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09 December 2023

Maria Zakharova: The G20 summit put an end to attempts to impose its will on the world minority

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his questions.

The representative of the Russian diplomatic department was asked about the interaction between the United States and Vietnam. Washington actively convinces Hanoi that they have alternatives to ties with Moscow.

"How do you assess these actions and what can be said about Russia's ties with Vietnam?" - asked the journalist of our publication.

Maria Zakharova is indicated on the active development of relations between the Russian Federation and Vietnam in the political and economic spheres. Russia does not use methods like those used by the United States and considers them unworthy. Dissuading the state from interacting with some partner - what Russia opposes is direct interference in the affairs of other states.

Despite US attempts to drive a wedge into Russia's relations with many countries, the Russian Foreign Ministry proceeds from the assumption that sovereign states should have the right and apply the right to defend their own national interests. Develop relations from the principle of realizing the interests of the peoples of the country.

Another question of our publication to Maria Zakharova - was the issue of the Armenian-Azerbaijani settlement discussed at the recent meeting of Vladimir Putin with Recep Tayyip Erdogan? And how does the Russian Foreign Ministry assess Turkey's position in this conflict?

The diplomat pointed out that Russia supports calls for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. When there are questions that go to the detriment of the implementation of the agreements reached, Turkish colleagues are also told about this openly.

Finally, The Moscow Post asked Maria Zakharova to share her personal impressions of the G20 summit in India. Especially how the declaration was perceived and what they said on the sidelines about the conflict in Ukraine.

Maria Zakharova pointed out that fundamental assessments of the past event have already been given. The successful chairmanship of India at the head of the organization was noted. Effective organization of the work of all countries by the official Delhi, which chaired the G20 for a year. The work of the BRICS states was coordinated, detailed assessments on these items were outlined by Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Following the summit, an 80-page document was adopted and it is difficult to say what exactly was the main thing in it. It addresses a wide range of issues - from security and political stability to ecology and finance.

"The main thing is that the final point has been put in trying to impose its will on the world minority. It was a manifestation of the democratic nature of international relations.

At the summit, a civilized majority of countries spoke, which speaks from sovereign and independent positions, finding common ground, united in carrying out constructive work to achieve results.

"I would hope that an end has been put in imposing ideology on the part of the minority, as it was before. This ideology is not supported by anything concrete. Neither their economic indicators, nor peacekeeping efforts, nor experience that would show the effectiveness of the system. I would highlight this as the rest, but I would not say that the rest is secondary, "the diplomat summed up.

Photo: Moskovskaya Gazeta

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