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09 December 2023

Zhivotov against equity holders

Mikhail Zhivotov's affairs can leave more than 1000 Muscovites without a roof over their heads.

"Zhivotov of problem equity holders" was the so-called journalistic investigation, which was published on June 2, 2023.

The material said that fraudulent schemes in shared shares continue to deprive people of even hope for their own "corner".

This is how the notorious builder Mikhail Zhivotov may prefer to work, who has long been called by the eyes of the equity holders themselves, as "Zhivoglotov," since people have been waiting for their apartments for years, and as a result receive a cookie with poppy. What and wrote to the editorial office of The Moscow Post.

And the situation is indeed a nightmare: today a commercial bank will bankrupt the developer, sell an almost completed house at auction. And leaves equity holders with nothing, taking advantage of the imperfection of the legislation on apartments.

The Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District of the capital opened a criminal case against Mr. Zhivotov back in 2020. But then this case was suspended. Why?

The editors, publishing the first chapter about the developer Zhivotov and equity holders, complained that Mr. Zhivotov took care of his "quiet" fame so much that he seemed to have cleaned up all his photo portraits on the Internet... And a lot of different, compromising information. But the reader is not asleep. Mr. Zhivotov's "family" photo album was sent directly to the Editorial Office. And some more of his turbulent, adventurous life.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the new details of the suspended criminal case of Mr. Zhivotov.

Do 3 objects collapse at once?

Note that the situation in which almost 1000 people found themselves in the capital - and the editors immediately after the publication of the first part sent an investigation to the press service of the mayor and the government of the capital - out of the ordinary!

But something the press service of Mr. Sobyanin is silent, does not express "enthusiasm"!

As it turned out, the problem was simply blunted, it seems, by empty promises and the visibility of investigative actions: but equity holders of three metropolitan objects suffer at once.

"There are many signs that this is a deliberate collusion between MTS Bank and the developer," the victims write, "the authorities are playing silent, do not react."

The criminal case against Mikhail Zhivotov - in fact - has been curtailed!

What is happening affects the interests of more than 400 families of equity holders of the Alwek group: the Club House "on Prishvin Street" in Bibirevo and the Club House "October" on Narodnogo Opolcheniya Street.

According to our readers, "the unscrupulous developer of the Kara + company (Club House on 4a Prishvin Street) and its beneficiary Mikhail Zhivotov began building the house in 2015 and were supposed to finish construction back in 2017. In the same year, MTS Bank was involved in financing the completion of construction.

He confirmed the project funding". 

In the yard 2023 and equity holders can simply be left without apartments. The authors of the letter to the Editors sent a video of their struggle:

Video: YouTube

Regarding the opaque personality of Mr. Zhivotov: a total of 11 different offices were recorded on him.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

And almost all of them are in the process of reorganization today, including the aforementioned company "Kara +".

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

And Mr. Zhivotov is the CEO of two companies - Amazon and Stroystandart.

Stroystandart LLC has already been liquidated.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Further from the life of the brilliant businessman Mikhail Anatolyevich Zhivotov.

After attracting the bank, the construction almost stops.

And as it became known to equity holders, the bank over the years allegedly did not transfer a penny to the developer! But in a strange way, the developer pledged 40% of the house to the bank for his other projects at anecdotal cost.

After that, having waited 3 years (the period of challenging dubious transactions), the credit institution filed for bankruptcy of the company. And today - as equity holders explain - the bank has appointed its interim manager.

"The results of controlled bankruptcy take us into the era of raider seizures," we read further in the letter. - The bank has already begun to export materials and equipment from the construction site.

And then he will sell our house at the auction at the price he needs. Given the peculiarities of bank settlements (in this scheme, unsecured bills were also used), we will not be surprised that they will sell it not for money! "

Indeed, the situation is aha!

Deception everywhere and everywhere

We are looking for an advertising prospectus that praises the Club House on Prishvin Street: "Shops and cafes will be located on the ground floor of the house. You have underground parking, 3 high-speed elevators, 24-hour security and video surveillance, concierge". 

Club house on Prishvin Street. Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFvnyM19R6k

"Central air conditioning and ventilation support the optimal microclimate in the home regardless of the weather. For your safety, an automatic fire extinguishing and alarm system is installed. Your own heating station will protect you from interruptions in hot water. The lines of the Internet, television and telephone are summed up. There is everything here for a comfortable life. You get beautiful and high-quality business class housing within walking distance of the metro, while saving millions of rubles. "

And pay attention to the last line in the advertising booklet: "Commissioning the house at the end of 2022".

But in the yard mid-July 2023!

But even worse - as our reader writes to us - is the situation with the Club House on Menzhinsky. Allegedly, this house was built, the network even has a description of apartments and amenities, but in fact concrete slabs were only brought to the site. And it happened in 2014. There is still no construction! Household garbage is lying on the fenced area.

Photo: sent by the author of the letter to the editorial office of The Moscow Post

The people collect signatures on the transfer of this garbage heap under the square.

And buyers... waiting for their apartments.

By the way, the Club House on Menzhinsky was supposed to be built by Kapel + LLC.

But where is this LLC today?

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Since January 2019, the developer has stopped communicating with buyers altogether. And the case is moving towards declaring him bankrupt and transferring the object for completion to another company.

