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30 November 2023

Liz Truss can everyone...

"Crazy Aunt," who drank the Cossack daddy, became the prime minister of Great Britain.

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who is named the new leader of the ruling Conservative Party and will head the government on September 6, has promised to tackle the country's energy crisis, which has brought public electricity bills to record levels, according to The Moscow Post.

Some colleagues call Truss "slightly clumsy" or even "the most nuts in the whole parliament." As the satirical portal News Thump stated in a comic note, the Russians do not want to meet Liz Truss anymore. And he continued in the spirit that "thermonuclear war is terrible, but Truss's visit is even worse." Moreover, as former Canadian politician Chris Ballard noted, "Moscow ordered the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border in order to avoid further diplomatic visits of Liz Truss"!

Aunt in a Cossack daddy

And here's what's remarkable: many didn't take Liz Truss seriously even in London, but maybe it was the jeers who promoted her to prime minister. As critics mocked her speeches, she methodically honed her oratory and advanced to power in the Tory party.

It would seem that enough is already enough, but Ballard continued to joke about the "brainless aunt" who "drank the Cossack dad with Amazon,... running along the streets of [Moscow] like a splendor. " So or not, some residents and guests of the capital, who turned out to be near the Historical Museum in February 2022, could still watch the "photo session" of the future head of great Britain from afar, as the United Kingdom was once called.

Then, in the frosty wind, from under the fur "a la Margaret Thatcher" of the hat of the future head of government in London looked out the dissatisfied pale face of an already middle-aged woman who was in Red Square before a "diplomatic meeting that clearly violated her entertainment program"! This is how a resident of friendly Anglo-Saxon Canada completed the mockery of Truss.

The satirical edition of The Daily Mash continued to joke about the era of "Tracism," which will begin under the leadership of "The Beautiful Iron Lady." The same publication, continuing to "joke" about all candidates for the prime minister more or less good-natured, the Foreign Minister singled out: "Truss may be the first British leader whose unbearable speech will be interrupted by the red point of the laser sight." It was such a "satirical" verdict in the spirit of "black" humor that The Daily Mash issued.

As the chief diplomat

We will be glad to the fact that it didn't happen. But Routes still it was necessary to show what she is capable as the head of "Johnsonian diplomacy to the touch". Here, already seriously, Eurasia Review took out the judgment, having noticed that "the minister of foreign trade of Routes famous to the for "a public pridurkovatost" released from a duty the Minister of Foreign Affairs less silly and quite severe Dominica Raab".

According to this edition, "shown profound ignorance of Routes received a task to cry out in the direction of the Kremlin a warning that Global Britain won't tolerate invasion to Ukraine". To cry out it turned out, Moscow politely smiled, the special military operation soon began.

"Her ignorance and nonsense confirmed all negative ideas of Russia of the British diplomacy" — it was noted in article. Routes as her fellow citizens noticed, "the irrepressible love for social networks" distinguishes for what it during tenure of the minister of foreign trade this department was nicknamed "the ministry instagrammiruyushchy Routes".

Before Routes it was appointed to the position of the Foreign Minister, the British press derided her for impetuous self-advertisement – especially in some social networks, – and also for virus video in which she complained of dependence of the country on import cheese, calling such situation "shame".

On a post of the head of the MFA, during the meeting with the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov Trass I demanded to move away the troops located in the Russian territory from the Ukrainian border, having got confused in a question of sovereignty of Russia over the Rostov and Voronezh regions. Routes I was unshakable: "Great Britain never recognizes sovereignty of Russia over these regions"!

The Deputy Russian representative in the UN Dmitry Polyansky, acting on Sky News, I spoke strictly and directly. "Always there is a place for diplomacy, but frankly speaking, we don't trust the British diplomacy. I think, in recent years the British diplomacy showed the absolute otioseness".

Mary Dezhevski working from 1988 to 1992 as the correspondent of Times in Moscow noticed that "for London it is possible to be rude to Russia in the diplomatic plan. Our relations reached a bottom, there is no place to fall further". On pages of Spiked she called a visit of Routes a total failure and failure because Routes "I managed to confirm all negative ideas of Russia of the British diplomacy: arrogance, unfriendliness, commitment to hypocritical morals about "values". She added something else to this list — ignorance".

Further, acting in the program of BBC "Sunday morning", Routes said: "We offer and we render the additional help to our Baltic allies, delivering it through the Black Sea". On it the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova ruthlessly noticed: "If someone also has to be saved from something, then the world from nonsense and ignorance of Anglo-Saxon politicians".

Ideology, but not the facts

To save or "with guarantee to escape", will show time. But now business it is necessary to deal with Lise Trass in her new quality of the head of the British cabinet and the person, responsible for strategic nuclear weapon of Great Britain.

In the British government there was no unity concerning deliveries of NATO of warplanes of AFU. But in the keynote speech devoted to policy of security, Routes it urged the West to be adjusted on the long-term conflict and to strengthen support of Ukraine. According to her, Putin "seeks to create great Russia which will become threat for all continental Europe and the United Kingdom".

