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05 December 2023

Biden's spoiled phone, or who is waiting for the "dump of history"

The United States warns China of sanctions. Washington cannot realize that its threats do not work.

Last Friday, Biden warned Xi Jinping that China should prepare for the consequences if he supports Russia. But what kind of measures will be taken, he did not specify, saying that the whole world will be against China.

Even on the eve of the negotiations, these statements were commented by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, posting a map on social networks with the signature "When they talk about the" international community "in the United States, they understand this." The map shows an endless ocean and several islands of land, including the United States with Canada, Britain, the EU, Japan, Australia and New Zealand - all countries of the "golden billion." Chinese media noted that Washington cannot realize that its threats do not work. The world does not consist of the United States and those who succumbed to their pressure, reports the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

But White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki unexpectedly said about the negotiations that "the Chinese themselves decide where they want to be in history." She said that Biden plans to ask Xi if he will maintain good relations with Russia. Earlier said that the administration is concerned about warming between Moscow and Beijing.

And then the phone rang

As you know, American and Chinese diplomats held a seven-hour meeting in Rome before the talks of the leaders. And then there was the conversation itself and, as happens in Washington, the phone turned out to be "spoiled." It took the White House four hours to prepare a text outlining the contents of the negotiations. Chinese media commented on their move while the leaders' conversation was still ongoing.

The White House briefing was held in two stages. The first was conducted by an anonymous White House official at 14:53 in the form of a teleconference. Then, at 15:25, Psaki personally entered into a dialogue with the press. She, it seems, should have voiced "desired positions," which were either not in the speech of Biden himself, or they were formulated "not exactly as" as the Americans planned to inform about it. The president allegedly warned the Chinese leader of "consequences" if China provides Russia with "material support." Literally, "transmitted and described the consequences and results [implications and consequences] if China provides material support to Russia."

The "senior official," who conducted the briefing via video link, was not so categorical, saying that "the president did not make specific requests to China.... stated his assessment of the situation, what he thought made sense and the consequences of certain actions.... we believe that China will make its own decisions,... according to any response from President Xi, you will have to talk to Beijing. "

With Taiwan "behind the sinus"

Following two hours of negotiations between the leaders of China and the United States, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi assured Psaki that China is "on the right side of history" and does not accept attempts to pressure from abroad, that Beijing's position on Ukraine is objective and fair, based on its own, Chinese assessments. The head of the department added that China has always opposed conflicts and sought to maintain peace.

Wang Yi also said that the President of China, in a conversation with the President of the United States, outlined the Chinese approach to the crisis, noting that Europe needs stability, that the Cold War mentality and bloc confrontation should be abandoned so that the regional security architecture becomes balanced.

American commentators drew attention to the fact that the Chinese leader, before discussing Ukraine, noted tensions between China and the United States on the issue of Taiwan. Biden to confirm that he is faithful to the Shanghai agreements, opposes "any unilateral changes in the status quo" on Taiwan.

It is known that the President of China reminded his American counterpart that, on the one hand, it would be necessary to counter the pandemic, support the economy and the well-being of citizens. On the other hand, he noted, the leaders of large countries, like China and the United States, should think about how to solve global problems and respond to "hot spots," taking into account global stability and the lives of billions of people.

"If the Taiwan issue is not properly resolved, it will have a subversive effect on relations between the two countries," Xi Jinping told Biden.

Broad and indiscriminate sanctions will only make these people suffer, and escalation can trigger crises in trade, finance, energy, food supply, industry and supply chains. This will damage the already weakened world economy, lead to irreparable losses. The more complicated the situation, the more urgent the need to be cold-blooded and rational.

French Le Monde indirectly supported the opinion of the Chinese leader, saying later that the crisis in Ukraine could permanently change the global economy. The proliferation of sanctions accelerates deglobalization. China and the Russian Federation announced plans to create an alternative financial system in response to growing tensions in relations between the Russian Federation and the West.

Kktor "rolls" with a refueling "pistol"

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) called the mistakes that, according to a columnist for this newspaper, Washington is making. As an example, RIA Novosti reports with reference to SCMP, the author of the column noted that President Vladimir Putin enjoys much more support in the Russian Federation than Joe Biden in the United States.

"American voters who face a significant increase in food and gasoline prices are more likely to abandon Biden," said Alex Law. He also called the US strategy in relations with China erroneous. Washington "realized a strategic mistake too late" and is now trying to split cooperation between Russia, China and Iran.

Approximately at the same time, when the White House prepared the text with statement of negotiations, at gas stations of the State of Arizona the volunteers and the staff of Republican Party registered the Americans dissatisfied with the high prices of gasoline as voters at the forthcoming intermediate congressional elections. Increase in prices for gasoline still not all that can expect the Americans who strongly got used to the Chinese goods.

The anti-Russian sanctions will affect the price of commodities and will change a ratio in a basket of reserve currencies. China and yuan can strengthen positions, to become key players, the author of article in SCMP considers. Readers of the newspaper supported him, claiming that sanctions send to the world an accurate signal of need of dedollarization.

