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01 December 2023

Maria Zakharova: "Russia believes in the objectivity and impartiality of the IAEA mission"

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his questions.

SCO follows procedures 

The first question from the editorial board concerned the long process of Iran's entry into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

A year ago, the heads of state approved the document "On the beginning of the procedure for admitting Iran to the SCO." In September of this year, a memorandum will be signed, which will enable Iran to obtain the status of a member of the organization.

"Iran is expected to complete its entry into the SCO in 2023. How to explain such a long and complex procedure?, "The journalist asked.

Maria Zakharova recalled that the process of joining the SCO of new members is regulated by regulatory legal documents. Among them are the regulation on the procedure for the admission of new members of 2010 and the procedure for granting the status of a member state of 2014.

The decision to accept a country into the organization will mark the preparation of a memorandum that contains information about the political obligations taken by the country and the financial aspects of membership. First of all, it is necessary to join the fundamental international treaties of the SCO - the Charter and the agreement on long-term good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation, the Shanghai Convention on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism, and so on.

Taking into account the active and progressive cooperation within the framework of the organization of such documents is replenished. Many are demanding ratification. In 2016, India and Pakistan had to connect to 32 documents, and today we are talking about 46.

After the candidate state fulfills all obligations under the memorandum, a proposal for membership status is submitted to the heads of state of the SCO countries.

The developed algorithm is thoughtful, logical in nature, contributes to the accelerated "acclimatization" of participants on the basis of unified rights and obligations.

"The standards have been developed, they work and are transparent for everyone," said Maria Zakharova.

Information on the "Iranian nuclear deal" is expected

The second question concerned the prospects of a "nuclear deal" on Iran.

"As you remember, the IAEA, at one time, played a very dubious role that pushed the DPRK to decide to withdraw from both the NPT and the IAEA. This line, apparently, continues in relations with Iran?, "- asked the journalist of The Moscow Post.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that this topic will probably be raised following the talks between the head of the department, Sergei Lavrov, and his colleagues from Iran, which are taking place at these moments. Information on this issue will be reflected in the press conference following the event.

Russia believes in the professionalism of the IAEA

Finally, the third question of the journalist concerned the quality of the IAEA mission at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

"Reinsurance bureaucrats working for the IAEA may still be under the so-called" external influence "today. Is there confidence in the mission of this organization in the case of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant? Is it possible to be sure that the Grossi group will take a neutral and objective position?, "- asked the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Maria Zakharova noted that Russia proceeds from the fact that the IAEA is a specialized and depoliticized organization, it employs professionals who must engage in their work on the basis of professional standards. Be objective and unbiased. This applies to all issues that are under the jurisdiction of the organization.

Photo: Press Service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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