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03 March 2024

Maria Zakharova: Kiev it is indicative deals shortly even with the citizens. What to tell about citizens of other states?

Today another briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took place. Traditionally, the questions were asked also by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

At another briefing which took place on Wednesday for media Maria Zakharova covered current events of international policy, presented on them a position the Russian Foreign Ministry and answered questions of journalists.

The first question of our edition concerned the death of the American blogger Gonzalo Lira who got to torture chambers of the Kiev mode on charges of sympathies for Russia. Actually Lira just I tried to understand objectively a situation, covering the taking place events from Ukraine.

Lira, the U.S. citizen and Chile, lived in Kharkiv and wasn't afraid to criticize the operating Ukrainian authorities. As a result it was detained, then, according to some information, he was hit hard. In the beginning January it became known of his death in the pre-trial detention center under the obscure circumstances.

Surprises that the USA did nothing to help the own citizen. Probably, in a case with critics of the Kiev mode the nationality and "the" marker - "stranger" mean nothing to Washington. Would learn about at all nobody if the father of the dead didn't tell about the tragedy in an interview to the famous American journalist Tucker Carlson.

And such prisoners, as Gonzalo Lear, in torture chambers of the Kiev mode hundreds. Whether there are among them citizens of the Russian Federation?

Answering a question, Maria Zakharova emphasized that in the Russian Foreign Ministry know about this situation and that addresses with requests to help from the compatriots who became the victims of modern Ukrainian Nazis arrives much. Their most part is considered via the office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatyana Moskalkova.

Zakharova emphasized that she isn't ready to call the exact number of incoming requests, but "terrible figures". Moreover, the fate of many of these people isn't known. Someone, probably, just disappeared in torture chambers.

"We every day, at all international venues call the international community though something to make to alleviate suffering of innocent people", - the diplomat continued. Kiev accuses them of own failures, on them hang up labels unreliable, second-class citizens. These people have no justice, any access to lawyers, an opportunity to address to legal associations.

According to Zakharova, the Russian power sees how in Ukraine publicly deal shortly even with own citizens that it became edification for the others, an intimidation factor. What to tell about those, who have no Ukrainian passport, and the it is more, there is Russian?

The second question of our correspondent concerned the working negotiations of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Democratic People's Republic of Korea going right now in Moscow Tsoi Hee's Dream.

Not so long ago the sister of the head of the DPRK Kym Han Chzhon (the deputy director of Department of promotion and propaganda of the Central committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) said that her country is ready to respond in the military way to any provocation of the opponents. Whether this and other safety issues are discussed during the meeting of heads of Foreign Ministries of our countries?

According to Maria Zakharova, during the meeting the ministers confirmed commitment political diplomatically to settlement in the region. As the meeting still continues, the final message about last negotiations and their results will be published later.

In addition, Maria Vladimirovna lit still all of topical issues of international policy from the point of view of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Special attention was paid to the next terrorist attacks of AFU on the Russian settlements as a result of which civilians died.

Escalation of violence in the Middle East became one of the hottest topics. It is known that the western coalition led by the USA attacked targets of Houthis in Yemen. In parallel bloody opposition and the heavy humanitarian disaster in a zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict continues.

According to the official representative of the MFA, using tactics of "coalitions" and infinite power adventures, at the USA it won't turn out to improve a situation, to save people from suffering, to settle crisis. The situation in the Middle East accepted catastrophic character and continues to degrade because Washington, London and Brussels are engaged in denial of own responsibility for collapse in the region. The MFA is convinced that the American leaders don't recognize the mistakes that only aggravates them.


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