Foreign Ministry to the West: "Do not spoil what was created in order to correct your own mistakes"

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, answering questions from The Moscow Post, commented on the NATO exercises, recalled the emergence of the G20 and assessed the position of the North Atlantic Alliance on the situation on Nord Stream.


The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, answering questions from The Moscow Post, commented on the NATO exercises, recalled the emergence of the G20 and assessed the position of the North Atlantic Alliance on the situation on Nord Stream.

"In September, the G20 trade and investment ministers were unable to agree on a joint statement. The meeting of the heads of diplomatic agencies in July was also difficult. How does the Foreign Ministry assess the capabilities of the Group of 20 to positively influence the global economy in the current conditions?, " our journalist asked.

In response to this question, Maria Zakharova said that the Russian side views the G20 as a key global economic forum.

And she recalled that the "twenty" is directly related to one of the elements of a system failure in US economic modeling. Maria Zakharova noted that the G20 appeared as a response to the global economic crisis caused by the crisis in the United States in 2008 in the real estate market.

She noted that this is one of such unique world forums that appeared in response to the problems created by one particular country. She added that these were the United States, which produced a very large-scale economic crisis that captured the whole world, which laid down more than one exchange, which led to the bankruptcy of a large number of companies, ruined people.

"Here the G20 countries united exactly in order to try to collectively help the world overcome this crisis," she concluded.

The Russian side believes that the development of this association may give impetus to the construction of a fair, inclusive world economic system with multiple reference centers.

But the growing efforts of Western states to politicize the G20, to include non-core or deliberately confrontational plots on its agenda, extremely destructively affect the effectiveness of the forum, she added.

She recalled that these countries already have a G7 ("seven").

"Let them be this, this very approach is practiced in their circle, not affecting anything, not solving anything, but endlessly doing some intrigue. There is a "seven" for this, - said the diplomat and added that the "G-20" for another, it was created in order to rake what the "seven" is doing, by and large, and its individual members.

Maria Zakharova also said that the American side and its "satellites" often throw "deeply opportunistic anti-Russian provisions in Ukraine" into the projects of virtually all ministerial statements, regardless of their specialization.

And she added that challenges in any area are attributed to the aggravation of the situation in this state without taking into account their real prerequisites and features.

The Russian side believes that such provocative steps lead to a breakdown of the agreements already almost reached, the end of the ministerial meeting, inclusion in the September meeting on trade, investments without final documents.

Maria Zakharova believes that the goal they profess is to denigrate, discredit the Russian Federation, use all opportunities for this, including the G-20, write off all troubles, their own mistakes on others.

She stated that not only the Russian side, but also other members of this association from among the BRICS + countries are dissatisfied with the line of escalation, they call for a diplomatic solution to the situation around Ukraine. And many delegations have already made a call to focus on depoliticized collective efforts in agreed areas of interaction, "not to arrange some single-track trials, deliberately leading to a rift in the" twenty. "

"Unfortunately, as a seven, and those who crush her, pass such appeals by their ears, they are simply trying to paralyze the actions of the G20 to please their own geopolitical ambitions and interests," she stressed.

Maria Zakharova said: "Once again: there is a" seven "for this. Do you want to invite your satellites there, which will add, so to speak, a choir to the chant? Please invite. Do not ruin what was created in order to correct your own mistakes. "

The Russian side notes the impartial course of the Indonesian presidency of the G20. Russia highly appreciates Jakarta's principled position and hopes that the upcoming G20 summit will make a tangible contribution to solving pressing world problems.

What hides behind aggressive names?

"The head of the Russian delegation at the talks in Vienna, Gavrilov, called NATO's nuclear exercises in Europe a violation of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. Earlier, he also said that the support of the Kyiv regime by Western countries is equated with actual participation in the conflict. Minsk said that NATO's Iron Wolf exercises could become the basis for the creation of strike groups on the borders of Russia and Belarus. What does the Vienna Document of 2011 look like in these conditions, what can be expected in the field of arms control and treaties with the West?, " the second question sounded like that.

Answering this question, Maria Zakharova drew attention to the name of the exercises and even suggested what else "could" be. She wondered: who makes it all up for them?

And Zakharova noted that they have all the names either absurd or aggressive, and there is nothing that would be somehow "for peace, for friendship, for security."

