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30 November 2023

Blinken on the surface: family and political instincts

US Secretary of State is a very active person in affairs from "coups" to elementary provocations

Before starting to manage US foreign policy a year ago, Anthony Blinken was busy reformatting the Kiev government, "overthrowing Trump," was repeatedly seen in Russophobic provocations, The Moscow Post correspondent reports.

After a recent meeting in Moscow with French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his readiness to continue the dialogue, but issued a warning to the West about a "full-scale war."

Macron retorted: "There is no security for Europeans if there is no security for Russia," and adding that his visit is aimed at preventing war in the near future. Then he suggested that it would be possible to talk about medium-term decisions. "Can NATO solve the issue of our collective security?," he asked himself. And he replied - "I don't think so."

The prospect of where "Makar did not drive calves"

It is clear that much, if not all, will depend on what is planned in the White House. And there, such specialists in Russia as Victoria Nuland, who met with protesters at the 2014 Kiev Maidan, holding a bag of cookies, are "blowing into the ears" of the US president. And then she sent the European Union, where "Makar did not drive calves," that is, where away. A far from bloodless continuation of the breakdown of ties in the post-Soviet space followed. The coup d'etat led by the United States, with the participation of Europe, formed the forerunner of the current puppet power, became a source of its legitimacy.

And the European guarantors of the agreement with Viktor Yanukovych are still there, somewhere far from reality. If Nuland could cross out the signatures of European politicians under their agreement with Yanukovych, then what can Macron do today?

By Washington's will, a red-and-black streak of hatred for Russia has come for blue-and-yellow Ukraine, seduced by prosperous and naive Western neighbors in its own way. Washington, represented by Nuland, cynically used everyone, realized his plans to approach Moscow, but could not get close to Sevastopol. This has become a powerful source of vengeance.

And Kiev, continuing to dream of a NATO flag, embarked on the path of bilateral, while still paramilitary agreements with Washington and London. And it became a headache in Europe.

Today, airports in Moscow, Washington and Kiev urgently receive leaders and ministers who meet with Vladimir Putin, then with Joe Biden, or vice versa. They spend hours discussing how to return to the borders of at least 2013, postponing the 1997 Russian-NATO agreements for the future, as Macron suggests.

Savvy strategies

Eight years later, Victoria Nuland continues to work in the state department, already as her deputy chief. The White House appreciated her merits. The Secretary of State himself cannot calm down about the security of Ukraine's borders. Both Blinken and his longtime chief and patron Joe Biden are simply delusional about war. The hysteria virus was transmitted to Europe, caused an unprecedented movement of state leaders, politicians, bureaucrats of high rank. Berlin and Paris still think they influence something.

But formal diplomatic channels of communication, legal institutions and official players are not limited. US policy goes beyond diplomacy and Washington knows how to influence processes in other countries in its interests by various means. NGOs that depend on government agencies play a role in this, work on projects and reports, organize conferences and courses, some participate in "color revolutions."

Savvy mechanisms do not stop working. On the surface - media, television, briefings and interviews. But other springs work, which journalists can only guess about. So they wonder, including about the informal ties of Anthony Blinken, subordinate to him Victoria Nuland, the inner circle of the President of Ukraine with shadow structures.

Comrade Soros and his torpedo

One of these structures is considered the network of billionaire George Soros. An American financier of Hungarian descent, an investor, the creator of a network of charitable organizations known as the Soros Foundation, is obsessed with a passion for the influence and levers of informal power. He managed to combine his interests with Washington's requests. In Ukraine, with his participation, a network of organizations funded from foreign sources has grown. Orders and money are received by the media, think tanks, public groups, various funds.

For example, the Vozrozhdenie Foundation, a Ukrainian charitable public organization, is part of the Open Society international network of foundations (an organization recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation). This fund is founded and funded by Soros. As a private institution, co-finances convenient and controlled organizations and programs. Together with Western embassies and funds close to them, it covers thousands of local activists, reaches the power structures.

By 2015, when the conflict in the Donbass was already in an acute phase, the director of the "color revolutions" had on the list of joint "achievements" with the US State Department such as the overthrow of Milosevic in Serbia (2000), the Rose Revolution in Georgia (2003), the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan (2005), the Orange Revolution of 2004 and "

Back in November 2014, Soros himself gave an interview to Cicero (Cicero), in which he warned Angela Merkel and the EU against too lenient a course towards Russia, and called for assistance to Ukraine. He said that his people took part in the events on the Maidan, later added that "Ukraine is needed as a torpedo in the war with Russia."

The influence of Soros in Kiev is obvious. The leaders of the Vozrozhdenie Foundation on November 30, 2013 ceased cooperation with the Yanukovych authorities in protest against the dispersal of activists. And in August 2014, President Poroshenko already thanked Soros for his support, praised the activities of the same fund, and awarded Soros the order.

They say that Soros also knew well the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in the government of Zelensky Ruslan Ryaboshapka (August 2019 - March 2020). Even convinced him not to pursue Poroshenko. For some time until March 2014, Ryaboshapka headed the anti-corruption department of Transparency International Ukraine, which is associated with the financier's network.

Hungary Family Case

His Open Society Institute (an organization recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation) initiates and supports programs in the field of education, culture and art, health care, and civic initiatives. The fund works in dozens of countries, but in 2018 left Hungary. The government insisted on this and continues to prepare restrictions by adopting the bill "Stop Soros."

