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01 December 2023

George Bush and John McCain concealed from the Americans the truth about the war in South Ossetia

Yesterday at a hearing in Congress, U.S. Republican Congressman Dana Rorabaker supported Russia in its position on the conflict in South Ossetia and unveiled a U.S. intelligence relevant data proving that the U.S. government had information deliberately withheld from the American people. As a result, not only introduced Congressman split in the ranks of Republicans, but also from ordinary Americans sow seeds of distrust of official information communicated to them the U.S. government. During congressional hearings and their implications carefully watched a special correspondent for The Moscow Post.

This situation, which could lead to a split in the ranks of the Republican Party and the burgeoning public debate was due to the fact that yesterday the deputy chairman of subcommittee on international organizations to the U.S. Congress House of Representatives Republican Congressman Dana Rorabaker said that U.S. intelligence has confirmed that recent fighting in South Ossetia have been initiated by Georgia. On this, in the opinion of Congressman, Russia's position is correct, but the position of the U.S. mistaken in their views.

"All intelligence sources with whom I spoke - I spoke with many of them during the (parliamentary - footnote The Moscow Post) holidays - confirm that the recent fighting in Georgia and its separatist provinces have been initiated by Georgia," - said Rorabaker during his speech before the U.S. Congress.

Note that, according to U.S. Congressman, "Georgians, and not Russian, violated the truce, and no talk of provocations and other things can not change this fact." "Yes, some people will use leaf fig leaf and say that the southern Ossetians could provoke military action, fired missiles or artillery shell. This reminds provocation in the Gulf," - said Rorabaker, making allusion to the similarity of the situation in the Caucasus from the incident in the Gulf, USA which was used as a pretext for launching a war in Vietnam and, later, and as it turned out, was a provocation "Russian right, we are wrong. Georgians it began, Russian put an end to this" - summarized the deputy chairman of the U.S. congressional subcommittee Dana Rorabaker.

Revaluation of events "five-day war"

The fact that not all of the world's policy supports Georgia in its position on the "five-day war" and see in Russia an aggressor country, it was clear long ago.

At the beginning of Russia supported in Asia and Latin America. Shortly thereafter, the bluff and Georgia uncovered in Europe.

Now, it seems, the true course of events "five-day war began to understand and to the United States.

The process of understanding by Washington rightness of Moscow on the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia was to begin sooner or later.

However, its start, according to most experts, should have been progressive democratic politics. However, the first such statement was made by Republican ...

Dissension Republicans could happen soon

His speech representative of the Republican Party has shown that John McCain allies have different views on the military conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia.

Note that until yesterday, it was believed that militant Republicans all, as one, supports the position of anti-John McCain and George W. Bush.

"In these minutes - we are all Georgians!" - Not whether this phrase not long ago was "hymn" the Republican Party in the issue of assessing the events that occurred during the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia? ..

As George Bush and John McCain of ordinary Americans lie, concealing from them the truth about the war in South Ossetia.

What has changed now? Now, after a speech in Congress Rorabakera American people learn that U.S. intelligence data has long been completely opposite to the official information that the Americans gave pro-media.

It turns out that the U.S. government deliberately vralo their citizens about the true events that took place during the five-day war in the Caucasus.

In the event that U.S. intelligence really works so well, as they say official sources, the truthful information about who started it "five-day war initially should have to lie on the table to the president, and then fall into the hands of congressmen.

If so, why neither George Bush nor Dick Cheney or Condoleezza Rice did not tell the truth citizens of the United States? .. Why do they have hidden the truth from Americans?

The answer is simple ... Thanks to towering criticism of Russia and the same support towering Georgia, John McCain rating rose to 50%, thus ranking ahead of Barak Obama.

This unprecedented concealing the truth from the public could continue to remain unnoticed if not for yesterday's speech Rorabakera in Congress. Now that the bluff Republican U.S. administration disclosed representative republic same party, Americans must become simpler understand the true scale of "global information fraud" that George Bush start to artificially raise its rating successor at the presidential office - Senator John McCain.

But now, after Rorabakera speech in the U.S. Congress to agree whether ordinary Americans vote for the liar, who together with his associates concealed from the people of America the real truth about the "five-day war" just to raise its pre-rating.

Of course, this may not be quite so. However, in this case may suggest that either the American intelligence works poorly or not George W. Bush is examining intelligence given to him ... But in such a catastrophic sluggish American President to believe with much less desire than the fact that this whole situation is only literate and thoughtful pre-planned move.

It is a pity that so much desirous of victory, Republican candidate, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and John McCain shamelessly lie entire nation, from hiding the truth about her "five-day war".

However, the people have never and no one deceive with impunity, because he never anybody and this does not forgive.

So if ordinary Americans want after all this vote for John McCain? .. Time will tell ... Because only time can safely determine the truth! ..

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