And if the situation does not change, equity holders will have to wait until the Moscow government finds a new developer. And new funding.

Zhivotov Sr. is also in business?

According to our informant, his dad, Anatoly Mikhalovich Zhivotov, is also involved in the affairs of Mikhail Zhivotov, also a businessman.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Anatoly Zhivotov. Photo: sent by the author of the letter to the editorial office of The Moscow Post

"Mikhail Zhivotov allegedly took his assets to his father," we read further in the letter, "a company was drawn up for Anatoly Mikhailovich Zhivotov, which received two construction government contracts".

Photo: sent by the author of the letter to the editorial office of The Moscow Post

"Mikhail Zhivotov also has an older brother - Vladimir Anatolyevich Zhivotov, by profession - an oncologist," we read further in a letter to the Editorial Office. - In 2017-2018 Vladimir Zhivotov came to the office of Ladomed in Altufyevo. And he took away large bags of cashed money. The money was received from the sale of goods from the warehouse of the Ladomed company and from the sale of apartments of one of the club houses. " Zhivotov until 2022 was the general director of Ladomed, now the structure is in the process of reorganization.

According to our source, Mikhail Zhivotov is very fond of the bathhouse, in which high-ranking Moscow officials of all stripes, including prosecutors, usually gather...

"In 2018, Zhivotov tried to attract an investor under the Club House in Prishvin. And people from one of the deputies from Altufyevo turned to him, - the author of the letter further writes, - they needed to legalize the money received in some "wrong way." And they were ready to invest 200 million rubles. "Exhaust" from the sale of apartments Zhivotov promised under 2 billion rubles. But the deal fell through... "

Who slows down the criminal case?

Let's move on.

Mikhail Zhivotov has long stopped financing the construction of the facility, forcing his general contractor represented by PromSpetsStroy LLC to finance all construction, as well as pay the developer's debts.

And when the general contractor actually built houses by more than 85%, and also paid part of the future expenses necessary for putting the house into operation, the businessman, according to citizens, decided to "throw" all the participants in the construction, and resell the house a second time through a possible fictitious and controlled bankruptcy. Mikhail Zhivotov allegedly attracted professional lawyers to this process, and began bankruptcy proceedings with the help of opaque schemes.

Mikhail Zhivotov. Photo: sent by the author of the letter to the editorial office of The Moscow Post

Equity holders - paid for equity participation agreements under the 214-FZ in the amount of 920 million in the house on Prishvin, despite the fact that the amount of construction of the house declared by the developer in the construction declaration was 800 million rubles. The house is fully paid by participants in shared construction!

For several years, equity holders turned to various authorities for help - from the prosecutor's office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to the deputies and the Moscow mayor's office - trying to draw attention to this very acute problem, but received only unsubscribes.

Club house "October" on the avenue of the People's Militia. Photo: https://www.novostroy.ru/buildings/klubnyy-dom-oktyabr/

The only hope for equity holders was the initiation of a criminal case under the article "Fraud"...

But the case is open, but there is no movement forward!

But the Club House on Prishvin Street, as already mentioned, is not the only object of Mikhail Zhivotov.

Together with MTS Bank, Mr. Zhivotov today bankrupt two other objects.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

In one of them, the Club House "October" on the street of the People's Militia, equity holders are deprived of housing due to the debt of the developer... 700 thousand rubles.

Citizens expressed a desire to pay off this debt to creditors, but received a turn from the gate.

Why are the inspection authorities not surprised by all these events?

Further, having submitted documents for the liquidation of the developer, through a purchased debt of 700 thousand rubles, Mikhail Zhivotov on April 17, 2023, violating the law, began a simplified bankruptcy procedure and put the allegedly controlled bankruptcy trustee.

Zhivotov may have expected that the equity holders would not unite, and, taking into account the reduced deadlines for contacting the bankruptcy trustee (2 months), they will give him the opportunity to resell the house for the second time, the construction of which continues.

The total damage to defrauded equity holders is more than 4 billion rubles.

Where is the criminal case?

But now something else is interesting: the problem of our equity holders, starting in 2020, is being dealt with by the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, about whose work The Moscow Post has already published several journalistic investigations, including the latest "The police are Stroganov: the police general uses the civil service as his estate" and "The Reader Writes, the General Hears Not".

We are talking about the amazing work of the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District, Major General Konstantin Stroganov.

Konstantin Stroganov, head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District of the capital in the center. Photo: https://xn--80ad1bj.xn--j1adp.xn--b1aew.xn--p1ai/news/item/31295663/?year=2022&month=7&day=11

Maybe we write too much about bad policing? But the work is not important!

Judge for yourself: at the end of December 2020, a criminal case was opened in the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District of the capital on the fact of fraud of the management of Kara + LLC, including Mikhail Zhivotov.

According to the authors of the letter to the Editorial Office, for some time they were interviewed by the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District, but soon this employee took and quit. And after his dismissal, the fate of the criminal case became unknown for participants in shared construction.

In fact, these 400 families (in total, this is more than 1000 people) in the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District of the capital, which is so "ingeniously" led by Major General Stroganov, simply did not care: it was. And swam! Is this the work style of this unit of the Moscow police?

And since the criminal case of Mr. Zhivotov was indeed froze, the citizens sent an official letter to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov.

The Moscow Post monitors the course of events.

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