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09 December 2023

It's good when the opponent has dementia?

The transition to personalities in international affairs has become commonplace.

True, the "personalities" themselves deserve this. Ranging from Biden, Blinken, Borrell, Berbock and Boris to Olaf and Ursula. What only they don't say about them. But I must admit that this does not touch them much. Maybe it's worth starting to praise? An undeserved compliment can hurt more than a stinging remark. Moreover, there are plenty of reasons for "praise" in the lives of Western politicians, according to The Moscow Post.

For example, admiration may merit the way US lawmakers at the very last moment agreed to finance the work of the government, at least for another 45 days. Is this not proof of the ability to govern the state in conditions of public tension and split of elites?

Moreover, in the context of the growing crisis in the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the White House under the leadership of the Democrats agreed to slow down assistance to Ukraine. And Kyiv in America is causing more and more irritation. Is this not a reason to recognize the changes in the American political elite that started the conflict? Congress has not yet begun to advocate for peace, but is moving in the right direction, this time he did not give money for war!

Biden in 'spitting boy' uniform

Vladimir Putin, as always, said literary, restrained, politely, but capaciously about the West: "The concept of honor, trust and decency is not for Western countries."

This says everything, unless you add that "they don't care about the whole world," as the Head of State said in his Address to the Federal Assembly. It is all the more fair that Joe Biden does not even care about America, about the fight against corruption and drugs. Both sins, it turns out, are subject to his family and even himself. Doesn't it work for those looking for flaws in the image of "hail on the Hill"? From shining, it turns to smoking like a volcano in Hawaii.

Wise people Chinese. One of them noticed that if you are patient, sitting on the banks of the river, you can wait for the corpse of your enemy to swim by. Or, the same, but otherwise: "Give him a shovel and do not interfere with digging a hole for yourself."

As the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak, convincingly did when he announced the "weak intellectual potential" of India and China. These two civilizations, he said, "do not analyze the consequences" of their actions in the international arena. He said how he cut off, well done adviser, advised!

Canadian parliamentarians also dug a hole when they gave a standing ovation to the veteran of the SS Galicia division, who was invited to parliament on the occasion of Volodymyr Zelensky's visit. In order not to talk about mistakes, apologies and resignations, but there is no better evidence of the sympathy of Canada's elite for Nazism.

The Canadian Parliament may have earned the title of the first "golden billion" among the legislatures of the countries in terms of self-disclosure. Ottawa should be congratulated on this "parade"! They take away the work of political scientists in general, and pro-Kremlin propagandists, in particular.

And I would also like to say "thank you very much" for inviting all the ambassadors of the G7 countries to this memorable meeting. They, too, as one, applauded together, standing, with gracious smiles on their faces! It remains only to wait for the next vote in the UN on the resolution on the inadmissibility of the glorification of Nazism, when everyone again looks back at Ottawa and how the seven diplomats voted.

You won't argue with the South

In the field of the objective description of the world surrounding Europe, a lot of useful is done by the inhabitant of "the European garden" and the chief diplomat of the European Union Zhozep Borel. He recognized recently that the West "not always conforms to those rules which it tries to protect". And also I told that many countries of the global South don't share the West position in relation to the conflict in Ukraine.

It is more than that — Borel says — these countries "think that there are reliable alternatives to the West not only in economic, but also in the technological, military and ideological relation". You won't refuse to him observation!

And throughout the revelations the eurosocialist expressed discontent that the countries of the Global South consider western "values" as "a remnant of the western domination" and look at Russia and China. And it should be avoided, Borel considers. He said in an interview of the British The Guardian that the European Union seeks not to allow emergence of the union with participation of the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China and the states of the global South.

Also I said that the world order was constructed when the countries of the Global South or were colonies of Europe, or the poor and had no voice. Now — Borel opened the heart — "inhabitants of the global South want recognition, … now they are the independent countries, they grow economically and demographically and want to have the word".

