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29 November 2023

Europe: Who is walking out of step there?

To the accompaniment of the falling economy in Europe, political contradictions are growing, but it is becoming more dangerous and more difficult to defend their own national interests.

In terms of opportunities to express and defend its political position, modern Europe is increasingly reminiscent of Hitler's Germany of the early 30s. Not all dissent is suppressed, but speaking openly is already problematic - you can run into serious consequences.

At the same time, anti-Russian sanctions and blind adherence to the fairway of American geopolitical interests lead the EU to the loss of subjectivity on the world stage. Not to mention the catastrophic economic consequences of such actions on the pocket of every European, which is best seen in the example of the same Germany. But far from her alone.

More details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Today, the main line of the European "fronde" passes through Hungary. Prime Minister of this country Viktor Orban in the European Parliament and other supranational institutions are trying to present almost a Kremlin agent. All because of his special position on anti-Russian sanctions and arms supplies for the Kyiv regime. For Budapest, this is simply unprofitable. And it is Budapest, by the way, that in recent weeks has blocked the allocation of the EU another "military" tranche for the "square" for 500 million euros.

Yesterday, another news came: the Hungarian parliament by a majority vote rejected the proposal to vote on Sweden's application to join NATO. The initiative was blocked by the ruling FIDESZ party, which has an absolute majority, its leader is precisely Viktor Orban.

Without a doubt, in the end the application will be approved by Orban's people. Hungary is not trying to put sticks in the wheels of the EU and NATO integration processes, but is trying to bargain for the greatest benefit for its national interests.

This is also the problem of the current EU: the supranational structure has completely overshadowed the real needs of specific countries and their societies. And security issues are replaced by the principle of collective responsibility for the fight against "imperial" Russia. This is known to someone - the United States and its closest ally, Great Britain.

But this is not at all profitable for Hungary. Indeed, in the event of an escalation of the conflict to Eastern Europe, it is his country, with a high degree of probability, that will be drawn into the confrontation.

Due to the dictate of supranational interests, Viktor Orban even compared the EU with the USSR. The politician called what is happening today in the European Union a "farce." In response to this, the main "Eurodiplomat" and "peacemaker" of the EU, Josep Borrell, replied that no one in the EU was holding Hungary. As if it is not clear what will happen if Hungary continues to step out of step. Sanctions, closure of markets, refusal to provide loans, not to mention rabid anti-Hungarian propaganda of hatred.

However, it has already been deployed to the fullest. In the European press, Orban is not called otherwise than a "Putin fan." He also got it for his visit to the recent Chinese forum "One Belt - One Way," where the Hungarian Prime Minister dared to meet with the Russian president. Who is walking out of step there? Atu him!

Harm yourself

Another example of "steps out of step" - in early October, the N-SD party of former Prime Minister Robert Fico won the parliamentary elections in Slovakia. The latter actively opposes further military support for Kyiv. And, of course, I have already received the label of a pro-Russian politician for this. Now a number of EU functionaries are in favor of cutting aid to Slovakia itself. An amazing, after all, political serpentarium.

Although the anti-Russian position of many recorded ill-wishers of our country is also more than hypocritical. Like all modern European politics. Suffice it to recall that the EU is still receiving certain volumes of Russian gas. And they are pumped by the main detractor of our country in the world at the moment - Ukraine.

You can also recall the recent scandal with Estonian Prime Minister Kai Kalas, whose husband continued to do business in Russia after the start of the SVO, draconian sanctions and a pile of curses against Moscow by the "Baltic tiger." After this was revealed, Mrs. Callas assured the journalists in a blue eye that, it turns out, she knew nothing about her husband's affairs... Who could have thought!

Another example of "self-harm" is Finland, which turned into a target by joining the North Atlantic Alliance. Thus, absolutely unnecessary to ensure the security of Finland (well, who threatened her?), The opportunistic decision pushed by the ex-prime minister of the country, the young "party girl" Sanna Marin, created really real risks for our northwestern neighbor.

By the way, Sanna Marin herself resigned. It is certainly not for her to deal with the consequences of this stupidity - let the followers understand. The current Ukrainian elite, which has drawn the country into a difficult military conflict with Russia, as well as colossal debts, has exactly the same logic. It will not be Zelensky's team to deal with this at all.

Many, like his once close ally, the former deputy head of Zelensky's office, Kirill Tymoshenko, have also already resigned. Having stolen the so-called "Big Construction" (a program for road construction in Ukraine) and military assistance, he now enjoys a comfortable life in Europe.

Return subjectivity

It is surprising how Europe, under empty talk of some values ​ ​ and a world order based on the rules, destroys itself. What is worth only the refusal of Russian gas, in particular, Germany. The latter did not even squeak when its tall partners destroyed Nord Stream 2 from overseas. And now he also meekly buys LNG, however, already four times more expensive than the Russian pipe.

And here are the latest data on the economy of Germany. In October 2023, activity in the country's production sector decreased - and this is the fourth month in a row. The decline in industry was accompanied by a new decline in the service sector, according to preliminary data from a number of economic agencies, indicating that the recession in the largest of the EU countries has already begun.

The PMI composite index, calculated by S&P Global, dropped to 45.8 in October from a September reading of 46.4. Analysts expected a figure of 46.7. The Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI), which reflects business activity in industry, was 40.7 points this month after 39.6 points in September. Analysts expected the indicator to be 40.0.

I.e. the economy is not just falling - it is falling faster than forecast. Further - more. But the plus is the military-industrial complex, whose orders, due to the needs of Ukraine, and now Israel, are breaking all records.

How long will this continue? Until the EU and individual countries within it realize their subjectivity and cease to be guided by other people's national interests. In the meantime, you will have to be patient. As the old joke said - the mice cried, pricked, but continued to eat cactus. The main thing is not to die in the process of eating, as well as not to be eaten by someone larger...

Photo: Izvestia

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