The Open Society Archives (OSA) archive at the Central European University in Budapest in 2015 was renamed Blinken OSA. The reason for the renaming was donations to OSA funds made by Anthony Blinken's father Donald, a close friend of George Soros, as well as his wife Vera (born in Hungary, moved to the United States in 1956).

The OSA website notes the key role of Donald Blinken, the former US ambassador to Hungary (1994-97) in expanding NATO to the East, as well as in preparing Hungary's membership in NATO. "Donald Blinken... played a decisive role in the creation of the Tashar air base, which served to intervene in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then for NATO peacekeeping operations in the Balkans. For these merits, the father of the Secretary of State was awarded the highest civilian award of Hungary and the Pentagon award for outstanding public service.

Meanwhile, the Blinken OSA organization received the status of a training and center within the Central European University, based on Soros money, prepares masters and doctors in the field of archival affairs and the history of the Cold War. The archive contains documents of former leaders of the Hungarian opposition and exiles, including Bela Kirali, army general of the fascist government of Hungary during the Second World War. Among the first acquisitions of Blinken OSA was the archive of the Washington-funded broadcasting company Radio Free Europe (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), now Radio Liberty (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation).

And how to consult?

Anthony Blinken studied at the New York private Dalton School, then continued his studies in Paris, where he moved with his mother. By that time, he had divorced his father and married Holocaust survivor Samuel Pisar, later an adviser to the presidents of the United States and the State Department. In France, Blinken studied at the elite École Jeannine Manuel, in the USA he graduated from Harvard, received a degree from Columbia University.

In 1994-2001, he worked in the Clinton administration. In 2002-08, he led the Biden apparatus in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. He was Deputy Secretary of State John Kerry, oversaw Afghanistan, Libya, APR. He was a foreign policy adviser in Biden's election campaign, in general he was his right hand for almost twenty years. Maybe this was helped by the former US ambassador to Belgium Alan Blinken, Biden's friend and uncle Anthony Blinken.

In 2017, after the loss of the White House by the Democrats, Anthony Blinken was invited to establish the strategic consulting company WestExec Advisors. The name hinted that its founders are well acquainted with decision-making mechanisms in the highest echelons of power. The author of the idea and partner was Michel Flournois, who served from 2009 to 2012 as Deputy Minister of Defense for Political Affairs. Photos were posted on the WestExec website, and the roles of employees were briefly described. Under the name of Blinken, the following soon appeared: "Former Deputy Secretary of State and former Deputy Presidential Adviser on National Security." WestExec warned that she did not lobby, simply "advises with whom to talk," but did not publish a list of clients.

Remove the impostor, take revenge on the offender

Blinken was among those preparing the "overthrow of Trump." In 2019, he supported the stuffing of "Russian bribery" of Taliban militants (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation). And he wrote in the Washington Post, applying the formula "highly likely," that... "the president, who is told that Russia may have appointed rewards for the heads of our soldiers in Afghanistan, and he does nothing."

Prior to this attack, which gave Biden additional points, the "case of Russian interference in the elections" was fabricated. The provocation painted both the Trump presidency and relations between the United States and the Russian Federation, made some voters doubt.

Democrats, including Blinken, stubbornly dug a hole for themselves, as the events at the Capitol in January 2021 showed. How deep the pit will show the congressional elections in November. But on the outer circuit of the United States, a "Ukrainian crater" has already been formed, also not without the participation of the Secretary of State. Twenty years, as he began to lead the apparatus of the Senate Foreign Policy Committee (2002-2008), he launched the New Ukraine project. In 2014, the plan was implemented. Vice President Biden took the main part in it.

One of the most intriguing actions of Blinken in his current post was the imposition of sanctions against the former president and prime minister of Albania, Sali Ram Berish. Berisha was known as an opponent of Soros and the Open Society Foundation (an organization recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation). The politician then declared Soros "persona non grata." Blinken replied that Berisha was "a corrupt official who undermined democracy in Albania," and the State Department banned him from entering the United States. Berisha filed a libel lawsuit, accused Washington of revenge. The Paris Criminal Court agreed to consider the case.

The story of the Albanian politician reached the level of Congress. Republican Lee Zeldin, a congressman from New York, also demanded that Blinken provide evidence of Berish's corruption, also drew attention to the fact that Berisha "was an opponent of Soros."

Friends of the son and self-love

After the approval of Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State, the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet called it "excellent news for George Soros." The process of parliamentary elections in Hungary, which will be held on April 3, will be controlled by a full-size OSCE observation mission of 218 people.

Twenty Hungarian NGOs demanded its creation by contacting the OSCE. 62 deputies of the European Parliament spoke in favor of such monitoring, they were supported by the EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reinders. So far, the only EU country where such a "control check" would be prepared was Bulgaria. It would not be necessary for Viktor Orban to come to Moscow, it became dangerous.

It was the turn of Hungary, the historical homeland of Soros. Who knows, maybe this decision of the OSCE bears the seal of its behind-the-scenes influence, and maybe the US State Department had a hand. If Uncle George keeps in touch with the son of his friends, we don't know. But he accurately conveyed the skills of narcissism and cynical intrigue to him.

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