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05 December 2023

Common sense is not about Joe

The US president gathered "battalions" of support for a conversation with Putin.

The challenge is thrown. Washington and the West are preparing for their summits in London and Brussels, and then for the meeting of Joe Biden with Vladimir Putin in Geneva. The superpower, itself in a state of internal discord, builds satellites, even those who doubt the soundness of the confrontation. Mazepa's heir got up in the line, hopes for an audience, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

Biden, who received the pseudonym "that-so-called," evaded the first opportunity offered to him to find out the relationship. I prepared for the upcoming face-to-face meeting for a long and thorough time. He gathered in support of EuroNATO, the Group of Seven, enlisted all hackers in his ranks and, without wasting time on details and facts, tried new sanctions. Washington also painted a poster in support of the "Berlin patient," and Brussels prepared the stretch "Fly to Minsk with Ryanair aircraft."

Russia again stands one-on-one with the West. Some of those who are invited to TV discussions are concerned. They even said that it might not be worth "against the whole royal rati," there will still be no sense. But the call is accepted. As Vladimir Putin said, speaking in St. Petersburg:... " we have no disagreement with the United States. They have only one disagreement: they want to restrain our development and talk about it publicly. Everything else is a derivative of this position. "

Deter Russia

If you look carefully at the events of recent years, then it is not difficult to understand the causes of the nervous and bitchy reaction of the Western political elite. The indicators in Russia are not bad. Despite internal problems that are solved and solved, the "prizes" deserved in internal and external affairs are also on the shelf. This West is particularly annoying.

Among the most notable are Syria and hypersonic weapons, a peacekeeping mission in Nagorno-Karabakh and trust relations with China, Eurasia and gas pipelines South Stream, Nord Stream and Power of Siberia, special prizes for Yamal LNG, for the status of a world wheat exporter, as well as for new ships, submarines, nuclear icebreakers, tankers and gas carriers, for unsurpassed samples of missile and aviation equipment, including civilian airliners, as well as much more, such as the Crimean bridge or the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline.

Russian science and health care show an example of skillful building of a sanitary shield, better than others cope with the challenges of the pandemic. Moscow is ready to help everyone who wants the best vaccines in the world, including Sputnik V. Its quality had to be recognized by everyone, despite the "Anglo-Saxon roll" of the WHO, information and political pressure of competitors. Dozens of countries have registered and used the vaccine, others are waiting for permission from deliberately slow euro bureaucrats.

Summit begins in St. Petersburg

And here is the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2021) with five thousand participants, including very interested representatives of the economic elite, while not only Western. Despite forecasts, the forum became the first largest international event after the global "locked up" sitting. The largest delegation of Americans counted over 200 participants. The US Embassy refused to recognize the official participation of the country, but diplomats did not ignore a group of their businessmen.

Vladimir Putin in a speech at the forum about relations with the United States did not remember. Answering questions, he outlined possible topics for negotiations in Geneva: bilateral relations, strategic stability, conflicts, disarmament, terrorism, pandemic, ecology. He also mentioned Nord Stream 2, saying that the first line is actually ready and repeating later that the project is commercial, justified, helps to protect the climate.

It is known that Biden proposed holding a summit in Geneva, planning to better know Vladimir Putin, evaluate his intentions. The desire is legitimate, requires careful home reading. Written sources are at the disposal of American experts, all with a constructive attitude towards foreign partners. The speech of the Russian leader at the forum in St. Petersburg is one of these sources. Everything is set out extremely transparently. The main concerns are related to the prospects for economic growth, vaccination and ecology, mortgages and the effectiveness of payment systems, the development of regions and antitrust measures, and support for business and employment.

Third, not superfluous

The meeting of the leaders of Russia and the United States in Geneva is also of interest to China. Beijing agrees that the United States over the past three decades has pursued a policy of "weakening Russia."

