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07 June 2023

Member of the OP of the Russian Federation Grigoriev: "The West is well aware of Ukrainian war crimes and simply refuses to consider them"

Today, a press conference was held by a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Director of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy Problems Maxim Grigoriev on the work of the International Public Tribunal for Crimes of Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and their accomplices.

The tribunal was created on the initiative of human rights defenders, journalists and public figures from more than 20 countries of the world. He has now conducted more than 450 interviews with victims and witnesses of mass crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis. The Moscow Post correspondent also asked a number of questions at the event.

West refuses to consider crimes of Ukrainian Nazis

The Moscow Post correspondent recalled that in March 2022, copies of a request letter appeared on the organization's information resources, which the Rossotrudnichestvo Agency sent to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on humanitarian corridors from Ukrainian cities.

"Has a response been received and which one? And why Rossotrudnichestvo on your website?, "The journalist asked.

Maxim Grigoriev pointed out that Russian public and state organizations are trying to send information about the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists to large international organizations, but, as a rule, they receive only unsubscribes.

For example, they tried to transfer the collected materials about the shelling and deaths of civilians on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic to the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court. But there was not a single statement from these international organizations on any of the materials.

"And these are thousands of collected information about the deaths of people that have been confirmed by the OSCE," Grigoriev said and added that in general, organizations such as the UN, OSCE and others understand that the Ukrainian side is committing a number of crimes against humanity, but refuse to consider these crimes in their instances.

The expert recalled that not so long ago there was a scandal with Amnesty International, which began to tell the truth about the war crimes of the Ukrainian military. In residential areas, schools and hospitals, firing points are opened and covered by civilians. In response to the report from Ukraine, a real hysteria and accusations against the organization began. The USA, the EU, Great Britain also began to press on human rights activists. The head of the Ukrainian division of Amnesty International was forced to simply quit, as he began to receive threats.

"The West is well aware of Ukrainian war crimes and simply refuses to consider them," said Maxim Grigoriev.

The expert pointed out that in 2016 he issued a report to the UN and the ECHR on torture used by the Ukrainian military, including against civilians, as well as Russian prisoners of war. Initially, the report caused the enemy, but then the fact itself was recognized by the world community.

"Now, apparently, it is considered absolutely normal for Ukrainian forces to use torture, including against the Russian military. The Ukrainian military boast of such actions and do not bear any responsibility, - said Grigoriev and added that the response to the document could have been received by Rossotrudnichestvo, information should be requested there.

UN does not sufficiently protect the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine

Another question of the journalist of our publication concerned the quality of the UN work on registering the actions of neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia.

"Is there a clear position of the UN on the problems of citizenship and" gray "passports, discrimination by language?," The correspondent asked.

Grigoriev said that on the one hand, the UN is an organization that has no alternatives and its work is supported. But on the other hand, the UN turns a blind eye to the egregious facts of the crimes of the Kyiv regime. If the evidence is "pinned down," then in careful statements the international organization still recognizes them.

"We see an absolute lack of UN actions in protecting human rights in Ukraine, especially the Russian-speaking population," Grigoriev said. He recalled that a similar situation was observed in the recent visit of the IAEA to the territory of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

The head of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, showed courage and went to the station, risking his life, although he understood that the shelling of the facility was being carried out by Ukraine. As a result, the organization issued a report, with a full understanding of the source of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in which there was no indication of Ukraine as a possible culprit in a dangerous situation. The text of the document only contained rants about the need to stop shelling.

Grigoriev recalled that a similar situation has been happening for several years and recalled his report to the OPCW, where he presented in detail exactly how provocations are organized by the White Helmets, how people are killed to accuse the Syrian government of this.

"Now the IAEA has found the strength to confirm the fact of shelling, but has not found the determination to point the finger who does it, at the same time the OPCW simply disseminated false information through the mouth of the head of the organization," the expert summed up.

Collection of information about the crimes of Ukrainian Nazis does not stop

Finally, The Moscow Post decided to find out in what specific areas and how the work of the Public Chamber and the Foundation for Victims of Crimes of Ukrainian Neo-Nazis is going with deputies and committees of the State Duma.

The expert recalled that his colleagues in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation work in the Foundation for the Study of Democracy Problems. In terms of interaction with state organizations, assistance is provided by representatives of the State Duma of Russia, including deputies who regularly visit the Donbass and communicate with people who have suffered at the hands of the Ukrainian Nazis.

"Each such trip is given, not just, but the results obtained are worth a lot," Grigoriev summed up.

Photo: RIA Novosti/ TASS

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