the air of one of the radio stations, Polish politician, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland (2007-2014), ex-speaker of the Sejm (2014-2015) Radoslav Sikorsky admitted that Poland considered the issue of dividing Ukraine at the very beginning of Russia's special military operation to protect Donbass.

We are talking about the so-called. "Eastern Crosses" - the former western territories of Poland with its center in Lviv, to return which under their power is one of the blue dreams of the Polish political establishment, and of the whole society. And even if Sikorsky's words have already been denied by Prime Minister Mateusz Moravetsky, this recognition is confirmed by Russian intelligence data.

Mirage 2000. Photo: gunsfriend.ru

And Poland has not abandoned its plans, rest assured. Now they, and other Western countries, like hyenas, are waiting for the end of the Ukrainian crisis to profit from a piece of its territories. In addition, the day before it turned out that at first Poland secretly handed over several MiG-29 aircraft in parts to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Neither they nor other "wunderwafli" will strategically change the situation, their strategists understand this. Therefore, they are patiently waiting in the wings, simultaneously trying to inflict maximum harm on Russia. And this also looks like a kind of mirage - Russia will come out of the SVO even more stronger and cohesive.

Photo: Wikipedia

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