As the CCP newspaper Renmin Zhibao noted, the relationship between the White House and the Kremlin is full of problems. The State Department bureaucracy does not think about relations with Moscow beyond the rivalry of the Soviet Union, neglects treaties, but feels discomfort at losing confidence in its nuclear missile arsenal.

As noted in the article, "Russia's strategy has become more sober, autonomous and confident," both countries, knowing "who is a friend and who is an enemy," have created relations of "equality and mutual respect." The normalization of Russian-American relations is hampered by structural contradictions. Beijing does not believe that Biden's attempts to "lure" Moscow to his side, moving it away from China, will bring success.

The United States is jealous of the convergence of interests between Moscow and Beijing, the elevation of China as an economic superpower. According to Beijing, the United States itself is experiencing a relative decline in economic power. According to Chinese data, more than 120 countries have trade with China, exceeding the volume of their trade with the United States. In this group was the whole of Europe. The neglect of American companies by China may mean for them a loss of global positions.

It is no coincidence that the parties recently confirmed at the level of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance that they consider bilateral economic ties extremely important. Trade turnover in the first four months of this year increased by 50%. America depends on China economically, which adds confidence to Beijing.

We speak different languages again

Geneva served as the first meeting place for US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985. A lot of water has flowed since then, but the "pitfalls" in bilateral relations have become even more exposed. Then, until 1991, Washington and London occupied the most irreconcilable position in key areas of relations with the Soviet Union. They led the anti-Soviet coalition. Thirty years later, Washington and London lead a coalition, but already Russophobic.

It would seem that Russia voluntarily abandoned a lot, which caused categorical rejection of the West. By the way, she refused in her own, as it seemed to the Kremlin, interests. Refused, going to meet the interests of Western partners. Otherwise, one cannot explain the universal readiness of the Gorbachev era to go to the express association of Germany, the decision to quickly withdraw the elite units of the Soviet armed forces from the GDR.

As a result, this conceding policy provoked the worst that could be expected from the United States, became a fuse in undermining Russia's fundamental interests. At first - security interests by expanding NATO and destroying treaties, then - all other vital interests through sanctions, provocations drawn by the ears of hackers, direct interference in internal affairs, collective military pressure. The play "West vs Russia" was played according to the script of Kipling's fairy tale. The lesson was learned.

It was understood that contractual reconciliation with Washington and Brussels was, in principle, unattainable. Civilization, led today by the United States, realizes its interests only in one way - by pressure and using force. Politics in the Russian direction confirms that the truth becomes the "first victim of war," even hybrid. If the facts (reality) contradict Western interests, the West chooses interests. This makes the positions of the parties incompatible, and the West impossible.

As Vladimir Putin noted, "We need common standards, approaches, assessments, uniformly understood. Can this be done? In my opinion, it is very unlikely, I mean that this is all used as an instrument of political struggle. But you need to strive for this. " In the meantime, a weakening, fragmented and openly aggressive America will have to continue to put up with Russia, which has its own understanding of the truth and its own interests. For the United States, this will not just be because increasingly Russian assessments and interests coincide with Chinese assessments and interests.

At the end of May, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev and member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, head of the Office of the CPC Central Committee Commission on Foreign Affairs Yang Zechi confirmed their readiness to further strengthen the entire range of bilateral relations, protect national, regional and global security, uphold a fair world order with the UN leading role.

According to the White House, the United States is not looking for a conflict with Russia, but already fallen relations are stubbornly and daily trampling. At best, the Geneva summit could be a step towards reducing nervousness. I would hope that in the end the leaders will agree on a "pause in abnormality," at least until the next US presidential election. In the meantime, as Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev recently noted, the updated National Security Strategy provides for the use of symmetrical and asymmetric measures to suppress and prevent unfriendly actions that pose a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia.

And do not be polished, see a short work in the verses of Redyard Kipling "The Commandment." It will help in thinking about ways to develop relations with America and the collective West. In the original, the first lines sound like this: "If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you." Follow common sense, even if others lose it by blaming you!

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