You will also not tell better, especially if you are responsible for foreign policy of the former colonial powers!

Would go to Borreli if teach

Here to Blinken to follow an example of Borel! The U.S. Secretary of State lived in Paris and went there to school, but he lacks knowledge of history of the Old World. He considers, for example, that in the Soviet Union allegedly "buried" the memory of mass executions in Babi Yar in days of the Great Patriotic War.

Why it in appearance pulled the educated official in this party? Everything is simple, so he interceded both for Canada, and for the USA. I wanted to show that not only their elite can reconcile to Nazism. Would be silent, and I received that from the first deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Dmitry Polyansky. The Russian diplomat remembered both "decency", and about "the Ukrainian nationalists - key performers of massacre".

Here thus the U.S. Secretary of State continued discussion of Nazi moods in Canada. And Maria Zakharova indulgently noticed: "What do all of us want from the Secretary of State who makes the order to finance the Nazi regime in Kiev glorifying collaborators to Bander and Shukhevich? What do we want from the U.S. Secretary of State who makes the order to vote against the resolution of the UN General Assembly condemning neo-nazism, racism and xenophobia?"

However, Zakharova went further, having accused Blinken not only of a lie, but also of impudence! So that he should learn from Borel in ability to avoid the characteristics proceeding from the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson. Though to that got for "envy and helplessness" when he called Russia the nuclear and power power if to cite his words in free translation.

Degradation as well as it was told

It is remarkable that the European Commission, supporting export of the Ukrainian grain, brought the European neighbors of Ukraine to disobedience. Brussels as the highest authority, saw how the power escapes from tenacious hands of Ursula von der Leien. It is good that one more step to disintegration of the EU as front of support of the Kiev Nazis is taken!

But Americans in comparison with the European Union, are global, to "trifles" they are too busy. However, and on the global front they have punctures. It is known that Biden from Blinken waited for news about an opportunity to communicate to the Chinese President Xi Jinping. But in Beijing the call wasn't taken.

The visit of the Secretary of State to China and its short personal meeting with the chairman Si didn't yield results. Why? In particular, for that simple reason, as at Americans the ability to self-exposure isn't completely lost. Being in Beijing, Blinken blurted out that the USA is ready to compete with China, and will cooperate where it is interesting to them. Moreover I added about "values" and also "the world order based on rules". It in Beijing wasn't understood.

Or other example — North Korea. To whom how not to Pyongyang in the conditions of total sanctions and isolation from the West not to complain of life? But Koreans keep cool. Attacks to their relations with Moscow parry. They say that Washington doesn't have enough mind. There can be it and it is good, and it is possible to use it?

Anyway, but in the Russian diplomatic service complained only of Europe so far, having pointed to degradation of political elite in the key European Union countries. Though the director of the department of foreign policy planning Aleksei Drobinin just in case made a reservation, having noted that elite in the EU - "is well formed", visited the universities.

It was he who probably remembered Analena Berbock, or her colleague from the Foreign Office, who became Prime Minister of Great Britain for seven whole weeks. And they, perhaps, also know the story, only ignore. And they do not want to negotiate in an amicable way. Therefore, do not simplify. Ultimately, it is not customary to think about the "intellectual level" of the Sicilian mafia?

In general, there is a popular opinion that in the West "intellectuals are grown in political test tubes and on farms of various funds." This is the opinion of the former Ukrainian oligarch and politician Viktor Medvedchuk. He knows better, the former Ukraine is closer to the West not only geographically. The elite there brought the country to poverty and war, and even to the collapse of statehood, Medvedchuk said.

I must say that the East gets with these "test tubes." It is enough to remember about Armenia. In any case, no one will be surprised by the negative selection and degradation of the highest managerial personnel in Europe. Maybe it's even in the interests of Moscow and it's not worth complaining about it? Except for the pathogenic influence of the West on Russia's neighbors. You have to fight for them.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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