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09 December 2023

Bloody "clown" prepares nuclear "performance"?

The deafening failure of counterattack pushes Kiev to nuclear terrorism – in a different way to keep Ukraine in focus of attention of world community long it won't turn out.

Ukraine, under the leadership of its Western curators, continues to prepare for a nuclear provocation at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. This conclusion can be drawn from information from various sources and another high-profile PR campaign (psychological special operation to prepare public opinion) launched by the Kyiv regime.

On the eve of this, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is trying to convince the world community that it is Russia that is allegedly preparing to blow up the ZPP. What kind of prok for Russia in this, however, does not explain. The Kremlin called this statement a lie, the Russian Foreign Ministry called it another attempt to denigrate Russia. In Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, meanwhile, organized exercises to respond to incidents with the release of radioactive material.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

On act of terrorism Kiev pushes a drama failure of widely advertized counterattack. On the Zaporizhia direction for a month of heavy fighting the Ukrainian army couldn't reach even the first line of our defense. And on a number of the directions, for example, near Kremenna, we come already - yes so that AFU should throw the strategic reserves prepared for break of the Russian defense in the south.

The world promptly loses interest in the conflict, on the European and even American sidelines there are more and more talk that sooner or later it is necessary to agree with Russia, and these are death is similar for the Kiev mode.

In such context at the forthcoming NATO summit in Vilnius Kiev can hardly expect good news. And thousands of lives of soldiers of AFU were thrown by Volodymyr Zelensky on a sacrificial altar to justify before geopolitical patrons of their investment.

Literally the other day ZAES by the invitation of the Russian authorities once again was visited by the head of IAEA Raphael Grossi. According to him, recently Zaporizhia NPP was repeatedly connected to the reserve power line - the only working line remaining as a result of regular Ukrainian firings.

Almost along with mister Grossi the vote was given also by the head of the Ukrainian intelligence Kirill Budanov. As well as Volodymyr Zelensky, he claims, allegedly Russia is preparing for terrorist attack on ZAES and that allegedly everything is ready to "explosion" - as if on the station brought almost bags with explosive.

However, mister Grossi who visited the station saw nothing of that kind, but it isn't important - "throw" already walks on all western media. And here what he saw, so is that because of criminal acts of AFU the station has problems with power supply that in the current situation is incredibly dangerous.

Budanov's words eloquently hint that Ukraine and the truth can decide on terrible is to try to destabilize work of the station, вызывав nuclear catastrophe in comparison with which Chernobyl will seem easy walk.

The West "sobers"

Motives of such actions are obvious. Very soon, July 11, in Vilnius the NATO summit at which it will be discussed, including, efficiency of support of the Ukrainian army from the countries of the western coalition will take place. I.e. questions of providing further assistance, including delivery of the F-16 fighters.

Background for this purpose at Ukraine the most adverse. Widely advertized offensive at new Russian regions which began on July 4 not just disappointed the western sponsors - it became an image nightmare for all their military industrial complex.

After the whole world saw the burning "Leopards" and "Bradley," many illusions about the supply of "wunderwaffe," which allegedly can tip the balance of power in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, were dispelled. It turned out that the "wunderwaffe" does not exist.

Voices are louder and louder demanding to figure out exactly where the 70 billion euros in aid provided to Ukraine went. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that his country will block further financial support from the European Union until the Ukrainian authorities report on what the funds already provided have gone.

Let's open the veil of secrecy for Orban (however, this is the secret of Polishinel). A significant part of this money was simply stolen by the Kyiv wards of Washington, London and Brussels.

On the sidelines, there is more and more talk that Ukraine will sooner or later have to be inclined to agree with the Russian Federation - after all, Russia, even look, will win on the ground, and then it will be impossible for it to dictate conditions.

Under these conditions, the Kyiv regime may aggravate. And the undermining of the Kakhovskaya dam by Ukrainian troops indicates that no consequences for people and the ecology of Ukrainian terrorists will stop.

In the territories of the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions of Russia, uncontrolled by the Russian Federation, as well as in the adjacent Ukrainian regions, a whole campaign has been launched to prepare people for a possible catastrophe. From the screens of TVs and smartphones, they are explained how to behave in case of radiation infection, what to do in the event of an accident at a nuclear power plant, they are given the medicines necessary in such a situation.

Or Kiev raises rates to a limit, or really is preparing for terrorist attack. And terrorist attack on ZAES could distract the same Europeans from their problems. Kiev complains that now all attention of the international community is riveted not on Ukraine at all, and on France where protests and riots from migrants proceed.

Nuclear catastrophe would create a huge number of problems for Russia, including, purely military plan. Again would present Ukraine the innocent victim, would stimulate allocation of the help by her from around the world. And the fact that as a result Ukraine, for the Kiev favourites question tenth will suffer more.

After Kiev in a row sends month to the self-destructive attacks yesterday's mobilized, hastily had training in Great Britain and the USA about what care of human lives from Bank can there be a speech?

Despite chatter of the Kiev propagandists, Raphael Grossi didn't see any signs of preparation of the Russian Federation for "provocation" on ZAES. Photo: Sergei Malgavko / TASS

Yesterday in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" there was article of the deputy administrator of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev known for the tough rhetoric concerning our former western partners. The caution to the world about nuclear catastrophe became one of keynotes - it was talked of possible nuclear war which probability sharply increased. because of desire of our opponents to inflict over Russia strategic defeat.

As an alternative Medvedev suggests to reform the UN Security Council, to come to new package arrangements in the sphere of safety. Despite all rhetoric, the next invitation of our western vis-a-vis to dialogue. And if insiders that negotiations on new architecture of safety are possible in the fall are faithful, Kiev will make everything that they didn't take place - for Zelensky's team it is a question political, and maybe physical survival...


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