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01 June 2023

Maria Zakharova: "They gained normal life"

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on a number of international topics during a briefing today. The questions of our journalist did not go unnoticed.

The first question from The Moscow Post concerned the topic of the possible participation of the DPRK in the restoration of Donbass (despite the fact that North Korea is under the sanctions of the UN Security Council). 

Maria Zakharova recalled that Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, responsibly approaches compliance with its international obligations, including those arising from the resolution of this UN body.

At the same time, the Russian side believes that the parameters of the alleged cooperation between the DPR and the DPRK lie in the plane of bilateral relations between these two countries.

"Therefore, we do not consider it appropriate to comment on the issue, which, from my point of view, should be directly addressed to Donetsk and Pyongyang", the diplomat emphasized.

"We consider a positive moment,... when your publication became interested in the restoration of Donbass in principle. This is definitely the plane of our interests", said Maria Zakharova.

Also I added that restoration will demand great efforts and investments. She considers that people have to live in human conditions, without fear for the life, looking with confidence in the future.

"People, not simply... people of Donbass not just have to live so because so there have to live all people but because they gained, in addition, besides the right from the birth, they simply also gained normal life therefore here, of course, in this process... any participation of the international community, constructive, creative, aimed at restoration of peaceful life will be of great importance and special value", - the representative also said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Answering the second question, Maria Zakharova stated that Russia, as a guarantor and mediator in the process of Transnistrian settlement, contributes to the dialogue between Chisinau and Tiraspol, advocates a comprehensive settlement of the Transnistrian issue with reaching political agreements that would suit both sides of the conflict.

The Russian side is ready to help restore the normal operation of the 5 + 2 format as the conditions for the implementation of the "small steps" tactics in interaction between the banks of the Dniester are formed in the interests of citizens.

"But at the same time, we are convinced that the method of pressure on Transnistria is counterproductive and leads the settlement process to a dead end. Well, in general, with these parameters, it would also be necessary for everyone to decide who chooses which path for themselves. The path of pressure, intimidation, blackmail leads, as you know, to the opposite results", she stressed.

Photo: Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Pesnya / RIA "Novosti"

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