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03 March 2024

Kiva's murder as anti-crisis of the Kiev Nazis

Ilya Kiva's elimination by the Ukrainian intelligence agencies - not just revenge, and the action which is accurately verified on time to displace focus of attention of the Ukrainian society from failures on the international scene and at the front.

In the Odintsovo district of Moscow region the Ukrainian oppositional politician, the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ilya Kiva is killed. The Ukrainian intelligence agencies already took the responsibility for this crime.

Kiva's murder - pure political terrorism. However, behind him there is not only a revenge for transition to side of Russia from the beginning of SVO. This murder - accurately verified attempt of team of Volodymyr Zelensky to distract own population from a series of political and military failures which sparked sharp criticism of the country leaders even among Loyalists of the Kiev mode.

Details - in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The custom nature of murder of Kiva doesn't raise doubts - in the politician shot with firearms. As it was missed by our intelligence agencies – a question. The blamestorming session is necessary serious. Especially against the background of recent attempt at other former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada who came over to the side of Russia - Oleg Tsarev.

Ilya Kiva was not just Volodymyr Zelensky's opponent - he hated him, considered responsible for troubles of Ukraine and the instigator of military opposition. Kiva regularly wrote down critical videos about the Ukrainian power in the Telegram channel, acted on the Russian federal TV. He was the real enemy of the Kiev mode.

Despite this, Kiva was a figure more, than ambiguous. In 2014 he supported the Maidan, after - worked in structures of Right Sector (terrorist and extremist organization banned in the Russian Federation) of the Ukrainian nationalists, and even served in the anti-terrorist operation zone. And after suddenly it appeared in the "Oppositional Platform — for Life" party which is nowadays crushed, disseminated and banned. But I continued the conflicts also with sopartiyets therefore from party he was expelled.

The politician was considered as close to the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov known for various schemes of earnings to use of the official position. Some time Kiva worked as Avakov's adviser, but then their ways dispersed. Ilya Kiva was disliked both here, and there, and after his death the observers once again remembered what he an "ambiguous" figure.

It is important for us, we will repeat, another - in the territory of Russia the foreign intelligence agency commits political murder. After Darya Dugina's death no conclusions were drawn?

The help won't come

In Ukraine Kiva's murder caused the real delight - ill-wishers of the politician open champagne, all air is hammered with gloating and black jokes. Here that the dog is also buried. Ilya Kiva said long ago that watch him. It seems that the Ukrainian intelligence agencies waited for a right moment - and this moment came.

Just yesterday in the USA the delegation of Office of the president of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada suffered devastating defeat in attempt to convince the American legislators to allocate a new large tranche of financial and military aid for "independent". No millions of dollars spent for lobbyists helped Joe Biden's admonitions - the Senate blocked even pronouncement of the bill of the help to Kiev at vote.

Joe Biden called "absolute madness" refusal to agree on this project. Even before vote the head of the Administrative and budgetary management of the White House the Barge Young sent a letter to leaders of the congress in which it reported that by the end of the year Washington completely will exhaust the values for assistance to Ukraine.

And the delegation of Ukrainian "walkers" was represented by Andrei Yermak, the head of Office of the president who as it is considered, the power and influence has hardly no more, than at Zelensky. It is indicative that Vladimir Aleksandrovich very much expected to address senators, but at the last minute I cancelled the decision. Actually, cancelled it - politicians of the USA were interested in internal questions, especially migration much more, and to the leader of the native tribe they just didn't allow to butt in their skirmish.

How Zelensky acted in the Congress under the general applause a year ago, it is the real failure. Failures and on other directions: the Ukrainian troops just about will leave Avdeyevka, the base of AFU on the left coast of Kherson was the next bloody public relations, and the "isolated" Putin with orchestra and a military and air parade is met in the UAE.

We will add to it a wave of critical publications in the Western press, especially in the most influential newspaper of the world The Washington Post which almost savor a failure of military and political strategy of Kiev against Russia. As cherry on cake - fight between political and military authorities of the country, a talk about possible resignation of the commander-in-chief of AFU Valery Zaluzhny and total inability of the West to muffle projectile hunger of Ukraine at the front.

All this is the hardest negative background for the Ukrainian authorities which warmed hurrah - patriotic and victorious sentiments all 2022 and 2023. There comes the heavy disappointment.

And right now, when a house of cards called "independent Ukraine" has crumbled, another act of political terror is taking place, which instantly switches the attention of society from negative to "joyful event" - the traitor has been eliminated!

And for Ukraine this is already a familiar reason for joy. Earlier, part of Ukrainian society was greeted with real delight by the news about the death of the orchestra named after Alexandrov, Kirill Stremousov, terrorist attacks in Russia, before that - the murder of people in Odessa on May 4. A real death cult, warmed up by Ukrainian and Western propaganda.

All this is supported by the Western allies of Kyiv. Not so long ago, an insider was held in the Western media, as American General Mark Milley expressed his desire so that no Russian could go to bed without wondering if his throat would be cut at night.

Ilya Kiva. Photo:

Killing Kiva can have other pitfalls. He regularly denounced corruption in the Ukrainian leadership, closely communicated with Viktor Medvedchuk and other oppositionists, coordinated the work of the pro-Russian underground. But the main goal is precisely the anti-crisis PR of Volodymyr Zelensky, which is rapidly losing support in society. And society - faith in victory over Russia.

Just yesterday another happened, which was "not noticed" because of the situation with Kiva - in the center of Lugansk, a car was blown up, in which was the deputy of the People's Council of the LPR Oleg Popov. According to preliminary data, he died. Political assassinations of opponents of the Kyiv regime. In the logic of terror in which modern Ukraine lives, Volodymyr Zelensky has no other tools left to keep the situation.

Photo: Kommersant

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