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30 November 2023

Blaming Russia: the West reduces to zero any possibility of dialogue

With the filing of Great Britain, the UN Security Council turns into a policy tool to conceal the truth about provocation towards Russia in Buch.

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, doubts are finally dispelled about the lack of a mood of Western Europe for dialogue with Russia. On the eve of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany declared 40 employees of the Russian Embassy in Berlin persona non grata and obliged them to leave the territory of Germany.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is working on retaliatory steps, there is no doubt that they will be at least mirror. At the same time, the day before, Lithuania and Latvia lowered the level of diplomatic relations with Russia. These countries, and with them Estonia and Poland, announced their intention to completely close the borders for the Russian side.

At the same time, another event occurred yesterday, which can be considered unprecedented. Russia demanded that a meeting of the UN Security Council be convened regarding the events in Ukrainian Buch. Namely, a stop provocation with dead civilians, in whose death the Ukrainian side and its Western allies accused Russia.

All attempts to convene the Security Council ended unsuccessfully due to the position of the UK, which right now chairs the Security Council. That is, in London there is absolutely no interest in listening to the Russian side. And the point here is precisely in the absence of evidence - the speech of our representatives and their questions could break the false version of the involvement of the Russian Federation in unlawful actions. But now it is unprofitable to do this - the world media are filled with hatred of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to prolong the emotional effect.

The representative of Russia at the UN Vasily Nebenza was not just not believed - he was not even allowed to speak. Photo:

After that, no evidence will play a role. And the reason for this performance is alone. The West is already tired of pictures in Ukraine, began to plunge into its problems. Something was needed that would stir up Western public opinion. And not simply, but will provide additional arguments for the supply of heavy weapons to the Ukrainian side.

In general, the Permanent Representative of Nebenzya called the accusations against Russia "monstrous." In his opinion, now the Kiev authorities can go on to total genocide in the country.

"The possible purpose of this provocation horrifies and causes nightmares about the crimes of the Nazis during World War II. Zelensky, upon arrival in Bucha, hinted that this incident justifies any uncivilized response. Basically, he confirmed that the Kiev regime considers genocide as a method of warfare at present. Now the nationalists have reason to arrange a real reprisal against innocent Ukrainians, executing them as traitors, "he said.

There will be no dialogue

In the UK, they expect that the bloodshed will continue. Therefore, any attempts to understand, present the truth, are marked to the root.

Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya called unprecedented and unimaginable the refusal of London, who chairs the UN Security Council, to hold a Security Council meeting on Monday on events in Buch. His reaction leads RIA Novosti.

At the same time, completely unheard-of things sound from European capitals. Russophobia in the West takes threatening, hysterical forms that have nothing to do with the desire to establish at least some dialogue.

"Russian culture should disappear from public space," said Peter Glinski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

All this happens with the full support of European leaders, since 2014 when the current regime was established in Ukraine. One such European politician was the German Frank Walter Steinmeier.

Then he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, and persuaded the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to back up in the confrontation with the street. Yanukovych agreed, a day later his political power was simply dared with violence. And today, he, Frank Walter Steinmaer, already in the rank of President of Germany, told how he regrets that he supported the Nord Stream-2 project

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he regrets his previous many years of support for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. In an interview with DPA, he calls it a "clear mistake." And he made a sharp appeal:

"We held on to bridges that Russia no longer believed in, which our partners warned us about. I did not believe that Vladimir Putin would accept the complete economic, political and moral collapse of his country for the sake of his imperial madness. "

Steinmeier also announced a failure with the "creation of a pan-European house with the participation of Russia" and an attempt to "include Russia in the general architecture of European security."

It turns out that all that had happened before was the coup d'etat on Russia's borders, the five waves of NATO's expansion to the East, unilateral actions to destroy Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, in which the Europeans took an active part - it turns out that this was an attempt to create a common house and include Russia in a common security architecture.

No one expected such wild cynicism and the triumph of lies - even those who never built illusions towards Europe, its independence before Anglo-Saxon overlord and "universal" Western values.

Tail whirls with a dog

Once again: all this, including a diplomatic dive that is absolutely meaningless from any point of view, takes place against the background of a bloated media scandal with the situation in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, Kiev region. Representatives of the Kiev regime took advantage of the fact that the Russian security forces left the city without battle and resistance, and staged a world-wide performance - they accused Russia of mass killings.

There would be nothing new in this - Russia tried to attribute a variety of crimes. Recall at least the chemical attack in Syrian Aleppo, which turned out to be a cheap show for verification. But the truth doesn't interest anyone.

In the case of Bucha, the situation is unprecedented in the sense that the entire machine of Western propaganda works on this fake. And any inconsistencies, whether they are or not, are instantly noted. There is a situation, as in the famous American film - when not a dog begins to hang its tail, but its tail with a dog. That is, when the fake itself, the "media simulator" begins to determine real policy. What decisions can be made on such a basis - wise, visionary?

But the "show" continues: yesterday the Ukrainian regime brought a whole crowd of Western journalists to Bucha to properly take the bodies carefully laid out along the roads. But after all, it is reliably known that two days before the scandal, on March 31, the national police of Ukraine entered Bucha, who shot a video and did not find any atrocities in Bucha. These shots are still available to everyone today.

The idea of ​ ​ substituting and dousing Russia with dirt, apparently, arose a little later. And even before that, a number of media outlets, including Western ones, were unsubscribed about cleaning up the national police in Buch. Today, the articles have been deleted. But the Internet, as they say, remembers everything. We will not tell in detail about other inconsistencies, such as moving hands and sitting on the fifth point of the "corpses" - all this is also on the Web.

But for the "empire of lies" that the Western world, led by the United States, is not interesting. Another thing is important - the process of dehumanization of Russia has reached a new level. Now we are represented only by bloody cannibals. And they will not agree with us on anything.

The main thing is to pour dirt on Russia using hybrid warfare methods, information forgeries, "stuffing" and sabotage. How many such fakes there were already during the special military operation is not to count.


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