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07 June 2023

"Hypocrisy and militaristic aspirations of the EU" - Maria Zakharova on the future of relations between Russia and Europe

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova answered questions about the future of Russia's relations with the European Union and payment for gas supplied in rubles.

Today there was another briefing by the special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. During a conversation with journalists, Zakharova answered questions from The Moscow Post.

The first question of our correspondent The Moscow Post concerned the future of relations between Russia and the European Union:

"The head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell recently spoke about a military solution to the problem of Ukraine. He said that Russia had prepared for the sanctions and transferred part of the funds to countries where they would not be blocked. What do you see as the value of maintaining relations with the European Union as an organization? "

Maria Zakharova noted that the statement by the head of European diplomacy about the need for victory on the battlefield confirms that the European Union in its high peacekeeping ideals laid down by the founding fathers, who sought to make a new war in Europe unthinkable, is no longer the same as before.

According to her, in front of the whole world, the European Union has turned into an aggressive, militarized tool with external expansion, reinforcing its far from market methods of work with such militaristic aspirations. "

"There is no limit to EU hypocrisy. Assistance to the Kyiv regime in helping Ukrainian neo-Nazis is being provided through the European Peace Fund, "the diplomat recalled.

Everywhere, the European media space is being cleaned from alternative views, pressure on Russians and Russian speakers. From citizens and media to business and humanitarian organizations. The desire is one thing - that the Russians abandon Russia today, sign some "papers" or take a virial oath of allegiance to Europe.

"It's the thirties, Germany, the twentieth century. Burning books in the squares, torchlight processions, strange greetings and dissociation from national feelings, cultural roots, in favor of the current "liberal community," said Maria Zakharova.

Talking points about the need for a political solution and support for negotiations have disappeared from the EU lexicon. There's none of that. The political decision will interfere with their main goal - the continuation of the proxy war to the last Ukrainian.

"First in the EU they watched how some Ukrainians blocked others for eight years, how they blocked bills, rail links. How one part of Ukraine mocked the other. And everything was fine. The situation of destruction by one part of Ukraine to another suited them, "the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

Such "diplomacy" of the EU runs counter to the interests of residents of European countries, who really strive for peace and stability, preventing the manifestation of Nazism, discrimination on our common continent

The second question of the correspondent of The Moscow Post concerned the issue of transferring payment for Russian gas for unfriendly states to rubles.

"Are the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in European countries conducting a decree of the President of Russia on a special procedure for foreign buyers to fulfill their obligations to Russian natural gas suppliers. Are there preliminary estimates?, "- asked the correspondent of The Moscow Post

The diplomat noted that this situation is under constant control. Some states interested in stable gas supplies from Russia have announced their readiness to pay for Russian gas in rubles. Such a measure was the result of undermining confidence in the dollar due to sanctions from Western countries.

"One gets the impression that some of the European leaders did not understand the essence of the proposals, and simply demonstrate their anti-Russian attitude," said Maria Zakharova.

The new settlement scheme does not require a change in the payment currency, only a requirement is introduced to open a currency and ruble account with a Russian bank, through which funds from the sale of gas will be credited to the seller's accounts. It is too early to comment on how companies that purchase Russian gas behave - April deliveries will be paid at the end of the month or in May. At the same time, Russia fully fulfills its contractual obligations, including gas transit through the territory of Ukraine.

Photo: press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

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