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09 December 2023

Maria Zakharova: the murder of Tatarsky and the battle at Reichenbakh Falls

At a briefing held at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova told The Moscow Post about the actions of the Foreign Ministry in connection with the murder of journalist Vladlen Tatarsky, and how Washington forgot about international and its domestic legislation during the internal political struggle.

One of the key topics of the event was the terrorist activities of the Kyiv regime in our country. Among other things, the recent high-profile terrorist attack in St. Petersburg was also mentioned, as a result of which the famous military commander, writer and Donbass militia Maxim Fomin, better known under the pseudonym Vladlen Tatarsky, was killed. In addition to him, more than 30 people were injured.

Answering the question of our publication about what actions to take in connection with the terrorist attack by the Russian Foreign Ministry in the international arena, Maria Zakharova said that the country would definitely raise this topic in the UN Security Council.

According to her, the Russian Federation always quickly and in detail provides the UN with all the necessary information that is related to the defense of Russian national interests. So it will be this time.

Of course, in the context of discussing the murder of Tatarsky, one cannot forget about other terrorist acts that were carried out by the Kyiv regime under the patronage of its Western curators. This is the murder of Daria Dugina, and the undermining of the Crimean bridge, and almost weekly terrorist attacks against the authorities and security forces in the new constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Zakharova's speech again assessed the reaction of such actions by our former Western partners. This reaction is known to be zero. According to Zakharova, silence, the absence of not only condemnation, but even simple words of condolences can be interpreted as complicity in these crimes

Moreover, such behavior inspires terrorists to new anti-motives, as if hinting to them that they are doing everything right. I.e. such actions are actually encouraged.

Today, President Vladimir Putin raised the topic of terrorist activities in Kyiv at a meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. According to him, the potential of Western special services is involved in Ukraine's preparation of terrorist attacks in Russia.

Depleted uranium projectiles are a threat to everyone

The second question of our correspondent concerned the situation of determining environmental damage in a transboundary environment, which is reflected in the new concept of foreign policy of the Russian Federation. He was associated with the plans of Western countries to provide Kyiv with ammunition with dining uranium, which can pose a serious threat to the environment, life and health of people

According to Maria Vladimirovna, Russia is doing everything to draw the attention of the international community to what damage can be caused as a result of the use of such shells. She also recalled historical examples of this, which have already been mentioned several times. Apparently, it was meant the use of such ammunition during the NATO bombing of Serbia.

At the same time, Zakharova recalled the words of Vladimir Putin that if such ammunition is used, Russia will have something to answer.

Maria Zakharova: Washington forgot about international and its domestic legislation during the internal political struggle

"We are doing everything possible within the framework of the negotiation process, we are using all possible political and diplomatic efforts to prevent the development of a negative scenario. If the criminal logic (of Western countries - ed.) Prevails, then let's move on to plan "B," the diplomat noted. At the same time, she did not specify what exactly is meant by plan "B."

Information Sovereignty - Basic Installation

Another topic raised by our correspondent concerned the strengthening of Russian sovereignty in the information space, which is also stated in the new concept of Russian foreign policy.

Zakharova stressed that ensuring international information security and strengthening information sovereignty are one of the basic attitudes of our country in the international arena. The Russian Federation proceeds from the fact that any country has sovereignty in the information space, this should be regulated by national legislation.

However, even this right we have to defend in the international arena, in the political and diplomatic field. The United States and its NATO allies have taken the practice of violating this sovereignty, interfering in other people's affairs using information technology, wiretapping and hacking devices around the world.

As a rule, this is done, including by the hands of multinationals such as extremist Meta, Microsoft and others. According to Zakharova, they are stubbornly working out the ideological agenda of Washington.

At the same time, the diplomat expressed doubt that these organizations comply even with American legislation, not to mention the laws of other countries. No one analyzed this - especially in the heat of those political processes that are going on in the United States.

The topic of ensuring the security of digital infrastructure is also related to digital sovereignty. This is an important issue in the context of constant attacks from the territory of Ukraine on our digital resources and systems with the full assistance of the Western curators of Kyiv.

The diplomat stressed that the Russian Federation has consistently advocated the formation of general "rules of the game" in this area. According to the position of the Russian Foreign Ministry, a special interstate document is needed in the field of the use of information technologies, which would guarantee the protection of digital sovereignty and be supported by the international community. This is also reflected in the new concept of foreign policy of the Russian Federation.


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