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29 November 2023

London "patient" and its uranium "non-brains"

The "treatment" of the British from the "depleted uranium complex" will take place according to plan "B."

"I emphasize once again that we will do everything so that no one decides to take this irresponsible step," said an official representative of the Russian diplomatic department in response to a question about preventing the supply of depleted uranium ammunition to the Ukrainian army. At the same time, she did not specify what exactly she meant by plan "B."

These words were heard on April 5 at a briefing held at the Russian Foreign Ministry in response to The Moscow Post: "The Concept [of the Russian Foreign Policy] raised the question of preventing transboundary damage to the environment, primarily the introduction of pollutants (including radioactive) into its territory. How is it supposed to prevent the import and use of ammunition [armor-piercing sub-caliber shells] with depleted uranium in Donbass and Ukraine? "

The first, almost identical statement of the diplomatic service (plan "B" was not mentioned then) about shells with depleted uranium sounded on March 22, that is, before the publication of the Concept of Russian Foreign Policy. It was about London's plans to transfer ammunition with increased armor-piercing to Kyiv, according to The Moscow Post.

The Russian Foreign Ministry then noted that the published statement by the Deputy Minister of Defense on plans to supply Ukraine with armor-piercing shells with depleted uranium for Challenger 2 tanks confirms that "the Anglo-Saxons publicly signed a desire to bring the confrontation in Ukraine to a new level."

There is no clarity

What happened to these plans is not reported. In two weeks, the problem of infection, comparable in effect to the threat of the use of chemical weapons, has overgrown with statements by politicians and diplomats, comments and opinions of experts. But there was no more clarity on how further developments in the field of "uranium cores" could go (or have already gone).

Maria Zakharova also called the hits of "depleted uranium" particles on the territory of Ukraine (more precisely, the Russian territory is not yet completely liberated by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation), destructive and recalled the "Yugoslav scenario." She also recalled the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that if such ammunition is used, Russia will have something to answer. He attributed "this to weapons that are most harmful and dangerous to humans."

Commenting on the decision of the British authorities, the President of the Russian Federation said on March 21 that Russia would "respond accordingly" to the supply of "weapons with a nuclear component." On the air of the Russia-24 TV channel, the head of state did not agree with the UK's claims that ammunition with depleted uranium does not cause consequences.

'That's certainly not the case. The fact is that they, of course, do not belong to the category of weapons of mass destruction. It's true. But the core of a projectile with depleted uranium (there can be different material used, it is used for armor-piercing purposes) still generates the so-called radiation dust, and in this sense, of course, it belongs to weapons of the most dangerous nature, "Putin said in an interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin.

Igor Kirillov, chief of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological defense forces, said that "the use of depleted uranium shells in Ukraine, which the West promises to supply to Kyiv, will cause irreparable harm to human health and will cause enormous damage to agriculture."

According to Kirillov, when such shells are used, a mobile hot cloud is formed, consisting of small particles of uranium-238 and its oxides, which "when exposed to the body in the future can provoke the development of serious pathologies." In Iraq and Yugoslavia, where these ammunition was used, cancer began to be registered much more often, the general said.

In addition, uranium compounds in the soil "remain dangerous for a long time," Kirillov said and cited Iraqi Fallujah as an example - it is still called the second Chernobyl after Western strikes, and the radiation situation there was "much worse" than after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Russian Embassy in the UK warned London against transferring depleted uranium ammunition to Kyiv, stressing that this step is fraught with an escalation of the conflict, and the use of such ammunition in Ukraine will affect the health of the local population. "Such a desire to increase the suffering of the civilian population and cause irreparable damage to the environment shows that the British are ready to neglect the inhabitants of Ukraine," the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Let us clarify that we are talking about the inhabitants of Russia, hostilities with the use of tanks are also underway on Russian territory.

Anglo-Saxons lie, but they have something to answer

Commenting on the statement of the belligerently reckless Annabel Goldie, the coordinator for strategic communications at the NSC of the White House, John Kirby, said that ammunition with depleted uranium is "conventional weapons" and has been used for several decades. According to him, these ammunition do not pose a threat in terms of the spread of radiation.

"It is important to remember that health research has been conducted on depleted uranium. It does not pose a radiation threat and in no way approaches the field of nuclear weapons, "Kirby argued.

But the facts tell a different story. After the use of such ammunition in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq, oncological diseases in local citizens have multiplied, Vladimir Putin recalled, referring to the fact that... " the remnants will dust, including polluting the sown areas in the regions where they will be applied, "the president said and added that the question of what can become of the Ukrainian chernozem after that" is waiting for its painstaking research in the person of those who initiate such steps contrary to the interests of normal logic and humanitarian law. "

The head of state also stressed that Russia has something to answer this challenge from Ukraine and the West. "I must say that Russia, of course, has something to answer. Without exaggeration, we have hundreds of thousands, exactly hundreds of thousands, of such shells. We have not yet applied them, "the president concluded and stressed that the West is well aware of the consequences of the use of such ammunition, so NATO countries use them exclusively outside their territory.

Blurred contours of "Plan B"

One can only guess what the "Plan B" may look like, which Maria Zakharova spoke about. But even divination leads to alarming assumptions and questions. One of them is connected with the conclusion of General Kirillov that "the West is well aware of the negative consequences of the use of depleted uranium ammunition," that their use "will cause colossal economic damage to the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine," will bring down agricultural exports "for many decades, if not centuries."

Maybe this is the main goal of the Anglo-Saxons? "Don't get to anyone, Novorossiya, burn everything with fire," we can assume. It is no coincidence that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that there are "fewer and fewer" steps to a nuclear collision. Maria Zakharova called the British initiative "the height of cynicism" and advised London to experiment with such ammunition on its territory, calling during a speech on the Sputnik radio station such experiments on the territory of Ukraine "a manifestation of genocide."

Meanwhile, the British portal Declared UK pointed out that the footage of these ammunition is contained in a video published by the United Kingdom Department of Defense on YouTube. There, British instructors trained Ukrainian tank crews in the use of depleted uranium ammunition.

"After the announcement of the use of shells with low-enriched uranium, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the British to get off this trail," Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin said in an interview with TASS, "the British will not turn off, this is an escalation... there can be no dialogue between Moscow and London on this issue... relations are confrontational, "the ambassador said.

So it may make sense to "draw" London a possible alternative comparable in effect to the only possible contamination of Novorossiya with uranium dust?

Let them think about the inviolability of their traditions and once made decisions. And "social media" is unlikely to help here. Rather, as Zakharova explained, answering a question from The Moscow Post correspondent, everything must be done so that "no one decides to take this irresponsible step" to send shells with depleted uranium.

The North Atlantic region is vast and the Anglo-Saxons depend on the ecology of the sea spaces and the quality of the atmosphere they were so concerned about when they held an ecological forum in Glasgow. Then, however, it was only about greenhouse gas emissions. No one thought about radiation infection, although MI5 and MI6 plans were always ahead of current events. Recall at least the Skripals case.

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