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03 October 2023

"Zero Bottom" by Kirill Yakubovsky

The case of Kirill Yakubovsky may be related to fraud in the Petropavlovsk Group of Companies, to which his business partners could be related.

Businessman Kirill Yakubovsky was arrested in Moscow on charges of large-scale fraud. Law enforcement officers do not give details, but it is known that earlier Yakubovsky was a co-owner of the Coffee House and Azbuka Vkusa chains, and was also actively involved in the banking business.

Among others, in the contour of his business was the collapsed Asia-Pacific Bank, in which the money of the scandalous gold mining company Petropavlovsk was spinning. And Yakubovsky's partners had very interesting personalities like Andrei Vdovin, to whom ill-wishers tried to glue the label of "bank ripper."

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

At the same time, in ATB Yakubovsky was not the majority owner - the main shareholder was Andrei Vdovin. He was a minority shareholder in the business of Yakubovsky himself - the ABC of Taste network, from whose capital the latter came out in 2014.

Banks ordered to live long

Andrei Vdovin, together with the founder of the Petropavlovsk gold mining company Peter Hambro and the son of former senator Pavel Maslovsky Alexei, controlled a total of 67.58% of the bank through PPFIN Region and Tehsan Enterprises Limited.

In addition, Yakubovsky and Vdovin were beneficiaries of M2M Pryvet Bank, a subsidiary of ATB. Subsequently, M2M Pryvet Bank's license was revoked, after which ATB also rained down. As a result of the actual collapse of the structure, it had to be "handed over" for reorganization to the Central Bank.

Vdovin and his partners bought M2M Pryvet Bank 10 years earlier, and began to develop it as a bank for wealthy clients. Under this "sauce" was opened a "subsidiary" bank in Latvia. The official version is that wealthy customers need services in Western banks. But, as Versiya writes, in fact, the bank was opened as a channel for pumping money.

Throughout 2016, the Bank of Russia turned a blind eye to the main activities of the M2M. The bank worked, and conducted schemes. In the summer of 2016, even the Central Bank became impossible to ignore the outflow of capital through the M2M, and Vdovin had to buy M2M shares on the ATB balance sheet.

After the collapse of the ATB itself, something strange happened. The Central Bank calculated that the reorganization of ATB cost the budget 13.5 billion rubles. I.e. these are losses of the treasury. However, the past court considered that the fact of losses was not proven, refused to recover them from former beneficiaries. After that, they wanted to put the bank under the hammer, but even the omnivorous Sovcombank of the brothers Dmitry and Sergei Khotimsky did not buy it. As a result, the structure went to Kazakhstani business.

It turns out that the budget was forced to spend almost 14 billion rubles, but for some reason no one was to blame for the structure's losses.

Soli also adds that in the same 2018, when the bank's license was revoked, Mr. Yakubovsky's partner Andrei Vdovin fell under the criminal case. It turned out that he left Russia back in 2017, so the arrest imposed on him turned out to be in absentia, the businessman was put on the wanted list.

He was charged with two episodes of fraud on an especially large scale, embezzlement of $13 million. As established by law enforcement officers, the bank took two loans from offshore companies, and Mr. Vdovin acted as a guarantor on them. However, the money did not return to creditors. Writes about this Kommersant.

What kind of loans, what, where exactly the money could go - the investigation did not specify. However, Andrei Vdovin had scandalous fame before. They met Yakubovsky back in the distant 90s. Then, in fact, they met both Pavel Maslovsky and other future protagonists of the Petropavlovsk Group of Companies.

Unlike his long-time partner Yakubovsky, Andrei Vdovin managed to leave the country on time. Photo: RIA Novosti

In 1993, Maslovsky and his partners organized the Tokur-Gold company. The settlement bank "Tokura" was the Annunciation "Asia-Trust," the Moscow office of which was headed by a 23-year-old graduate of the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation Andrei Vdovin. Another graduate of the Financial Academy, Kirill Yakubovsky, was his deputy.

Soon Maslovsky's paths diverged with his first partners, he met the Englishman Peter Hambro and began to develop the Pokrovskoye field with him. Tokur and its equity holders were waiting for an unenviable final, the company was declared bankrupt in 1997. Then the license was revoked from Asia Trust. After this project, it turned out that the funds of Asia-Trust's clients somehow smoothly flowed into Expobank. Forbes wrote about this.

