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07 June 2023

Goodbay, West, we have "got your jeans small..."

The problems of Russia's relations with the West and how they will be built further have become, perhaps, the main topic in the pre-New Year decade of the outgoing year.

"This year forced our society to mobilize in the full sense of the word," Dmitry Medvedev said in an article on the results of a "difficult, formidable, dramatic" year, published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta on December 25. And he added that "Russia was able to rally in a matter of months and reach a new level of civic consciousness."

"For years, maybe decades to come, you can forget about normal relations with the West," Medvedev stated. It may have been a year of farewell to illusions.

The main results of the year were presented to readers by a columnist for The Moscow Post.

Is dialogue with the West possible at all in the new conditions and can Washington "ripen" to "relations on a mutually respectful, equal basis with the mandatory accounting of legitimate Russian interests," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also wondered on December 26, at a meeting with Russian media leaders.

Legitimate interests of Russia

Medvedev said about Russia's legitimate interests in the article "Our People, Our Land, Our Truth," referring to Westerners: "Directly, without hesitation, they say:" Russia must be destroyed. " And he made six main conclusions in the article, as the TASS agency outlined them.

The first of them is "Nazism is nearby, but it will not pass." The deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation called the decision to start a special military operation in February 2022 "difficult and forced," designed to protect the security and sovereignty of Russia. Medvedev confirmed that the goals of the SVO will be achieved.

The second result: "the illusions are over, today we are divided with the Western world much more than unites." There is now no one in the West, there is nothing to negotiate with.

The third result: "the epidemic of Russophobia requires treatment with strong means." Medvedev did not name the funds, but said that "it is impossible to trample Russia, and with it the Russian world, split it or subjugate someone else's will."

The fourth result of 2022 Medvedev formulated this: "The West drove itself into a cage. Let him sit in isolation. " The West, with its own hands, destroys the fundamental principles of a market economy, and the interests of the countries of the Western coalition enter into contradictions. Disagreements "between recent allies in the anti-Russian bloc" are growing.

The fifth result indicated by Medvedev is as follows: "there will be no apocalypse yet." In the event of a real threat, Moscow will be guided by its nuclear doctrine - this is "the only thing that holds back Russia's opponents." Medvedev, however, warned that the faster security guarantees are provided for the Russian Federation, the faster the situation will normalize. "New disarmament agreements are unrealistic at the moment and are not needed," but Russia will do everything to prevent a third world war or nuclear catastrophe, he said.

The sixth result: "Russia does not" survive, "but lives. Develops and wins. " According to Medvedev, the main result of the outgoing year can be called those colossal changes that are visible in Russia: "in its economy, and most importantly, in the minds of a huge number of citizens." In the past year, "the enemies failed to destroy the Russian economy," there is a huge work aimed at restarting the most important industries that ensure the country's security and defense capability.

"The main thing is indisputable. "We don't leave our own!" became the motto of the outgoing year. "We will make every effort to ensure that life in a large Russian family is normal and prosperous. We will give millions of people the opportunity to gain confidence in the future. We will always stand on the protection of their rights and freedoms, language and culture, faith and hopes, "the deputy head of the Security Council promised.

International Institutions and the World Economy

Dmitry Medvedev began his article with the words that it is necessary "to see the real state of affairs in the world and draw conclusions solely on the basis of objective facts." He said that "the saddest result is not even a year, but the decades that have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union - that the lessons of World War II by Western states are completely forgotten."

It became finally clear that "in the relations of independent and sovereign states with the Anglo-Saxon world in the current configuration, there can even be no talk of trust, hope for the decency of partners, their fidelity to the word," Medvedev added and predicted the transformation of most international institutions, which... " are pretty sick and do not fulfill their tasks. "

According to him, "the world economic system is plunging deeper and deeper into the abyss of uncertainty, into a crisis of unprecedented proportions."

Inflation is growing, Europe and its industrial sector are weakening, Germany's economic influence and France's military power are decreasing. Washington and London are trying to drive a wedge into relations between China and EU members.

And a proposal followed over "boorish sanctions" against Russia. In choosing methods of protection, it is possible "any use of the rights and property of economic entities from unfriendly countries. We have the right to do everything with their assets that we consider acceptable on the basis of our right, "Medvedev said.

"For years, maybe decades to come, you can forget about normal relations with the West," said the deputy chairman of the Security Council. Moreover, the latter entered the strip of the systemic crisis, itself destroys the fundamental principles of the market economy, introduces new, politicized rules in the financial sphere, arranged a technological and information blockade to its competitors, including Russia and China.

Alternatives to the Western world order

Several macro-regions are formed in the world - each with its own internal rules and development logic, but generally tuned to partnership and dialogue, and not to confrontation. New reserve currencies will appear. This will significantly weaken the influence of leading international structures. But at the same time, it will strengthen the security of such macro-regions, which is a clear blessing.

The new world will be ready to cooperate with the West, but exclusively on the principles of equality and mutual respect. It will take strength and political will not to break down in this confrontation. Russia will have to take its own special place in this new world, relying on partnership and cooperation with friendly states, on "independence" and sovereignty in key areas, from finance to science, "Medvedev warned.

According to the politician, in today's conditions, support for original domestic developments, targeted financing of the most important research is a vital need, because without this it is impossible to ensure technological sovereignty.

"Special emphasis should be placed on targeted support for the strongest scientific teams and leading scientists in Russia, who are guided in their work by specific significant results," Medvedev suggested. And he added that the Skolkovo Foundation helps technology companies in promoting products to international markets, their geography is expanding, and this process needs to be supported, "Medvedev added later.

On the threat of war and sympathy for Europe

"Is the West ready by the hands of Kyiv to unleash a full-fledged war against us, including a nuclear one?" - asks Medvedev. And he replies: "The only thing that stops our enemies today is the understanding that Russia will be guided by the Fundamentals of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence."

"We are not going to run after the West," Sergei Lavrov said a day later, in an interview with TASS on December 27, although "we do not shy away from constructive dialogue." And he clarified that the West hoped to "inflict a strategic defeat" on Russia.

When asked "should we expect the strengthening of this" nuclear "rhetoric in 2023?," The head of the diplomatic department replied that... " the course of the West to the total containment of our country is extremely dangerous. He carries the risks of slipping into a direct armed clash of nuclear powers, "recalled provocative statements on nuclear weapons from London, Washington and Kyiv.

Lavrov said that any military confrontation between nuclear powers is fraught with disaster, that "Russia advocates the formation of a renewed, more sustainable architecture of international security based on ensuring predictability and global strategic stability, as well as compliance with the principles of equality, indivisible security and mutual consideration of the interests of the parties," the minister recalled.

Lavrov also said that Moscow remains committed to the START Treaty, "the basic principles of which are being eroded by Washington," as well as that Russian planning takes into account the principle that worked during the Cold War - the principle of peaceful coexistence of states with various political and socio-economic systems. "He may well come to court in new geopolitical conditions," the minister said.

Sergei Lavrov answered a question about relations with the European Union and warned that "we will not cooperate with Russophobes." And Dmitry Medvedev sympathized with ordinary citizens of the EU countries and predicted an inevitable change of power in the countries - the "shortcomings" of Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, including Poland - "an example of powerless anger and rare rabid Russophobia, dependence and manageability."

The assessment of the vicissitudes awaiting Russophobes did not end there, and Dmitry Anatolyevich "congratulated" the West on the upcoming New Year with its "futuristic" forecast, which predicts them many troubles. The politician published a post on this topic on his Telegram channel on Monday. Do not be lazy, read, interesting!

Photo: RIA Novosti

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