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29 November 2023

According to Musk meet

Elon Musk put the Ukrainian politicum "to orbit" for rage. Their purposes don't fit into a dichotomy "-others" in any way.

The founder of the companies in the sphere of high technologies, the richest person on the planet, the owner of X (former Twitter), Space X and Tesla Elon Musk ran into hysterical criticism from the Ukrainian politicum.

The anger of "independent" caused the "meme" published by Musk with the prifotoshoplenny face of the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the inscription "When There Passed Five Minutes, and You Did Not Ask One Billion Dollars of the Help". Recently the billionaire doesn't hesitate to criticize the Ukrainian and western leaders in a playful form, causing the real hysterics and waves of hatred from their party.

And here Russia and its geopolitical interests - in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

This sword-play in social network banned in the Russian Federation is only at first sight insignificant and interesting only from the point of view of Internet trolls and modern "memny" culture. Behind her is much more - namely the interest of the billionaire in equidistance from parties of the conflict in Ukraine for the purpose of further promotion of own globalization project - in case of Musk, in the technological sphere.

Russia remains one of the few countries over which territory the well-known companions of Elon Musk Starlink don't operate. Those which in the beginning SVO and now provide a considerable part of the Ukrainian army with the fast Internet which is used for coordination of actions and goal-setting for attacks of the Ukrainian army.

Meanwhile, Russia occupies the one seventh part of the land. It is the huge and perspective market for "Tesla" and the other inventions of Musk even if on to take desire to cover the whole world with satellite network Starlink into account. Who possesses information, owns the world, once German banker Nathan Meyer Rothschild wrote. In the current conditions still the one who transfers and distributes information has a greater influence, i.e. manages information flows.

In Kiev a humiliating joke of the billionaire it is expected I caused not just condemnation, and the most real hysterics. One of the main propagandists of the Kiev mode, the adviser to the head of Office of the president Mikhail Podolyak accused the American entrepreneur Elon Musk of support of Russia and "an ironizirovaniye over Ukraine".

However, even before him on official pages of the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada, the answer - same "meme", only already with the prifotoshoplenny head of Musk appeared. Followed from the signature that Musk, besides, is engaged in distribution of the Russian propaganda. It is possible to understand when it is published by certain users, but here parliamentary workers? However, many official bodies of the power in Ukraine turned into circus chapiteau long ago.

We will separately mention also a hysterics among ordinary Ukrainians who instantly forgot, Musk's help to SVO in the beginning. And he directed to support of work of the Starlinkov in Ukraine dozens, and maybe hundreds of millions dollars. Now "svidomy" Ukrainians brand him the traitor. Also vandalism cases concerning the Tesla electric vehicles in Kiev are recorded.

Elon Musk's statement contact recent fiasco of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky during his recent visit to the USA where there passed the UN General Assembly. Unlike the previous trips, he was given much less attention. But also, refused an opportunity to act in the Congress. The expert community began to treat it how weakening of support of Ukraine from main "ringleader" of the conflict of Kiev and Moscow.

As a result Ukraine was left without additional American billions which were elicited as usual by Zelensky. It is connected with the fact that the U. S. Congress approved the bill of short-term expenses for 45 days which allowed to avoid so-called "shutdown" of the federal government. In the bill nothing is told about Ukraine, respectively, the Kiev mode won't receive five billion dollars what the American politicians so furiously argued on.

Besides, earlier Elon Musk opposed allocation of money to Ukraine from the short-term budget against the background of approach of new financial year in the USA on October 1.

It doesn't mean that Ukraine ceased to be supported. By some calculations, only the USA during the conflict with Russia provided "independent" about 500 billion dollars in various forms - that is five times more, than financial aid from Washington (about 100 billion dollars).


The West will not abandon Ukraine as long as it continues to damage Russia and its geopolitical interests. Only now the difficult domestic political situation in the States themselves can no longer provide the amount of assistance that used to be - the Democratic government is shaking internal conflicts. And next year - the presidential election, where Biden does not have many chances to be re-elected.

Part of Musk's front is also related to the political situation in the United States. He is called the main troublemaker (after Donald Trump), who opposes censorship in the media and social networks. Largely due to the narrowing of the space for discussion, he bought X at one time (the former Twitter, the organization was recognized as an extremist and banned in Russia). In addition, Musk almost regularly raises the issue of the inadmissibility of escalating the conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation, so as not to provoke a nuclear war.

Of course, considering Musk "ours" is the height of naivety. Let's repeat, this is precisely a globalist. But it so happened that today his interests came into conflict with the interests of other globalist groups. Especially, frankly unfriendly American super corporations.

The problem for the United States and the rest of the world of the Western world is that they can hardly influence Musk. Which gives him room for manoeuvre and mocking taunts towards opponents.

In the case of Ukraine, the cooling of relations with the owner of Tesla began even before the published meme. In particular, it turned out that Elon Musk refused to include Starlink over the territory of Crimea, so that NATO and their Ukrainian wards would be more difficult to strike at Russian targets on the peninsula. There are two reasons - the danger of escalation, and, again, Musk's intention to spread eggs in different baskets.

We can recall that shortly before the start of the SVO, Musk spoke at the Russian forum "New Knowledge." The entrepreneur was invited to take part in it by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov. It was about joint space exploration and the possible construction of the Tesla plant in the Russian Federation. The billionaire did not abandon his plans - it is only necessary that the conflict ends.

Which turned out to be even more wild for NATO and the entire Western anti-Russian lobby, subsequently Musk dared to talk about the peaceful end of the confrontation with the Russian Federation, as well as ironically about the crushing failure of the so-called. Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Zaporozhzhya region of the Russian Federation.

Elon Musk speaks at the Russian forum New Knowledge. Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

Recall that the billionaire proposed to recognize Crimea as Russian (because Khrushchev "mistakenly" handed it over to Kyiv), to hold in those eastern regions where they voted for reunification with Russia, repeated referendums under the auspices of the UN and recognize the neutral status of Ukraine.

After this, it became clear that friendship between Musk and the Western inspirers of the armed conflict would definitely not work.

Photo: RBC

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