In the field of management of economy of Routes it is known that based Group of free business into which some other deputies of the British parliament entered. This group of "economic libertarians" set as the purpose to emasculate the labor law as a way of the solution of economic problems of the Kingdom.

Her first miss was the regional policy of compensation which she soon refused against the background of the expected indignation if the salaries of teachers and nurses in the north of the country are reduced. The second and even more serious — a promise to help with accounts on fuel due to reduction in taxes, but "without any handouts". Later, she claimed that she was misunderstood and that she didn't exclude direct grants at all.

They say that in her vision of the world there is something from Trump. According to Routes though free trade and freedom of enterprise is "the main engines of human progress", China and Russia abuse them. From her point of view, free trade has to be based on the corresponding rules in the absence of which can abuse her "a kleptocracy, the authoritarian regimes seeking to create dependences".

Truss once explained her views to Politico: "I probably am one of the most ideologized people among my colleagues in what motivates me." Nevertheless, where "necessary," ideology is both present and retreating. In particular, Truss recently stated: "I believe that our country must fight the main threats to the world. The number one threat now comes from Russia. And to defeat it, we need access to alternative sources of energy in the Gulf countries. "

"Rattlesnake has more principles"

The author of the Gardian article called Truss a calculating workaholic and noted that she easily changes her mind if it becomes not profitable for her. By voting in a referendum against Brexit, Truss became fiercely supportive of the move. "Every time it ends up where the power is, which is simply surprising," the former cabinet minister said. "On the other hand, these are the ones who usually win."

In Oxford, Truss was briefly president of the local branch of the Liberal Democratic Party, the UK's third political force between Labour and the Conservatives. She later made excuses in an interview with the Spectator podcast: "We all make mistakes in our youth. Someone is on drugs. And someone joins the Liberal Democrats. "

Under David Cameron, she was an influential centrist. In his memoir, he even recorded her as his "dream team." Now she's a right wing darling. Three years ago, she supported development in the green space zone so that young people could quickly purchase housing, but changed their minds.

In an interview with the BBC, Truss recalled making a nuclear bomb dummy from an old carpet to take it to an anti-war march in Paisley. Along with the crowd, she chanted: "Margaret, out!" But she recently stated that she would not flinch before pressing the "red button."

In her interview with The Atlantic, Truss said she wants to expand NATO's powers and strengthen the G-7. The Times newspaper, citing a diplomatic source, reported that Truss supported the idea of ​ ​ sending warships to the Black Sea in order to "protect" ships loaded with Ukrainian grain.

"They" never stopped fighting

Truss is convinced that the last time Europe excluded Britain and the United States from its diplomatic efforts - when Germany and France brokered the so-called Minsk agreements between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists after Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014 - turned into a disaster.

Tony Brenton, who previously served as the British ambassador to Moscow, concluded that the Moscow "presentation" of Truss completed "the process of turning Britain into a country inappropriate for serious diplomatic efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis." After the start of the SVO, Truss began to justify Ukraine's attacks on the territory of Russia, proposed to remake the G7 into "NATO from the economy."

According to Truss, the "two percent" goal in the defense budgets of NATO countries should be considered "not as a ceiling, but as a foundation." Some British MPs demand to invest not two percent of GDP in defense, but four. Truss is convinced that NATO must expand its mission, that the G-7 must be turned into an economic weapon, that the West, which has been too "shy" about its history and wealth, must once again become a world leader.

Its main point is that, since the end of the Cold War, the West has become unnecessarily relaxed by a spiritual crisis that has caused it to forget what it is fighting for and how to uphold its ideals, and that has allowed its adversaries to profit from its institutions and openness. Truss believes that the West needs to start giving delivery.

"We felt like the fight was over," Truss said. "But they never stopped fighting," Truss said in an interview. Truss represents the embodiment of British double standards and a tendency to oversimplify, The Atlantic noted following an interview with Truss. Her narrative "formed under the influence of the 1980s, the triumph of freedom, the Reagan and Thatcher era."

Nostalgia and posturing

It is possible that nostalgia for the former power of the West, combined with posturing "in the out" and self-promotion of "at home," will be hallmarks of Liz Truss's policies as prime minister. As Mary Dejevski quipped about Truss's visit to Moscow: "Some detractors assumed that the essence of the visit was not about saving Ukraine, but about Liz Truss's inner ambitions and the appeal of the Moscow background."

As the daughter of a mathematics teacher, Truss inherited a penchant for mathematical methods. She is called a "formidable negotiator and cold strategist" who easily changes positions if they are no longer beneficial to her. As one of her assistants joked, asking the question: "What's the difference between a rottweiler and Liz Truss? Rottweiler will let go sooner or later. " Reminds the expression: "Englishwoman" still shit?

But Liz Truss will have something to do on the top rung of her career ladder. This is the UK's coming energy vulnerability, unless it is poverty and hunger. As one of Truss's former colleagues previously observed: "Politics is an emotion, not a mathematical equation. When people are genuinely scared, all these calls, roughly speaking, to wrap themselves in the flag and sing the hosannas of great Britain is incredible deafness. "

Photo: Reuters / EPA

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