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30 November 2023

Will Bosov Take Over Bosov's Empire?

Are competitors looking to take everything from the widow of Dmitry Bosov, including assets?

After the mysterious demise of Dmitry Bosov, curious individuals appeared on the forefront: a huge fortune of a businessman was at stake.

The closest attention today is undoubtedly drawn to  Dmitry Bosov’s third wife - Ekaterina Bosov (she prefers her last name to be spelled this way), in the recent past - Yastrebova. Ekaterina Evgenievna Yastrebova, born in 1989, long  before joining Sibanthracite, held the position of Deputy General Director of Insiti: 99% of the business belongs to the family of the former governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev.

Mrs. Yastrebova-Bosov, a lawyer by education, graduated from Moscow State Law Academy named after O.E. Kutafin.

Apparently, a marriage with billionaire Bosov must have taken place recently if Ekaterina Yastrebova-Bosov appeared on the Board of Directors of Sibanthracite in 2017.

The deceased oligarch has 4 sons from the first two marriages with Eleanor Bosova and Anastasia Starovoitova. How will Bosov’s business be divided, especially with numerous competitors and ill-wishers treading on their heels, if we recall the scandalous story with Bosov’s former partner Alexander Isaev?

The Moscow Post journalist attempted to shed light on what is going on.

Bosov's sons are full of questions.

Let us remind the reader that Dmitry Bosov is the largest shareholder and head of the board of directors of the Alltek group, which controls the Sibanthracite company, the world leader in the production and export of anthracite and the largest producer of metallurgical coal in Russia. Bosov was also a co-owner of several other coal companies, including VostokUgol. The Alltek company owns the Artplay architecture and design center. At the beginning of 2020, Forbes magazine estimated Dmitry Bosov’s fortune at $ 1.1 billion. This was reported by RBC.   

Children from the billionaire’s first marriage to Eleanor Bosova, 30-year-old Artem and 24-year-old Anton Bosov, witnessed a lot of strange things about the unexpected demise of their father. They spoke about their own version of the death of Dmitry Bosov, reports "MK".

Bosov's sons believe that competitors could be involved in the death of their father. It turns out that shortly before his death, Dmitry Bosov phoned all of his 4 sons. Nothing boded trouble!

Anton and Artem Bosov insist on initiating a criminal case, although the official version is as follows "Dmitry Bosov committed suicide." Materials of the case are in the prosecutor's office.

In addition to recordings from security cameras, showing Dmitry Bosov entering the sports complex alone at 2 AM,  security guards , as well as the results of inspections at  the scene of the incident, clearly point to the fact that Bosov committed suicide. Two of Bosov's 8 guards were responsible for the safety of the residence of Bosov, on the night of May 6. In their testimonies to investigators  they claimed that the motion sensors did not work, and the alarm in  the armory was removed by Bosov himself.

But the businessman’s relatives insist on initiating a criminal case. Both ex-wives and adult sons unanimously claim that Dmitry Bosov was not going to die soon. He used to joke that he would live to be 100 years old. Bosov didn't suffer from any serious illnesses.

The last time the whole family - Eleanor,ex-wife,  and a current wife, as well as 4 children of Dmitry Bosov met in November 2019 at the birthday of one of his older sons.

In the near future, investigators will interview Dmitry Bosov’s children.

Let us recall the details of the oligarch's death: on the night of May 6, Bosov's body was found at his cottage in the village of Usovo. Next to the body lay a Glock 19 gen 4 pistol, reported RBC.

This pistol was awarded to him by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia, but no documents on it were found.

One of Bosov’s close friends noticed that in recent times, Bosov was always agitated. He had had frequent scandals in the family, says RBC.

A lawyer at the coal company

Thus, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Sibanthracite, the main asset of Dmitry Bosov, was Bosov’s widow - Ekaterina Bosov. Since 2018, she has held the position of commercial director at the company and is a member of the board of directors. She has been working at the group since 2017.

Prior to Ekaterina Yastrebova-Bosov, the chairman of the board of directors was Dmitry Aga, a business partner and fellow coursemate of Bosov. He remains a member of the Board of Directors.

Yekaterina Bosov, having joined the Sibanthracite group in 2017, became the general director of LLC SA Logistic, where she was in charge of  sales and logistics. Prior to that, she served as Deputy General Director for Investor Relations of Fashion Continent OJSC (Incity, the largest clothing manufacturer and retailer). She also was a member of the board of directors of the American retailer GNC in Russia, according to Kommersant.

Ekaterina Bosov holds an Executive MBA from the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Ekaterina Yastrebova was once involved in several projects: the creation of Sitronics and Cotton Way (the main supplier of textiles for Russian Railways which co-produces RFID tags; implementation of PLM solutions (business strategy based on system solutions) for the power plants of Gazprom Energoholding; sale of a share in the British company RGI in order to maximize the value of a minority shareholder, as reported by Kommersant.

Before joining Sibanthracite, Ekaterina Yastrebova-Bosov spent a long time in the structures of the former governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev.

