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09 December 2023

You can't spoil the ram "Vetoy"

Eduard Taran seems to be getting closer to the Khilok market and traffic of prohibited substances. On the other side of the scales - Nikolai Tokarev and Novosibirsk officials?

The head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, spent a video with the residents of the Khiloksky Triangle in Novosibirsk, following which he instructed to interrogate officials of the Novosibirsk mayor's office due to problems around the installation of sanitary protection zones.

The customer of services for the development and coordination of the project of sanitary protection zones is the investment department of Novosibirsk, controlled by the city hall. It seems that everyone will have to answer - from the head of the department Vitaly Vitukhin to the mayor Anatoly Elbow.

Recall that for several years now, residents have been trying to install a sanitary-protected zone between the Kleshchikhisky cemetery and the Levoberezhny landfill. They are worried about the ecology of this site.

At the same time, the business interests of entrepreneurs whose assets are located within or near the discussed site are traced in history. Here the "paths" of the ambiguous entrepreneur Eduard Taran, the former local deputy Alexei Alexandrov and even the head of the Transneft corporation Nikolai Tokarev may intersect.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Novosibirsk region.

Deputy "corner"

The Khilok market, founded by Aleksandrov, has been operating on the territory under discussion for more than a decade. He formally resigned from the founders several years ago, but, according to rumors, only nominally. Indirect confirmation is the fact that the Archie security company, which operates on the market, remains in Alexandrov's assets. Giant cash flows pass through it, which Khiloksky does not have. Perhaps this is money and the market as well.

People who turn to Bastrykin complain, among other things, that migrants working in the market slaughter cattle on the territory of housing estates, neglect the norms of public order, and so on. But this may not be the worst thing. It is known that in 2012, in the vicinity of the Khilok market, law enforcement officers detained several people who found 80 kg of prohibited substances hidden in apples.

Hylok Market. Photo:

According to rumors, such activities may now grow in a "stormy color" on the territory of the market. In this regard, Alexandrov's interests are seen from a completely different angle. By the way, as The Moscow Post previously wrote, recently in Telegram channels there was information that the market was allegedly not closed due to the interest of the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Elbow. There is logic in this taking into account Alexandrov's connections, however, according to another version - this "stuffing" occurred due to interest in the Khilok market (more precisely, its liquidation) Eduard Taran.

Tangerine Paradise

The thing is that Taran near the market has the Mandarin shopping center - Khiloksky's main competitor. If the market is closed, then all flows will naturally "flow" to it. Taking into account information about the possible trade in prohibited substances, financial flows should be "space."

Mr Taran is known as the twice-in-the-dock head of RATM-Hodding. The ram was taken for a bribe and for tax fraud when selling shares of the Lytkarinsky optical glass plant to Rostec.

Taran's very enterprise RATM-Holding was accused of trying to raider capture the Angarskcement plant. In addition to this case, there were other similar ones. For example, when Taran's former partner Oleg Utiralov accused him in 2020 of trying to gain sole control over their Sibeletroterm enterprise, bypassing agreements on its financial recovery.

In 2005, RATM-Holding, a year earlier, having joined the company's shareholders, bankrupt a large tractor company Alttrak. And there are a lot of such situations.

Eduard Taran. Photo:

By the way, another ambiguous story is connected with Taran regarding the supply of weapons equipment to the United States and Ukraine. Since September 2018, the Ekran - Optical Systems enterprise, which was part of the RATM-Holding interest loop, has repeatedly exported large consignments of electronic optical converters to the United States and other countries.

Here is how Vladislav Boyarinov's lawyer commented on this situation:

... "Having established that the buyer produces, among other things, night vision devices for the needs of US law enforcement agencies, and also supplies them to militarily unstable and terrorist regions of the world, including Ukraine, FSTEC of Russia, issues permission to export more than a thousand electronic-optical converters JSC" Screen-optical systems. "

In fact, Taran supplied weapons to states unfriendly to Russia?

It is not surprising that such an entrepreneur could laugh at such an ambiguous asset as the Khilok market.

Tokarev imposes "Veta"

But what about Tokarev and his Transneft, which we mentioned at the very beginning of the article? The fact is that recently, due to Bastrykin's interest, officials already had to publicly make excuses about the reasons for the delay in the installation of sanzones. Then all the blame for this was blamed on the contractor, who was supposed to develop project documentation - the Veta appraisal company, which is owned by the scandalous Zharsky family from Nizhny Novgorod.

Despite the company's poor reputation, it consistently gets good lords.

So - as The Moscow Post found out, the interests of Veta in court are represented by MGKA Delkredere, which has also been defending Transneft in the courts for many years. Previously, Alexandra Maidannik, the wife of Igor Maidannik, who provided legal support for the activities of Transneft, had a stake in Deltacrede. So all the threads lead to the corporation.

Nikolai Tokarev. Photo: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

And potentially personally to Tokarev, because the founder and head of the company Dmitry Zharsky is registered with the KPKG ISSK. At one time, the company belonged to a certain Tokarev Yevgeny Alexandrovich. By the way, a colleague in Tokarev's business was previously a certain Shirokov Mikhail Georgievich. Mr. Shirokov is the general director of the funeral MKU "Ritual," which is subordinate to the city administration.

The Moscow Post has repeatedly covered the activities of the head GBU "Ritual," which is known for its not the most beautiful methods of work, and in connection with the adoption of a new law, it can crush the entire market for funeral services.

The structure is headed by former FSB officer Artem Yekimov. Taking into account the fact that MKU Ritual is also subordinate to the authorities, and the head of Transneft Nikolai Tokarev is a former FSB shnik, all these companies can be part of the same web.

Now we are observing that Veta is in no hurry to fulfill the contract. Is it possible that Tokarev was called to the aid of the Novosibirsk authorities in order to delay the inevitable? And he, in exchange for some kind of gratitude, promised to slow down the process of erecting sanzones as much as possible?

The only question is that during this period of "downtime" they want to turn Alexandrov and those involved in order to maintain a potential "feeder." In any case, before our eyes, it seems that a dirty game is unfolding for assets of no greater purity, all the participants of which, in an amicable way, should be sent to places not so distant.

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