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01 June 2023

A war they were little...

At the end of last week, news agencies around the world issued a sensational news that American troops invaded Pakistan. In the details of the accident trying to understand the Middle East Bureau Correspondent The Moscow Post.

"My own eyes saw the American soldiers landed by helicopter offing from our village and moved to the mountains ...", - that is how the residents of a small Pakistani village, located in the border region of the country, commented on the special correspondent of The Moscow Post rumors of military operations USA in Pakistan.

As it turned out later from official sources, the Americans actually planted landing in the border areas of Pakistan.

At the Pentagon correspondent of the North American bureau of The Moscow Post said that the purpose of this special operation was the cause of preventive strikes on places of deployment of fighters. Representatives of the American military command said that no large-scale military invasion is not. All the incidents related to the operation of American soldiers in Pakistan are only a point and, most importantly, temporary.

The authorities in Pakistan have already made statements about the unacceptability of military presence on their territory of troops of another state. The staff of the Pakistani administration, commenting on the riots, told The Moscow Post, that the fighting in the U.S. territory of their country is not way has not yet been agreed with the authorities. From this we can conclude that Washington has started another military adventure, not even disclosed to the authorities of the country where the U.S. holds the fighting.

View from Washington

Learning the bitter experience of the U.S. military campaign in Iraq and Afghanistan, American experts on foreign policy, the United States put forward the version that the visibility of war in Pakistan may be afoot to further raise the pre-ranking candidate for president of the U.S. Republican John McCain.

This is logical, if we take into account that ranking Republicans is increasing due to the emergence of any danger to the U.S., whether real or imaginary danger.

It is noteworthy that many experts see the American military campaign in Pakistan, another means, I order to make the verdict of the current Republican administration of U.S. interest in defeating John McCain.

It is noteworthy that due to the war between Georgia and Russia, but rather the ensuing confrontation between Russia and the United States, ranking McCain has already exceeded the mark of 50%. Well, it seems that a war for Republicans little ...

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