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05 December 2023

Maria Zakharova on European banditry

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the Western behavior towards the Russian Federation, the situation around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and events related to Serbia. How did the Foreign Ministry react to the anti-market actions of the West?

Today there was a briefing by Maria Zakharova, during which it was possible to ask questions to the journalist of The Moscow Post.

"The President of the People's Republic of China visited Saudi Arabia. China is Russia's key SCO and BRICS partner. Riyadh is Moscow's key OPEC Plus partner. How do you assess the results of this visit from the point of view of Russia's interests, both current (oil price ceiling) and long-term? In particular, in terms of coordinating the policies of strategic partners in the Persian Gulf region?, " our journalist asked.

Maria Zakharova responded by saying that the Russian side is positive about the development of equal, mutually beneficial cooperation between all members of the international community, especially when it comes to countries friendly to Russia (which includes the PRC, Saudi Arabia, and the countries of the Persian Gulf region).

Russia also sees strengthening ties between China and Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in various areas as one of the factors in maintaining stability and stimulating economic growth in the region in the short and long term.

"Given the participation of China in the SCO, BRICS, and Saudi Arabia in OPEC + associations, formats in which Russia also plays an active role, we consider this deepening of interaction between the countries... undoubtedly meet our interests," she added.

Maria Zakharova also recalled that at the ministerial meeting held in October, agreements were reached to extend the declaration of cooperation between OPEC countries and states that are not part of OPEC.

She noted that this is also an important factor.

Maria Zakharova: The problems of the collective West are medical in nature

About unfriendly acts

Maria Zakharova also criticized Western actions against Russia in the energy industry.

"As for the introduction of the so-called" price ceiling "for Russian oil. Is this a market measure? The answer is, of course not. This is not just a market measure, it is an anti-market measure, it violates supply chains and can significantly complicate the situation in global energy markets, "the representative of the department emphasized.

She also recalled that the Russian side will not supply oil to those states that will support this anti-Russian provocative idea.

The diplomat added that the price dictate, the formation of a cartel of buyers creates an extremely dangerous precedent for international trade.

Further, Maria Zakharova gave a household example confirming the absurdity of the behavior of the West in this situation.

"Can you imagine: a person comes to the store and begins to demand that they sell everything that is there at the prices that he sets himself? What does he personally have to do with himself. Can you somehow imagine such a situation?... Let's slightly expand this example or make it more specific, specify. You can imagine that a US citizen walks into a store of some American large chain or just into an individual entrepreneur's shop and says that "you know, I take everything from 1 to 3 regiments, but at the price that I will write to you here now, I decided at home, we figured out with the guys, and we will buy here every week these of your goods at this price..." I can tell you two things. Now this person will be declared a blackmailer, a bandit and how they like to say even a "domestic terrorist." But do you remember where that logic comes from? And why did it arise there - in the bowels of Washington? " Maria Zakharova said.

And then she explained that this was how the cowboys acted, they just came to saloons, to shopping areas with weapons in their hands and said what they needed, while sometimes they paid, and sometimes they did not.

"Or paid as much as they saw fit. And if that didn't happen, then they were just shooting. You understand? But we just believed that the United States has become a more civilized state than it was 150-200 years ago. It turns out that... see... the mentality then remained. He, apparently, only gained a foothold in the era of colonialism, hardened. But this logic of the right of the strong to dominate in their own interests (and not even so much strong as, you know, self-made), for some reason, it is transferred to the collective West today. Well, these are their problems. What does the problems have to do with, in my opinion, are already medical, "concluded Maria Zakharova.

For Zaporizhzhya NPP

The second question of our journalist concerned the topic of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

As for the consultations on the creation of zones of protection for operational physical nuclear safety around the ZNPP, these consultations are ongoing, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Russia is in close contact with the head of the IAEA.

"The goal is to prevent threats to the station, subsequently incessant attacks from the Kyiv regime and capable of leading to a man-made catastrophe," she explained.

And she added that consultations are going on with the IAEA behind closed doors, subtle and sensitive points are being discussed.

And what about Serbia?

"On June 9, 2000, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern about the implementation of resolution 1244. A number of problems were recorded, from "some actions of the UN Mission leadership" to the question of "returning a limited contingent of the Yugoslav army and police to the region." Belgrade, citing this resolution, is still awaiting the permission of the NATO peacekeeping mission to deploy its police in Kosovo. Maybe this is also an attempt by the West to buy time, almost like in the history of the Minsk agreements?, " - asked the journalist of The Moscow Post.

Maria Zakharova did not ignore this issue either. And she even recalled past events.

"The development of events around Kosovo after the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia of 99 and the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 1244, especially since 2008, when the Kosovo-Albanian elite unilaterally declared some independence of this Serbian province - it is filled with examples, I mean this development of events, filled with examples of cynical disregard by the West and Kosovars with support from outside the international framework and terms of settlement laid down in the mentioned UN Security Council resolution, "she said.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry continued: "As for the main irritant, namely the possibility of returning a limited contingent of Serbian military and police to the region, the Westerners and their Kosovo wards generally reject this option from the doorstep, call it unacceptable."

She believes that they are afraid of a direct clash, which can bury plans for the illegal sovereignty of Kosovo.

Maria Zakharova also said that they would not hit the finger to remove the root cause of such a scenario, which is the targeted oppression of Serbian citizens in Kosovo.

Opponents of a fair settlement are taking time, trying to blur, wash, wind up the fundamental provisions of resolution 1244, including the possibility of returning the military to the region, the Serbian police, the Russian Foreign Ministry also added.

At the same time, Maria Zakharova added that this decision of the UN Security Council does not lose its relevance and legal force.

"The mediation efforts of the West and the European Union, you see what led to - collapse. And they also have the audacity - Westerners - to declare themselves as mediators in some other conflicts. They have not a single example of normalizing the situation in the asset, "the diplomat recalled.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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