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09 December 2023

Biden "lost" in the library of Congress

The Bidens not only engaged in corruption through the PRC and Ukraine, but also actively used the special services to connect these scandals with the "hostile actions" of Russia.

In the United States, a new scandal around the Biden family, the eldest of which, Joe, gathered for a new presidential term, despite the fact that he exceeded 80 years. A congressional investigation found that the president's family received more than ten million dollars from foreign sources, including from the PRC. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said.

Given the large-scale geopolitical confrontation between the United States and China, this information can be expensive for the current head of the United States, who has devoted a considerable part of his policy to containing the PRC and escalating the situation around Taiwan.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Republicans launched an investigation to prove the involvement of Joe Biden himself in cash receipts, which were allegedly conducted through shell companies when he was vice president of the United States.

According to the initiators of the audit, at least nine members of the Biden family received money, and their proxies during the same period created a "complex and suspicious network of more than 20 companies." This is a real business empire hidden from prying eyes, the head of which is simultaneously the leader of one of the most powerful states on the planet.

The situation is made even more scandalous by the fact that, as RIA Novosti writes, one of the sources of funds for the presidential relatives was allegedly "Chinese citizens and firms with significant ties to Chinese intelligence and the CCP," which hid payments "under the layers of limited liability companies."

Now, a congressional oversight committee believes that the Biden family's activities in Romania in 2015-2017 bear "clear signs of an influence-trading scheme." Biden himself has repeatedly stated that he is not aware of the business operations of his relatives, but is sure that they did not violate the law.

Recall that back in December 2020, Hunter Biden stated that the federal authorities began to check him for compliance with tax laws. And then the interest of the tax authorities was precisely Biden's work in China. Since 2013, he was a member of the board of the Chinese investment fund BHR Partners, in 2017 he acquired a stake in this business.

Just aggravation of trade war of the USA and the People's Republic of China which was actively advanced by Donald Trump falls on that period. On this background of the relation Baydenov with the USA looked almost as high treason. But this business wasn't set in motion. Now situation even more sharply.

However it isn't enough - in case of Baydena's problems always know on whom to shift the blame. And if it is not political opponents in the States, then for a role of the world villain according to them Russia which "machinates" against American "democracy" perfectly will approach.

The essence is that the congress convicted the CIA of attempt to involve Russia in scandal with Biden's son. The legal U.S. House Committee suspected intelligence agency of attempt to connect leak of materials from the laptop of the son of the president of the country Hunter Biden with actions of Russia, it is told in the document published by representatives of the lower house of the congress.

"Or at least, the employee of the CIA could help the CIA with efforts on inducement to signatures of the statement", - it is specified in the report relating to the letter of the former officials of investigation in support of Biden Jr.

Congressmen refer to written indications, including, the former employee of the CIA David Keriyens. "The American people deserve know that the laptop and e-mails of Hunter Biden were the truth. They were always the presents", - authors of the address claim.

From the same series - attempt to connect Trump with actions of the Russian intelligence agencies which allegedly helped him to win elections. Later security officers recognized that all this is utter nonsense and a part of political struggle. And Trump in an interview to the famous American journalist Tucker Carlson directly calls also the author of similar throws - the unaccomplished head of state, senator from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

Ukraine catches up

But Chinese - only one of episodes of rough activity Baydenov which part appeared in broader access because of scandal with Hunter Biden's laptop - the president's son. And, as it turned out, the big fan of the forbidden substances and women with the lowered social responsibility.

Separate subject of interest of the congressmen and all people who are looking for the truth in the USA - the Ukrainian case Baydenov. He that can also bury presidential prospects of "Sleepy Joe". While the American treasury directs hundreds of billion dollars to support of Ukraine, Joe and Hunter Baydeny could extort budgets of this country in the middle of the tenth years.

The speech about works in the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma. Hunter Biden became the member of her board of directors in April, 2014, almost at once after a coup d'etat in Ukraine. Among other things, also the group of other western figures - "creators" of present Ukraine - the ex-president of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski, the friend of the stepson of the ex-Secretary of State John Kerry Devon Archer and others entered there.

Hunter Biden became the board member of Burisma in April, 2014 (there the ex-president of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski, the friend of the stepson of the ex-Secretary of State John Kerry Devon Archer, etc. also entered). He had to supervise the legal block and promote the company in the international organizations. His salary was $50 thousand a month.

Biden Jr. work in Burism coincided with large corruption scandal. The British authorities within investigation of the possible facts of money laundering froze in the London banks deposits on $23 million which, presumably, belonged to the owner of Burisma Nikolay Zlochevsky.

But in January, 2015 the British court had to unblock deposits as the prosecutor's office of Ukraine refused to submit necessary documents for investigation. All this says that from the company could is banal to remove means under Biden Jr. coaching, and cover carried out the Ukrainian state completely dependent on the USA.

However, not all in Ukraine is uncomplaining on it listened. In the 2015-2016th years the Prosecutor General of the country of that time Victor Shokin tried to prevent it. However he was fired on a call from the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden of that time to the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Subsequently also figures became known: allegedly, through Burisma about $10 million were monthly brought out of the country. In this light the interest of family Baydenov in preservation of the present authorities in Kiev is absolutely clear - they are guarantors of inviolability of their corruption savings.

Actually, these guarantees for certain mutual. As the famous American journalist Seymour Hersh claims, from all volume of military and financial aid to Ukraine after the beginning of SVO about $400 million settled on accounts of representatives of the present Kiev mode. First of all – the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

To whom war, and to whom and mother. Only most of Americans of a problem of the Ukrainian people don't concern. And here the corruptionist president who tries to cover by means of geopolitical games the backs for certain will receive from them the corresponding assessment. And then all corruption empire of Baydenov will be scattered as a house of cards - it they also are afraid.

Photo: Zvezda

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