Grandfather for an hour in a "sealed carriage"

Visiting Ukraine, instead of Ohio in distress, President Biden delighted the Ukrainians, and once again made the Americans doubt their adequacy.


Visiting Ukraine, instead of Ohio in distress, President Biden delighted the Ukrainians, and once again made the Americans doubt their adequacy.

On the eve of the President of the United States Joe Biden arrived on a short visit to Kyiv - it lasted only a few hours, and became the first visit of the American head to the "square" in 15 years.

The event itself was arranged as a secret on seven seals - after all, military action is underway in Ukraine, but there is allegedly no American military presence in the country - who will protect the elderly president?

Nevertheless, from Poland, Biden, along with him, brought a whole host of bodyguards, intelligence agents and almost an entire hospital with doctors of all profiles by train. Otherwise, it could not be - after all, due to health problems, Biden is called a self-propelled grandfather - however, it is really already difficult for him to move independently.

Details of the visit - in the material of The Moscow Post.

This visit actually had a really purely symbolic meaning - all its details, including a new package of military assistance for $460 million, were discussed and agreed in advance. The date is also not accidental - on the eve of February 24, the day of the start of the Special Military Operation of Russia to protect Donbass. Thus, the American president, and even more broadly, the American establishment showed "unwavering support" for Ukraine, making it clear that it was confident in its strength in the confrontation with Russia.

Courage not to borrow

Nevertheless, this can only be called a strong move, looking at the situation through the sight of rabid Ukrainian propaganda. As if secretly, almost under cover of night, by train (probably like Lenin in a "sealed carriage"), through Poland. Then walk a little, pat Ukrainian President Zelensky on the shoulder, throw a couple of approving phrases. And after all, all this is in full contact with the Russian side, which was asked to avoid any incidents that could damage grandfather's health.

And indeed so. Here is what the deputy head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said in his telegram channel: "Biden, having previously received guarantees of safety, finally went to Kyiv."

Thus, the Biden administration contacted our security forces to "ensure the safety" of grandfather. Given that Russia, despite all the colossal pressure and curses set in its direction, adheres to a certain high culture of relations between the leaders of the great powers, the promise to "not touch" Biden was received. Which was the source of grandfather Joe's "great courage" on a short trip to the Mother of Russian Cities.

A similar situation was with Zelensky himself, who spent the entire beginning of the SVO in a bunker. And only having received assurances from the then Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett, received from Vladimir Putin himself that no one personally was going to kill Zelensky, he got out of his bunker, pretentiously stating that he was "not afraid."

The show goes on

Afraid, and even as afraid. As Biden was afraid, until they talked on a secure line. It's just that Russia is not a barbarian, and does not revel in the blood of other people's leaders - there are completely different goals and tasks at the forefront. Protect, not destroy, provide dialogue, and not break all bridges that are possible.

Such guarantees, which the Ukrainian side probably knew about, did not prevent Zelensky and his cabal of stolen neo-Nazis from staging a small show to tickle his grandfather's nerves. Namely, to declare an air alarm without the slightest signs of an air attack.

In the "95th quarter," directing, staging, stirring up passions - all these are long-known techniques that confuse Western leaders, catching up with the victim's mask. And the goal is the same - together with a tear launched from a small fright, to fish out a couple of hundred million more military assistance and direct financial subsidies. So that further the shows are even more believable and more interesting.

They did the same with German President Frank Walter Steinmaer in October 2022. Arriving on a short visit to Kyiv, Steinmaer was forced to sit for an hour and a half in a bunker to the hum of the air attack sirens, although no attack, as you understand, happened.

Before Biden, Frank Walter Steinmeier was holed up in a bunker during a fake air raid. Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa/Global Look Press

And the reason was the same - look, look what these Russians are doing! So you got - they directly guessed, under their crushing blows, which we have been steadfastly withstanding for a whole year. Therefore, please sit a little and think about whether it is worth strengthening the support of Ukraine.

Ohio will wait

In the case of Joe Biden, there was another moment. On that very voyage to Kyiv in the United States, Ohio dealt with the consequences of a terrible train crash with chemicals. Hundreds of people have been evacuated from the city of East Palestine after a train crash that contained at least five tank cars of vinyl chloride, a colorless but dangerous gas used to make PVC, plastic and vinyl products.

Norfolk Southern, which owned the chemicals, was forced to burn the contents of the tanks, leaving a massive column of black smoke over the city for several hours. Environmentalists are now calculating the damage to the environment, and local residents are wondering - what is their president doing in Ukraine, far and unnecessary, when his own citizens are in the face of a chemical apocalypse?

However, they were not alone. Former US President Donald Trump rushed to Ohio, who on the spot tried to support the victims and showed himself as a leader who cares about his own citizens, and not about people from distant shores. Thus, political scientists suggested that both Biden and Trump began such a multi-vector election campaign with their visits.

While Biden flaunted in Kyiv, there was a real chemical apocalypse in Ohio. Photo:

For Biden, the visit made just that sense: pre-election. Show where billions of support for American taxpayers are going, show their leadership role in Europe as well. Only weakly does this combine with the national interests of the Americans themselves - which is what Trump tried to play on. Thus, the issue of Biden's nomination for a new term has been practically resolved - it will go, and it will go without fail. Whether it will sit is another question. Still, age.

Uncle Sam pushes in the back

There was something else. According to the American media, in particular, Politico, Joe Biden tried to personally convince Volodymyr Zelensky of the need for a counterattack on the Russian army. Washington believes that arms supplies may be about to be limited, so we need to act now. In particular, the Republicans, who prevail in the lower house, are increasingly doubting the need for rampant funding for Kyiv, RIA Novosti writes about this.

I.e. in addition to spells of full support and memorized phrases about freedom and democracy, Uncle Sam annoyingly pushes Ukraine with the butt of a gun in the back - forward, into the attack! Prove with your blood that I swallowed both houses of Congress for a reason to allocate even larger amounts of military and financial assistance. And if you bend, you will at least try. After all, in fact, Washington may be interested in as soon as possible the denouement of this drama in anticipation of the planned confrontation with China for Taiwan.

And America may not be able to "help on two fronts." Rumor has it that it was because of the emerging military crisis in Ukraine that the United States so sharply and fleetingly withdrew its people and equipment from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden showed who is in charge in Kyiv. Photo: RIA Novosti

It seems that such crises for grandfather Joe are a perishable phenomenon. And under the mantras about the return of Crimea and Donbass, a completely different is being prepared - the "drain" of the entire Ukrainian agenda, which, at least for the Democrats, is becoming more and more toxic. Well, the fact that the lives of hundreds of thousands of people are at stake is not taken into account from the word at all.

After Ukraine, Joe Biden hurried on a secret armored train to Poland, where he spoke to a local audience, bringing her, as befits obsequious slaves, to real delight. There he could definitely not fear anything. And then - back to yourself, in Washington. After all, after several days of busy trips, an elderly man needs to rest. Last year, he was officially on the weekend for more than 170 days.

And in Ukraine, for now, let the chubs crack - he fulfilled his mission to support the "square" - even if for the most part symbolic. For ordinary Ukrainians, reality did not go anywhere - catching people on the streets, extrajudicial killings of prisoners of war and old songs about future European happiness in a new way. Sur continues.

Photo: REN TV