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30 November 2023

Maria Zakharova: the policy of sanctions failed

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about the destructive role of the United States in solving the problems of North Korea and Iran.

Today, another briefing was held by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. Answering a question from The Moscow Post correspondent about Russia's relations with North Korea, Maria Zakharova said that the Russian side is building friendly, traditionally friendly and good-neighbourly relations with the DPRK, notes the proximity of the two states to many pressing issues on the international agenda, primarily in terms of rejection of the unipolar world order.

Russia appreciates the understanding and support that the DPRK shows on the issue of the decision to conduct a special operation, Moscow expects a comprehensive activation of communications after the restrictions that were imposed in connection with the covid.

The topic of sanctions measures was also touched upon.

"As for the possible easing of the sanctions that were imposed on Pyongyang... Let me remind you, I mean that it was at the end of October 2021 that Russia and China distributed to the UN Security Council a draft policy-humanitarian resolution on the DPRK... He suggested easing the international sanctions regime in the humanitarian sphere, other civilian areas that are not related to the nuclear missile program... We assume that in a pandemic the provision of assistance... to the population, by the way, we have demonstrated this concept or this attitude in other regions in relation to other countries. I said about Venezuela, "the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman added.

Maria Zakharova recalled that Washington was called upon to lift unilateral sanctions measures during the covid pandemic due to the fact that people are suffering and they were blocked.

"In a pandemic... providing assistance, in particular to the North Korean population, would be a very timely and responsible step by the international community, the adoption of the resolution could help establish confidence among the states involved, and probably also serve as such a significant incentive for resuscitation of political dialogue, "she added.

And she also said that the United States and its European allies were not ready to accept such logic. According to her, they "insist on continuing the policy of sanctions and pressure against North Korea, which has proven to be ineffective, without offering counter-constructive ideas."

"We believe that this is the behavior of Washington, contrary to the principles of the Singapore declaration of the leaders of the DPRK and the United States of June 12, 18, is the reason for the lack of progress in the Korean settlement," she concluded.

The second issue concerned the topic of cooperation between Russia and the United States and the West in a multilateral format on issues of the DPRK nuclear missile program.

Maria Zakharova said that the Russian side is generally determined to continue cooperation with all the parties involved in the issue of the Korean settlement, this also includes the United States and Western allies.

"But at the same time, we will continue to be guided not by requests from individual states for assistance in solving their own tasks. Exclusively by our national interests, which are a systematic, comprehensive solution to the security problem in Northeast Asia, "the diplomat added.

The next question was about Iran and the United States. Or rather, their negotiations on a nuclear deal.

Speaking about the JCPOA, she voiced the position of Moscow. The diplomat recalled that Russia advocated, firstly, for the deal, secondly, for its preservation, thirdly, for the restart.

"Therefore, we support an early restart, and we have repeatedly voiced and, in fact, during the negotiation process, reaffirmed this position... as for, here you say 24 years - will it not lead to another cancellation of the JCPOA... Who knows what Washington's position is tomorrow, tonight, or in an hour. You see, I brought three times today, now the third will be Venezuela, on which the position was not just formed, they did not recognize the country's president as legal, came up with an illegal... who was proclaimed simply the self-styled leader of this country, received in the White House, an impostor, just a person who in the political, so to speak, the list does not officially exist, "she recalled.

However, the situation changed when the topic of energy resources arose.

"When people do not adhere to international law, agreement, diplomacy, when they act exclusively from their own market interests, you can expect from them everything you want, they are absolutely unpredictable, and they have also talked about this repeatedly," she added.

Photo: press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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