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01 December 2023

USA will create around Russia "restricted zone"

Yesterday, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney made a working visit to Georgia. Following this, he went to Kiev. Its own source of The Moscow Post MFA from Russia shared with the wording of the information that America around Russia plans to create a so-called "exclusion zone".

Yesterday, in the framework of the working visit of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney visited Georgia. Visiting Tbilisi was devoted to a number of issues concerning the current situation in Georgia and Elimination of Consequences "five-day" war.

During his visit U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney met with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. After discussing pressing issues of bilateral cooperation, Cheney made a formal statement to journalists.

Comment the current situation in the Georgian economy, Vice President stated that "the U.S. will help Georgia recover and return the position of the country with the fastest growing economy, as it was before the armed conflict. Georgian government can rely on the support and assistance to the U.S.."

Cheney, as always criticized Russia, saying that "the behaviour of Russia is in serious doubt on the purposes of this country, as well as on whether to believe it, as an international partner or not." Besides Cheney assured the press that "the doubts caused by the actions of Russia not only in Georgia but throughout the region and throughout the international system".

The American policy has not forgotten about compliance with the agreements between the two countries. In particular, he said that "America will meet its obligations as Georgia, and governments allied countries to protect our common interests and conservation of shared values."

In his speech, Cheney highlighted the role of Georgia in the Iraqi campaign, U.S.: "As long as the president of Georgia not to their home caused its peacekeepers, the Georgian military helped during the Iraqi campaign to protect the new democracy. Now the free world is obliged to support Georgia."

On the issue of conflict of Georgia and South Ossetia Cheney fully supported Georgia, accusing Russia of escalating conflict and the introduction of Russian troops in Georgia.

Upon completion свого visit to Georgia Cheney flew to Kiev to meet with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko.

"Exclusion Zone", or new plans for the West to isolate Russia from the outside world.

To comment on the situation involving his arrival in neighbouring Russia country representatives American administration, correspondent for The Moscow Post appealed to one of Representatives Foreign Minister of Russia, he explained that what the United States intended purpose.

The source explained to The Moscow Post, that he possesses information that the United States gather around Russia to create so-called "exclusion zone".

Her sense is that isolating Russia from the outside world through its neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

The plan creating "exclusion zone" provides for the phased establishment of border regimes loyal to America.

This has been done in Georgia, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries.

The source noted that for these purposes America is using all means, ranging from proposals lucrative international contracts and ending with undisguised bribery. Thus, according to the source, the amount of one billion dollars, which the U.S. is going to provide Georgia as humanitarian aid, and there is an example of such bribery.

Since then, the U.S. put on the throne "completely loyal to the policy, which was anti-Russian interests (Yushchenko, Saakashvili, etc.).

After that, "Americanize" the country provoke a conflict with Russia (military, economic, political). Here among the possible source of examples called "five-day" war, the demolition of the monument Bronze Soldier, claims Poland, etc.

Next in series of pro-American media is anti-Russian propaganda, misleading the whole international community. In doing so, advance information on changing distorted or completely the opposite. Source again gave the example of lighting "a five-day" war. Of the pro-American television-"hawks", the source identified the CNN and BBC.

After that, with Russia almost artificially quarrel European countries. As a result, Russia is losing many political and economic partners.

The outcome of all these actions is the international isolation of Russia and the loss of her most lucrative political allies and trade partners.

The ultimate aim of creating "exclusion zone", the source is the imposition of Russia loyal to the Americans to the president. This, according to the U.S. plan, should become final victory over Russia.

The source noted that the current American administration is planning to complete the transaction around Russia to establish "exclusion zone" by 2012, when Russia will be held presidential elections. The source called on residents of Russia can be both more accurate in the voting in 2012, to clearly understand who is a potential presidential surrogates of Washington. Otherwise, Russia to replace a pair of "Putin, Medvedev" risks to get a couple of "Yushchenko-Saakashvili".

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