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05 December 2023

Maria Zakharova: the relations "as before" with the West won't be

Today another briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took place. Traditionally, the question was asked by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The first question of the journalist affected the Russian foreign policy in 2023. The correspondent reminded that earlier the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke at a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council on the concept of the Russian foreign policy, answered questions of the program "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin".

"How you think, proceeding from these and other speeches of the Minister what new can be expected in foreign policy of Russia in 2023? What it is necessary to refuse?" — took an interest at Maria Zakharova.

The diplomat reminded that now the material about results of work of department in the expiring year prepared by experts the Russian Foreign Ministry is published.

Zakharova noted that the foreign policy of Russia is dictated by its national interests. Strategic objectives and the priority directions of foreign policy of the Russian Federation remain the same is a safety of the country, its sovereignty, territorial integrity, creating favorable conditions for internal development, increase in welfare of the Russian people and consolidation of positions of Russia as one of the centers of development of the modern world.

As for the principles and implementation methods of the Russian foreign policy interests, their reconsideration began for a long time when it became clear that the world moves to multipolarity.

The special military operation of Russia on protection of Donbass accelerated many processes and to a limit aggravated the existing contradictions.

As a result, de facto, fixing of the Russian disagreements with the West took place.

"Relations" as before" with the one who tries to inflict over Rossi strategic defeat are excluded what the Russian government spoke repeatedly about" — Maria Zakharova reminded.

Russia also limits the participation in zapadnocentrichny institutes, "loaded anti-Russian". Also the Russian Foreign Ministry is engaged in saturation of "cooperation fabric" with the rest of the world, formation of network of interaction independent of a whim and whims of the USA and the EU directed to creation fair, equal and based on international law of polycentric world order.

"At us is with whom to work. On space of the CIS, in the global East and the South there are our main partners and adherents. A talk that Russia should be careful that the country can be betrayed - they are heard much. For this purpose there is tactics, strategy, knowledge of history. There is an important fact: in the future can occur anything. And in the past we were already betrayed and it was just the West" — the diplomat noted and I reminded that two Patriotic wars which there began not Russia - this war with the West, with France and Germany.

Now, after completion of "Cold War", Russia gave a hand of the world, friendship and interaction in hope for construction new, taking into account all made mistakes, the world founded on international law. With the coordinating role of the UN and aimed at equal interaction.

"But we see how the collective West betrayed all these ideals" — Zakharova emphasized.

Russia will continue to assert in common the right to establish the basic principles of fair world order and the new quality standards of multilateral interaction.

One more question concerned coordination of foreign economic activity between the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The journalist of our edition took an interest as is planned to build this work further also What department will be the chief coordinator? Also the request was sounded to specify that it means "political and diplomatic support of foreign projects".

Maria Zakharova reminded that political and diplomatic support of foreign projects is a form of work, standard practically for all states, at which at foreign institutions, as a rule, either trade and political section of embassy, or the trade mission which carry out the information or advisory help to the national companies which work in the country of residence. And also protect their legitimate interests, including, in contact with local authorities.

Information on further work was already published in the message for media following the results of work of board.

The final question touched upon a subject of settlement of a situation around Nagorno-Karabakh. Earlier the prime minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan accused the Russian peacekeepers of non-execution of obligations for unblocking of the Lachin corridor. Maria Zakharova ask to comment on this statement, she I specified that the information on this subject was supplied earlier, including the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Additions to told earlier the diplomat I refused to do.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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