Expobank belonged to the Wimm-Bill-Dann company of scandalous entrepreneurs Gavril Yushvaev and David Yakobashvili.

Later, the same David Yakobashvili got into a whole series of scandals. Among other things, he was accused of fraud with a 46% stake in the Yeisk Port Elevator (EPE). The applicant in the criminal case of the raider seizure of the EPE was the former business partner of Yakobashvili Boris Minakhi. About this wrote "Version."

Gabriel Yushvaev and a completely multiple hero of our publications. In certain circles, he is known as "Garik Makhachkala" - they have repeatedly tried to attribute to him acquaintance with criminal authorities. And a few years ago, a scandal erupted when his guards participated in a shootout at the Eye Tower in Moscow City. Then several people were injured, including employees of the state FSUE Okhrana. This was reported by "REN TV."

Train from Petropavlovsk

Kirill Yakubovsky has interesting partners, whatever you say. However, this does not shed light on the current situation with his arrest. As our sources suggest, the ends can be looked for in the situation with the already mentioned Petropavlovsk Group of Companies. "

In 1999, Expobank's assets were bought by MDM Bank Andrei Melnichenko and Sergei Popov. And Vdovin and Yakubovsky got a license and brand for $3 million. This deal was financed by the future hosts of Petropavlovsk Maslovsky and Hambro. Then they just began to mine gold at the Pokrovskoye field and believed the young financiers, receiving in exchange for money an option of 50% in Expobank.

As already mentioned, subsequently ATB became a co-owner of Petropavlovsk assets. And it is noteworthy that these assets were disposed of only in 2018, literally in anticipation of the revocation of the license. Then the bank owned 9.11% of the voting shares. On these securities, the bank entered into options with the Cypriot Vailaski Holding Ltd (controlled by 9.57% of Petropavlovsk), which just represented the interests of the founders Pavel Maslovsky and Peter Hambro and their partner Andrei Vdovin.

However, another scandal later erupted. After Petropavlovsk was in the hands of the new majority owner Konstantin Strukov (Yuzhuralzoloto), the new management conducted an audit at the enterprise. As a result, Maslovsky was under criminal proceedings.

Pavel Maslovsky is already short. Photo: Grigory Sysoev/RIA Novosti

According to the plot of the criminal case, in 2018 Maslovsky was a member of the board of directors and was the beneficial owner of Pokrovsky Rudnik JSC (part of the Petropavlovsk Group of Companies).

According to the investigation, he, being a person who has a significant influence on decision-making in the JSC, and having organizational and administrative functions, together with his son Alexei Maslovsky stole 99.4 million rubles from Pokrovsky Mine by buying office space in Blagoveshchensk at an inflated cost.

In 2022, Maslovsky was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison. His son Maslovsky was put on the wanted list and arrested in absentia, Vedomosti wrote about this.

And again, 2018 is featured. Was there too many events at that time - after all, Maslovsky's crime practically coincided with the exit of ATB from the capital of Petropavlovsk and the collapse of the structure itself. And after not eating where the 13 billion rubles allocated by the state for its reorganization went.

Surprisingly, after all these stories, Yakubovsky was without business in Russia. At least this conclusion can be drawn from the data of the information system

Did Kirill Yakubovsky "suddenly" have no business in Russia? Photo:

He was the founder of five organizations. Of the two, Netizen Rimskaya LLC and Netizen SPB LLC were released in the same 2018. At the end of 2021, the latter had negative assets in the amount of about 70 million rubles.

From another, Coffee House CJSC, it was released only in 2022. Her assets are not negative, but very decent - 191 million rubles. The successor was Coffee House LLC, which has an asset value of 182 million rubles. And it belongs to 95% of the Cypriot offshore company "C-Ah-El Coffee House Holding" (Cypres) LTD. " Is it worth looking for both Petropavlovsk and ATB money there?


Of course, law enforcement officers should shed light on the situation. However, with such partners and with such a background, few were surprised by the emergence of a criminal case. Perhaps now Yakubovsky is very sorry that he did not leave the country at one time, just like his refueling partner Andrei Vdovin.

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