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07 June 2023

"Manipulations" with a political whip"" — Zakharova about the possible entry of Ukraine into the EU

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson pointed to true criteria by which Ukraine received the status of the candidate for members of the European Union.

Today another briefing of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took place. Traditionally, it was succeeded to ask the question to the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The journalist noted that on the one hand, apparently, that Russia doesn't object to inclusion of Ukraine in the European Union. Because the EU is kind of "the economic organization". On the other hand, the minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview of June 16 told NTV channel that the EU is a geopolitical project and that the USA "crushed Brussels under themselves". It turns out, kind of "Euro-NATO-Soyuz".

"How it is possible to comment on it?" — the correspondent of The Moscow Post took an interest.

Maria Zakharova noted that she doesn't see contradictions in statements. All types of economic integration are fine in itself, when it comes to spheres of economy and finance. But that the economy begins to be directed proceeding from a political environment, there is her transformation in political economy.

Certainly, geopolitics, national interests and geography are interconnected closely. But there shouldn't be a dictatorship.

"You see, or they are the liberal democracies, or already totalitarian modes. If the first option – then the law and freedom are at the head of a corner. And if nevertheless totalitarian regime - then policies which dominate over all the rest predominate" — the diplomat emphasized.

Zakharova specified that in such situation of the EU it is necessary to act on the basis of legal obligations by which they are connected which as they speak, are something sacred. If the policy of the states is built so — that it is possible to build understanding of logic of certain actions in various spheres.

If an infinite dominant is only "the political whip", at the same time even not internal, and being over the ocean, the ruling, manipulative lever, then about any economy of the speech doesn't go.

The situation with inclusion of Ukraine in candidates for the EU is connected not with objective economic reality and development. It is connected with a political environment.

"There are even no criteria which the members of the EU could offer audiences for an explanation of the steps. Or these criteria contradict the criteria stated half a year ago. Or to those factors on which membership of other countries in the EU refused or approved. Criterion on that and criterion, it has to be uniform. It is in many respects similar to manipulations what EU countries also don't hide. They say that they want to live in the world order based on rules. Rules which change on the game course, but not on the law which doesn't change proceeding from a political environment" — Maria Zakharova emphasized.

The invitation in the EU stopped being something logical and to the predictable, based on objective indicators of development of economy, society and other spheres. Accurately recorded in the documents present anti-Russian adjusted European Union leaders neglects.

"On what the EU in the actions where this "the gold arch" governed leans? Where these tables with which it would be possible to get acquainted? Such impression that the main criterion - russophobia and the anti-Russian oath which has to be accepted in Brussels. And then appears new promises and new boundless opportunities in words for candidates and others. All this resembles manipulation and fraud more" — the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson noted.

At a present stage of evolution of the European Union the decisions began to be made just on the basis of tactical reasons within policy of expansion, new spaces, expansion of spheres of influence in Europe, but not on the basis of truly economic criteria.

All this says that the EU is equitable to the interests of the states to it entering or less aspiring. Social and economic development and deep integration stopped being reference points of the militarizing association in an expedited manner. The purposes and methods of the EU are already hardly distinguishable from the purposes of NATO.

The European Union loses the self-identity. fundamentally regenerates, becomes the geopolitical tool in hands of the USA. And they in turn, exhaust resources of the states and ordinary Europeans for as they call, restraints of our country.

In recent years the White House aims Brussels and at confrontation with other countries including with China that leads to weakening of all European continent which spends the resources or refuses from them only "to humour" Washington.

All this beats the authority of the European Union as independent player and doesn't allow him to be implemented independently and independently.

Photo: Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation

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