One of the questions asked Psaki came down to the fact that "the American people would like to hear directly from the president" assessment of the situation in which the leader of the largest economy in the world and the leader of the second largest economy can appear on different sides of crisis. Asking a question to Psaki calmed what sent to reference materials and briefings of administration.

It is reported also that during negotiations the Chinese leader emphasized that the conflicts are necessary to nobody, aren't equitable to anybody's interests. China wishes to restore the relations with the USA, but not at the price of a gap with Russia. It follows from the statement of the representative the Chinese Foreign Ministry of Zhao Lijian which specified that expansion of NATO on the East and unwillingness of the West to consider concerns of other countries was led to crisis. In a rigid key the comment in Global Times was sustained: the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership is the most important and strong diplomatic asset.

In China there is an understanding that, irrespective of the Ukrainian crisis, the People's Republic of China for the USA will remain the main strategic competitor. In this context it is no wonder that Beijing sent to the Taiwan Strait strike group of the ships led by the Shandong aircraft carrier. Zhao Lijian said that there are no details about pass of the aircraft carrier through the passage, but added that "there is a usual schedule of trainings, and he isn't connected with communication of leaders".

Whether but everything can Biden? It is known that the top of republicans all means untwists the question "independence" of Taiwan, adding gasoline to already explosive situation.

Two questions without answer

Psaki finished a briefing only at 16:12 after it was necessary to her, saving words, to beat off literally questions of members of the media. Two set and left without answer of a question, concerned the commercial interests and communications of family of Biden and the possible conflict of interests in foreign affairs. The question across Russia was connected with the report of the Senate in which it was claimed that Biden's son or the related company received 3.5 million dollars from Elena Baturina who so far "didn't undergo sanctions from the U.S. Government".

Jen Psaki said that she "has no confirmation" to report conclusions. In 2020 senators of the USA Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassli suspected Hunter Biden of receiving money from Elena Baturina. As it was approved in the report, Baturina transferred money to the account of the Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC company. Hunter Biden was her cofounder.

The question across China was about investment fund out of which the share Baydenov" was brought ". The correspondent was interested operation details, "who removed a share when it occurred and how many money passed from hand to hand". Referring to statements of the former partner of Hunter Biden, authors of the material published by the The Wall Street Journal newspaper claimed that Hunter wanted to use a name of the father for receiving profit on the commercial transaction with the company which is based in Shanghai and having communications with the government. Having called it "trading in influence", authors recognized that the facts deserve publicity, "especially in the conditions of difficult relations with China".

In October, 2020 the New York Post newspaper published a number of the materials based on the correspondence which is allegedly found on Hunter Biden's laptop found in one of repair shops. Subsequently Daily Mail published the material confirming authenticity of letters and Hunter Biden's photos on their basis. They spoke about Hunter's involvement into the sphere of a drug traffic and prostitution. Biden Jr. told about the problems with drugs in memoirs.

The correspondence published by the New York Post newspaper belongs to the Burisma Holdings energy company into which board Hunter Biden was included that time when Joe Biden was vice president. Hunter, as speak, managed to fill up a state, "trading in influence", namely an opportunity to come into contacts with the father.

A call for dialogue?

Biden said in a conversation with the Chinese leader that 50 years have passed since the United States and China signed the Shanghai Communiqué. He emphasized that the United States does not seek to unleash a new Cold War with China, does not want to influence the regime and does not support Taiwan's independence. Washington is ready to engage in dialogue, strengthen cooperation, adhere to the "one China" policy, regulate competition and resolve differences in order to contribute to the stable development of bilateral relations.

Xi Jinping noted that the proclaimed era of peace and development faces serious challenges. As permanent members of the UN Security Council and the two largest economies in the world, China and the United States must not only develop Sino-American relations along the right path, but also fulfill their international obligations and make efforts for peace and tranquillity.

It should be recognized that in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine, the call for dialogue does not work. But in a world in which the West is gradually losing its influence and sanctions are harming all parties involved, the resumption of multilateral dialogue may be the only way to control tensions and avoid a big war. Otherwise, the result could be a permanent division of the world into East and West.

But no matter how international affairs go, one thing is already known for sure. Joe Biden, first as vice president and then as president of the United States, will remain in history as one of the inspirers, as well as consistent and generous sponsors of Ukrainian neo-Nazism, aimed at Russia and everything related to it.

Dialogue with the empire of lies, as Russian President Vladimir Putin called it, can be not only useless, but also dangerous. A week earlier, the White House press secretary did not resist the temptation to try a little "London potion," expressing concern that China's support for the Kremlin regime could become an excuse for Russia to attack Ukraine with chemical or biological weapons. Next, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview with Die Welt, readily repeated provocative speculations.

All in response to the biological laboratories of the United States itself in Ukraine. I wonder if Xi Jinping discussed this problem with Biden?

Photo: Reuters, ЕРА

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