The fact of conducting exercises of NATO nuclear forces causes everyone concern. The Russian side has repeatedly pointed out the fact that the alliance of US nuclear weapons is located on the territory of non-nuclear states. Involving these states in practical scenarios for its application is contrary to the non-proliferation treaty, she added.

And the US nuclear weapons deployed in Europe, which can reach Russian territories, strike (including strategic targets), pose a direct and constant threat to the Russian side, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said, and added that such actions are a gross violation of the letter and spirit of the non-proliferation treaty, hinder disarmament efforts, "increasing the risks of nuclear conflict."

It was about these violations and irresponsible actions of the North Atlantic Alliance, as Maria Zakharova said, that the head of the Russian delegation to Vienna spoke.

"All Russian non-strategic nuclear weapons, the number of which was reduced by four times from the level that our country had in 91, were transferred to the category of non-deployed and concentrated on central storage bases within national territories," she stressed.

Maria Zakharova recalled that Western countries do not hide that they support the Kyiv regime.

She believes that the task is directly set to drag out hostilities, despite the casualties and destruction.

"They talk about wanting our country defeated. And such a line, of course, emphasizes their involvement in events, and, of course, this cannot but affect the situation in the field of arms control. They must also understand this perfectly, "the diplomat said.

Zakharova believes that the experienced deep crisis can be overcome only when the representatives of the "Western elites" come to the understanding that security, in particular on our continent, without the security of the Russian Federation and its allies is impossible.

EU citizens unhappy

"A lot of information about demonstrations and protests in Europe about prices, heating, anti-Russian sanctions. What do our embassies report, what is your impression?, " our journalist asked.

Maria Zakharova noted that comments are not needed here, since everything is visible.

"While you are still given the opportunity to observe what is happening" in the beautiful gardens "of the European Union first-hand, while they have not yet blocked the broadcasts from there, you see it all yourself," she added.

And she added: according to the head of the European Commission, the current high level of social well-being in the EU member states and the competitiveness of their economy were largely based on cheap energy resources from Russia.

She also added that Borrell said this right on October 10th.

"In the current conditions, when, directly due to the actions of the West, supplies from Russia have significantly decreased, and are generally in question, given the" sabbath "that the West arranged in relation to our country, the consequences of a myopic sanctions policy and biased approaches to the situation in Ukraine - all this was acutely felt by ordinary citizens of Europe," the diplomat noted.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry added that protests and demonstrations in European countries are a natural reaction. She explained that she does not give an assessment of eligibility, legitimacy, but speaks of the reaction of people, it is natural.

"Because the fall in living standards and the threat to their, in fact, economic development system, which is programmed for some time to come, it is caused by the anti-Russian course of the ruling elites... They understand... EU citizens understand that what they were led to is not connected with objective reasons, it is all man-made, it is all done by the hands of their officials... this is done under the leadership of the United States and those pro-American people who are put in the appropriate positions in the EU... the main message is this Russophobic canvas, the center of which is the interests of the United States, "she said.

Maria Zakharova believes that this "wild cocktail" - EU citizens have been singing to them for many years, saying that this is a medicine, and now it turns out that it is poison.

"And from this they, in my opinion, came into a state of absolute shock. Well, what to do? Alas. We said everything, we warned, "she added.

Maria Zakharova also recalled the meeting of NATO defense ministers when they gathered to discuss how they would defend the Northern Flows.

"From whom? Who to protect from? From themselves? Their territory. Their area of responsibility. Their safety. Their military alliances that dominate everywhere... Who to protect from? Who will they protect it from?, " she asked questions.

Zakharova also recalled that it was the Russian side that initiated the joint and mutually beneficial project of energy supplies to Europe in the form of data from the two aforementioned pipelines, and did everything to ensure that they were launched.

This was undertaken contrary to what was poured onto Russia and what was done against the Russian Federation, added Maria Zakharova.

"But the EU has absolutely failed its part of the job. And he did it under pressure from the United States, motivating this with an anti-Russian position, but in fact it turned out that in fact it was about the position of the antagonistic interests of its own citizens, "she added.

Maria Zakharova said that the scale and features of the protests in the EU countries depend on the socio-economic, political situation in them. " She recalled that this is purely their internal affair.

Photo: Global Look Press/MFA Russia