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30 November 2023

"Democratizer" from Biden

The new US ambassador to Russia, Lynn Tracy, who arrived in Russia today, is the conductor of Washington's role in countries where it should smell like the Orange Revolution.

The new US Ambassador to Russia Lynn Tracy, the first woman in this post in our country, arrived in Moscow. She knows Russian, and from 2014 to 2017 she already served as an adviser-envoy at the American embassy.

In words, Tracy is going to look for common ground to work in those areas where Russia and the United States can still cooperate for the sake of common interests. But on the sidelines she is called the "herald of the Apocalypse" - at previous duty stations she was engaged in rather rocking the situation and provoking instability than diplomatic work beneficial to all parties.

More details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The US Senate on December 21 confirmed Lynn Tracy to the post of new US ambassador to Russia. Her candidacy was put forward by President Joe Biden. A couple of weeks earlier, the former head of the American diplomatic mission, John Sullivan, resigned ahead of schedule and left Moscow. Officially, the reason for Sullivan's departure was a serious illness and the recent death of his wife, although this may have any background - you can't wait for the truth from the State Department.

Tracy is interested in the fact that she worked at the embassy in Moscow 35 years ago - from 1987 to 1990, immediately after receiving a bachelor's degree from Sovietians at the University of Georgia. She recalls that period of upheaval of the USSR with warmth - they say, she saw how our state becomes more open, how the air of freedom blows. And allegedly it was Russia that made her a diplomat.

Maybe it was, only in sincere sympathy for our country on the part of Tracy is hard to believe. Indeed, after the Soviet period, she worked in positions in countries that, just like the USSR then, experienced a period of internal instability, war and folk fermentation.

Fanning the fire

She moved to Russia from the post of US Ambassador to Armenia. There, in turn, was appointed after coming to power as a result of the "velvet revolution" of the current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. As you know, he tried to make a U-turn to the West, visited Washington, bred spruce about rights and freedoms.

During the same period, the structures of George Soros began to operate especially actively in Yerevan. The one whose office was literally defeated by protesters after Armenia's defeat in the war with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020.

Until now, there are different opinions why the citizens of Armenia so sharply fell out of love with "sorosats." Apparently, they expected much more serious support from the United States, and also considered the "father of defeat" Nikol Pashinyan almost a protege of Washington, whose will is guided by Soros organizations.

However, as you know, after the second war in the NKR, Pashinyan's team realized that apart from Moscow, there was no one to eat on, and relations with the States and other Western countries, primarily France, cooled somewhat. But in the last year, Nikol Pashinyan again began to try to sit on two chairs - at that time it was Tracy who led the diplomatic mission in Armenia.

In the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), Ambassador Tracy was given a "garbage" rating F. The main claims were the lack of material and moral support for the Armenian people during the crisis, silence about the "crimes of Azerbaijan and Turkey."

A significant period of work by Lynn Tracy after the 90s is also associated with Central and South Asia - one of the most unstable regions of the world from a political and military point of view. Among other things, Tracy served as a political affairs officer for consulates in Afghan Kabul and Pakistani Peshawar.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are real barrels of gunpowder. How the United States worked there, everyone knows well. Afghanistan has been occupied by the world hegemon and a coalition of satellites obedient to it for 20 years. How it ended, everyone knows: a shameful flight after the failure of an attempt to build democracy, and to the undivided power in that country of the Taliban (a terrorist and extremist organization, banned in the Russian Federation).

There is no need to talk a lot about Pakistan either - back in the Soviet period, under the supervision of the United States, it became one of the main suppliers of international terrorists to different parts of the world. The famous terrorist Osama bin Laden also found the last shelter there - however, he was liquidated by the States themselves, when the monster raised by him to confront the USSR switched to his own side of the barricades.

After Afghanistan and Pakistan, Treisky worked as deputy consul in Ashgabat, head of the consulate in Astana, and was also the coordinator for Georgia and Kazakhstan at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. Over the years, the United States has provoked instability in these states.

In Georgia, as you know, the so-called "Rose Revolution" took place, the natural result of which was the attack on South Ossetia and the catastrophic defeat of Georgia from the troops of the Russian Federation. Today, the author and longtime recipient of "democratic values" Mikheil Saakashvili is in a Georgian prison - his merits and lysoblude to Washington were appreciated by his own people.

In the tragic events in Kazakhstan in 2022, which received the unofficial name "Bloody January," many are also trying to consider the role of the United States. I.e. almost wherever Lynn Tracy worked in one period or another, wars, riots, instability arose. As a result, some media outlets dubbed her the "Herald of the Apocalypse."

Who follows whom

In 2014-2017, Tracy was in Russia as deputy to then-Ambassador John Tefft. Already today, Tracy, commenting on her appointment to Moscow, recalled an interesting fact from the Soviet period and the Russian period of work. it turns out that there was surveillance from the Soviet special services everywhere. The poor ambassador allegedly could not go anywhere, including meetings with journalists, so that there was no tail behind her.

However, what kind of meetings these are with journalists is a big question. At that time, Tracy actively traveled to the regions of Russia, including remote ones - Primorsky Territory, Buryatia, Yakutia, Sverdlovsk Region, Perm Territory. According to "Газета.ру," the purpose of these trips was not to get acquainted with the culture of the country, but to meet with representatives of the opposition, instruct them, inspire the orange revolutions.

Therefore, if there was surveillance for her, then this is more than justified. Especially given her record. In general, it is quite clear that our diplomatic workers in the United States do not go unnoticed by the local state security agencies.

Lynn Tracy in Moscow. Photo:

And for that matter, Washington is monitoring not only the employees of a likely enemy, but even its own allies - up to the level of heads of state. Suffice it to recall the story of wiretapping the phones of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Given the above, it is not surprising (and how could it be otherwise?) That Lynn Tracy considers the sanctions against Russia effective and correct. And, according to Andrei Klimov, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, it will "quite accurately" implement the policy of the White House administration being pursued today. Who would doubt.

Photo: RBC

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