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01 June 2023

Inquisition in European, or for whom The Hague cries

The Central European "Inquisition," which calls itself the Hague tribunal, began to issue "candy wrappers" called "arrest warrants." Russian leader Vladimir Putin appeared on one of these "candy wrappers.

The reason was the alleged "abduction" of Ukrainian children in the zone of the Special Military Operation to Protect Donbass by the Russian side.

This step is called unprecedented by many. We can add from ourselves - unprecedented hypocritical. Why - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The reason for the "warrant" was that Russia gave the opportunity to families who found themselves in the conflict zone in the new regions of our country - in the Kherson region, in Zaporozhye, the DPR and LPR, to evacuate their children and themselves to a safe place from Ukrainian bombing.

Given this, it is difficult to imagine a more false and divorced from reality attack of the Western pseudo-juridical institution, or rather, the Western elites hostile to Russia behind it. Not only is it legally insignificant, but also again, it demonstrates to us from a new height the commitment of our geopolitical opponents to double standards. It seems that it would have been necessary to get used to this for a long time.

Russia, as you know, does not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Like the United States, like Ukraine, like most of the countries of the world. Therefore, this piece of paper "judges" in The Hague, as already hinted by the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, can be used "as intended."

Clearly, this step is purely symbolic, no one will arrest and detain the leader of the world's largest nuclear power. This is done for two reasons: to demoralize the "undecided" part of the Russian comparador elite and finally block the possibilities for any normalization of relations.

"The fool that came out of The Hague says one thing: the West is hysterical. Pieces of paper from an alien Hague court do not apply to Russia. Washington and Brussels have exhausted all the possibilities of sanctions and unfriendly actions, "State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin assessed the situation.

Thus, this decision again demonstrates how the countries of the collective West, drawn up by the United States and Britain, seek not a settlement, but an escalation of the conflict. In the same row is the recent provocation with the Pentagon Reaper drone that fell into the Black Sea, which conducted reconnaissance of our armed forces in Crimea.

But the move is, indeed, unprecedented. Never before in history has the Head of the Russian state been tried to be so deligitimized in the eyes of the world community as political "pygmies" from Brussels and The Hague thought of it.

Of course, they would not have taken such a step without the approval of the world's chief police officer, the United States, which keeps almost the entire European continent on the hook. The latter demonstrates a complete loss of geopolitical subjectivity, turning into a blind instrument of Anglo-Saxon hegemony.

At least since the end of the Cold War, the States believe that they themselves have the right to judge and punish, to determine who is a criminal and who is not, who is the legitimate representative of the will of the people, and who is not. They do not need any trial for this.

Hands on the elbow in the blood

Again, the States themselves do not consider it necessary to recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC, and it is quite clear why. This decision was made by President Bill Clinton in the late 90s, fearing that the ICC was being used to investigate the crimes of the United States and its allies in Iraq since 1991 and in Yugoslavia, which was then disintegrating.

Over the course of three months, the United States and its allies brought down about 3 thousand cruise missiles on civilian and military facilities in Yugoslavia, 14 thousand powerful bombs, including those with cores made of depleted uranium - i.e. radioactive shells. Civil infrastructure was destroyed - bridges, roads, train stations, social facilities - schools, hospitals, residential buildings.

All this was served under the sauce of protecting the population of the former Yugoslavia from genocide, but in fact it was genocide. As a result, a scapegoat was also found - Slobodan Milosevic, who was actually hounded in court. He, as you know, did not live to see the verdict.

The barbaric bombing of Belgrade is the most real war crime. But neither coalition officials nor later ICC "judges" in The Hague have assessed such actions. Did you get water in your mouth?

At the same time, the official work of the ICC in The Hague began in 2002 - that is, after the absolutely illegitimate invasion of the NATO coalition led by the United States in Afghanistan. In 2003, it was the turn of Iraq, and again on the false occasion of the presence of chemical weapons in the regime of Saddam Hussein. They are still looking for him - they will not find him in any way. At the same time, over the 20 years of the presence of the armed forces of Western states in Iraq alone, about 1 million people died.

But these facts did not become the subject of consideration by the ICC either. No one gave an arrest warrant for George W. Bush, no one imposed sanctions against the United States. As, in fact, for other criminal military campaigns of NATO - in the same Iraq in 1991. Later, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will justify the murder of half a million Iraqi children from NATO actions by saying that the country will have a better future ").

What a better future has come for Iraq is clearly visible today. Exactly the same as in Afghanistan, where war crimes have been committed under all the last US presidents. The current American leader Joe Biden, as you know, was forced to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, which was also accompanied by mass deaths.

In one of the last days of evacuation by the US military, a family of 10 Afghans was killed from the air. Allegedly, the military mistook them for militants. And later, when the mistake was revealed, they simply openly admitted this fact, and did not even apologize. No one has brought them to justice, nor has their political leadership.

At the same time, Joe Biden, being vice president under Barack Obama, was one of the ideologists of the so-called. Arab Spring of the beginning of the tenths - a real catastrophe for the entire Middle East and North Africa.

In the case of Syria, where US troops are still illegitimate, only Russian intervention saved the country from complete destruction and endless civil war. Millions of people died, even more became refugees.

Europeans, too, cannot absolve themselves of responsibility for these crimes, which they strongly supported. The same applies to the tragic fate of Libya. Muammar Gaddafi tried to make a terrorist and eventually simply killed.

But later it turned out that he financed the election company of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the man who ordered the bombing of Tripoli. He repaid, as they say, in full. But Sarkozy was later tried for corruption in France itself, no one brought him to justice for war crimes.

Bombing of Belgrade. Photo:

And then suddenly they decided to issue an "arrest warrant" for the Russian President and the children's ombudsman. For the fact that Russia, as best it could, without coercion and violence, tried to save as many people as possible who found themselves in the conflict zone. It's not just hypocrisy - monstrous cynicism and a world of crooked mirrors that brought George Orwell's work to life.

How to respond to this Russia is understandable. Continue to pursue independent policies in the interests of its own people, including new territories. So it will be. And such "decisions" of the ICC work, first of all, to discredit this body itself, whose representatives and curators have completely lost their conscience and common sense.

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