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30 November 2023

Another scandal appeared in Ukraine

This time the topic is sex tourism.

About 100 young girls from all over Ukraine picketed the Embassy of Austria. It turns out that a citizen of Austria, Gabriel Lansky, proved to be the organizer of the business called "Hunters for virginity." On his page on various social networks, he offered Ukrainian women the right for a "first night." The price- 100 €. After that he uploaded the photos of girls, showing off his success in it.

The association "Women of Ukraine", which organized the picket, said that this Austrian man organized the trips to Vienna, promising Ukrainian women a marriage, but actually involving them into sexual slavery. The scandal went beyond Ukraine. Today, the women met the Consul and Ambassador of the Republic of Austria Hermine Poppeller personally. They received a letter from the women and promised to hand over all the documents to law enforcement agencies of the country. In recent years Ukraine has really become a Mecca for a sex - tourism, overrunning even Thailand. Just recently, WHO reported on the incredible growth of sexually transmitted diseases in Ukraine, stressing that AIDS came in first place.

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