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09 December 2023

Lavrov "centered" UN countries

Russia once again calls on its UN colleagues to change their minds and not finish off the shaky system of international law.

The day before, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was on a visit to New York, where he chaired the UN Security Council at the debate on "multilateralism" initiated by Russia.

The chief Russian diplomat presented Russia's vision of undermining the "one-centric" system on the part of Western countries: when a key international institution turns only into a screen, and representatives of the so-called. "Golden Billion," allow themselves to act without regard to international law and those who are dissatisfied with their unilateral interference in the affairs of independent states.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Actually, even before Lavrov arrived at the UN, there was a scandal: the Americans refused to issue visas to Russian journalists who were supposed to cover the event. More precisely, visas were issued only when the plane with Lavrov, but without press representatives, flew out of Moscow.

Shitting in a small way

That is, the Americans deliberately, deliberately pulled with the issuance of visas in order to leave our press out of work. This is a petty, vile muck, which can be regarded as a continuation of the confrontation with the Russians. Today, our media, if they do not conduct anti-Russian activities with Western money, are devoted to ostracism and are squeezed out of any platforms, the objective coverage of whose activities is not included in the plans of the world hegemon.

Earlier, the American side has repeatedly delayed the process of issuing visas to members of Russian official delegations sent to the UN, or did not issue them at all, but there was no such thing that none of the declared media representatives received a visa before departure - this is some new level of hostility and cynicism.

On that situation, Sergei Lavrov noted that Russia "will not forget it, will not forgive it." Therefore, soon problems with accreditation and entry into the country may arise already in the journalists of our former Western partners. After all, the principle of reciprocity is valid. However, Russia also did not stick to falling to their level and small shit.

It was much more important not to get up in an offended pose - we have long known who we are dealing with, but to convey our position to our colleagues in the international community as much as possible.

Moreover, the UN, and even the Security Council, have long been turning only into a fictitious tool, a fig leaf for stamping decisions already prepared by the "powerful." This is certainly about how Western countries operate.

What was the sense of the UN in the first place? Prevent new global conflicts after the end of World War II. Today, UN Secretary-General António Gutteres said, tensions between the major powers have reached historic highs, and the risk of a global conflict being unleashed by misinterpretations or miscalculations is highest since the organisation's inception.

He did not fail to make an insert, which is connected with this, including because of the situation in Ukraine, where Russia allegedly violated the UN Charter. Therefore, it is necessary to use the full range of diplomatic tools for peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Apparently, our former partners from Germany "agree" with this. The day before, they decided to use "diplomatic tools" when, on incomprehensible grounds, they expelled a whole group of Russian diplomats from Berlin. Russia responds in a mirror way, but this is just a reaction. In such a difficult environment, peace-loving and diplomatic Europeans are closing more and more opportunities for dialogue and compromise.

It's one thing that says quiet-Gutterish at the UN. Quite another thing is what American senior comrades say on the sidelines. And there is only one narrative there - or Russia will declare surrender and fulfill all the requirements of the "hegemon," or it is impossible to speak to it - you can only crush, strangle with sanctions, kill its soldiers on the battlefield. Such is now "diplomacy."

And the UN, with such sluggish skirmishes within the framework of the Security Council, has simply lost its authority in the international arena. Everyone knows the precedents when the same Americans put tremendous pressure on foreign delegations to vote "correctly."

Suffice it to recall the recent vote in the UN Security Council on Russia's resolution on the Northern Flows, where our country called for an objective investigation with the participation of all interested parties. The resolution did not pass, most of the members abstained precisely under pressure from the United States, which said it trusted the existing investigation conducted exclusively by Europeans. This, we recall, when Russia was not even allowed to the site of the sabotage for a long time, not to mention sharing the available information.

However, this is only an indicative gesture - in reality, everyone understands who was behind the sabotage, and there is nothing surprising in the US desire to blur this issue as much as possible without letting international experts go there. But this demonstrates what the UN is now turning into.

In general, Sergey Lavrov again drew attention to the financial and economic aggression going against our (and not only our) country, unilateral measures, including blocking access to modern technologies, crowding out supplies, confiscation of property.

Not to mention other precedents, when international law was replaced by the right of force. What the Americans did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, what they do today with respect to Taiwan, igniting the fire of war in Southeast Asia - all this was done without UN sanctions, with complete disregard for the organization's Charter. And it led to dire consequences.

Prevent disaster

Heavy, but not yet fatal. Avoiding the most negative scenario, returning to the negotiating table, trying to understand each other and taking into account mutual interests to prevent world conflict is what the UN's role should be.

Instead, we hear only new accusations, attempts to finely and coarsely arrogant, and in some places very crazy things. Having completely lost its head from hatred of Russia, the same Polish leadership dreams of deploying American nuclear weapons on its land, Japan again voices about the "Northern Territories," and economic pressure is already being exerted on those partners of Russia who do not want to shoot themselves in the foot, breaking economic, social, cultural ties.

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the onocentric system is now experiencing a deep crisis. The root cause of this was the desire of individual members of the organization to replace international law and the UN Charter with a kind of "rules-based order" that no one has seen.

They are invented and applied in order to counter the natural processes of forming new independent development centers, which are an objective manifestation of multilateralism. However, they are trying to contain them with illegitimate unilateral measures. Thus, there is a fragmentation of world trade, the collapse of market mechanisms, and the paralysis of the WTO.

In addition, the Foreign Minister drew special attention to the failure of the United States to fulfill its obligations under the agreement on UN central institutions, including the non-issuance of visas to Russian representatives for events through a world organization, the illegal alienation of Russian diplomatic property and the introduction of restrictions on the movement of our diplomats.


And among other things, he again voiced the thesis about the need to expand the composition of the UN Security Council, since "the West is represented too much in it." Asian and African countries need to be included there. Which, of course, is extremely unprofitable for the United States and the same UK. Especially the latter, where civilizers from London are well remembered, drowning half of Asia and Africa in blood during their colonial conquests.

In any case, it is obvious that under the current conditions of unilateral actions of the United States and its allies, the role of the UN is falling dramatically, it is turning into a rostrum for justifying any crimes and tracing paper from the League of Nations, which turned out to be a talker unable to stop the impending catastrophe. And Russia will resist this while it has the opportunity - for the sake of peace around the world, no matter how pretentious it may sound.


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