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01 December 2023

Diplomacy works: Russia looks for ways of overcoming restrictions

At a traditional briefing the representative Maria Zakharova told the Russian Foreign Ministry to the correspondent of The Moscow Post as the diplomatic service continues to work and for what answer from Russia to wait on restrictions of export in the power sector.

"Whether Russia has an action plan in case of partial loss of the European market (a comment the speech about oil and gas) and on how many our country I am capable to reorient the export streams?", - the journalist of The Moscow Post took an interest at Maria Zakharova. The restrictions introduced by the USA and Great Britain on purchase of the Russian oil and gas which some more the countries can join meant.

In reply Maria Zakharova reminded of the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, concerning this subject: "There a lot of things are told about what now is created therefore I wouldn't like to analyze is after all not absolutely a question of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Both pricing, and diversification, and production, transportation, logistics of energy resources is after all to our experts, but mister Novak very accurately and very widely including with such zagadyvaniye on prospect, I depicted all this in the statement", - the diplomat added.

The second question of the journalist raised the question of interaction of the Russian Federation with the countries of the Pacific Rim (PR).

"Whether it is planned to expand the structure of Embassies and Consulate Generals in Asia-Pacific countries, including the Southern Armerika, in the conditions of turning of the relations with Europe and the USA?", - asked Maria Zakharova.

In reply she told that she doesn't know of such plans so far. However also I added that turning of the relations demands efforts much more big from diplomats, than just routine work.

"Even here execution of all these mad decisions, statements... same demands diplomatic efforts too therefore our diplomats work. You don't think that if there is this mass hysteria in the West that our diplomats sit and just watch it. Anything similar", - the representative said the MFA of Russia.

She also reminded that a huge number of work is connected with the help to citizens of the Russian Federation now worldwide, with protection of their interests, with rendering assistance in return or movement from the states, "considering that created with the aviation industry".

"I tell it not about logistics now. It is really an issue of the aviation industry. And what is the aviation industry? Well it... as the huge tree with huge krone branched, is enormous infrastructure therefore there is a lot of work, they are definitely not idle", - she added.

However she dwelt upon one moment. The speech about the statements sounding outside Russia.

"... Now it is very difficult to understand - and that they say it there - their leaders of these countries western, their ministers, and their representatives, including, corporations. At us can't even identify their decisions in many respects. It decisions? It declarations of intent? This final decision? This temporary solution? Not the decision, is just the declaration with designation of a position? It is their position or it is a collective position or it is a position him imposed or offered even?", - she noted.

She explained that if this temporary solution or only the declaration, then arises a question: for what time she is intended?

"It now in general nothing can be understood... Even on action of the companies. You look, they state that they leave, then they say that they leave, but is temporary, then they say that they come back", - she noted.

She considers what can't simply be understood.

"And why? I will explain to you now. Because these decisions are imposed to them. Because when you make decisions - you can doubt, you or him accept after thoughts and doubts, or, accepting him, you stipulate what your doubts and what your conditions were connected with, you can quietly communicate on this subject, this your decision and you are responsible for him, and you know how the situation will develop if circumstances change... When they can't explain that they mean - it is obvious not their decision, not the companies, not sectors of economy, not corporations", - she emphasized.

"It is political, imposed by blackmail, not leaving any other exit except acceptance exactly to this and only this point of view, the politician, the concept...", - Maria Zakharova added.

Photo: Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation/RIA Novosti

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