And, apparently, Ekaterina Bosov will have to decide the fate of both projects - Sibanthracite and VostokUgol: to develop the Ogodzhinsky coal deposit in the Amur Region, launch the transshipment terminal Port Vera in the Far East and build two ports - Chaika and "North Bay" in the village of Dickson.

Let's remember that a year ago Dmitry Bosov turned to Vladimir Putin with a request to provide the Sibanthracite group with priority access to the Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway for 25 years. For what? For transportation of 50 million tons of cargo per year. In return, the Vostokugol company vouched to build a second Severomuisk tunnel with its own funds in 5 years. This was reported by Federalpress.

Aparently, these were Napoleonic plans; perhaps, Bosov himself understood this.

The scandalous case of Isaev

A month before the mystical death of the oligarch there was a loud and very scandalous story with one of Bosov’s close people - his deputy, partner and long-time friend Alexander Isaev.

In early April, Bosov discovered large “holes” within the company and decided to let Isaev go. However, he did not contact the investigating authorities.

There is a version that Isaev could have had a powerful trump card up in his “sleeve”, which he allegedly used to blackmail Bosov.

This was reported by The Moscow Post.

Alexander Isaev was fired on April 6

Isaev was ruled out on April 6, exactly one month before the suicide of Dmitry Bosov.

Isaev immediately sold his stake in VostokUgol to top manager Oleg Shemshuk, who, in turn, almost immediately transferred it to VostokUgol and requested compensation.

Soon, according to the statement of Alexander Isaev, the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region arrested 50% of VostokUgol Asset LLC at a face value of 5 thousand rubles, declaring Oleg Shemshuk's deal as an invalid sale transaction.And Vostokugol's right to this share, which was officiated at the request of Shemshuk, will now have to be terminated.

The finalization of the transaction was to consolidate the asset in the hands of Dmitry Bosov.

Isaev's resignation inflicted serious damage on his reputation. He filed a lawsuit against the companies of the Alltek group (VostokUgol, Sibanthracit and the Alltek company itself).

According to rumors, Isaev can currently be preparing an informational campaign against the widow of Bosov, Ekaterina Bosov, who,supposedly, was aware of the true reasons behind Isaev’s dismissal. Is the real war brewing?, wonders Tsargrad.

Isaev was a member of the Board of Directors of Sibanthracite. He controlled 50% of the management company Vostokugol. The second half belonged to Dmitry Bosov. But what did Bosov find on Isaev? Why did he not contact the police?

According to insiders, the cause of the corporate conflict could be Isaev’s unequivocal disagreement with the sale of assets, launched by Bosov.

Let's also remind our readers that back in March 2020, Dmitry Bosov launched the sales procedure to sell the VostokUgol-Dickson coal project in Taimyr, which also includes the construction of the Seagull terminal at the port of Dikson worth 18.6 billion rubles.

State-owned corporations such as Rostec, Rosatom, and Rosneft could be potential buyers.

But it seems that state-owned corporations were in no hurry to cooperate, since a very high-profile scandal was associated with Bosov's coal mining assets, and it could turn into a very serious trouble for Dmitry Bosov - serious enough for potential imprisonment.

The illegal sale of coal

In April 2019, the FSB initiated a criminal case against unidentified individuals from the management of the Arctic Mining Company on the grounds of illegal mining and sale of coal in Taimyr, reported RBC. 

The Arctic Mountain Company is one of the projects of the VostokUgol group, owned by Bosov and Isaev. In many respects, the implementation of the May decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the increase of cargo traffic in the Arctic depends on this company.

This company owns a licence for geological exploration on the section of Malaya Lemberova River in Taimyr. In December 2016, the Malolemberskoe field was discovered here. A year later, Bosov and Isaev received a license for exploitation of the site.

However, the Taimyr district prosecutor initiated an inspection on the site. It turned out that all the work went without the project documentation. The companies of Bosov and Isaev reported damages for 2.1 billion rubles.

Bosov and the Arctic Mining Company tried to secure the recognition of an illegal unscheduled inspection of the site - their attempts failed.

In the course of the proceedings, it turned out that the "Arctic Mountain Company" destroyed the unique nature of the "Big Arctic" nature reserve.

Andrey Isaev was listed as the owner of the company, wielding 50% of shares. The other half, which should belong to Bosov, was recorded on the offshore "Company Isova Investments Limited" (Republic of Cyprus). This was reported by The Moscow Post.

It begs for a question: why is half of the asset, which is responsible for the exploitation of the Northern Sea Route and the implementation of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, based in foreign jurisdiction?

The company, which has been working in Taimyr since 2017, misses the information about revenue, while the profit for 2018 amounted to 2.8 million rubles.

The negative values on the assets of the Arctic Mountain Company - 6 less 3.3 billion - at the end of 2018 look even stranger. Moreover, they have decreased to negative values since 2017. And this coincided with the company receiving an operational permit at the Malolemberskoye field.

It is likely that the financial statements of the company were falsified to cover fraud and evade taxes?

In addition to the "Arctic Mining Company", Bosov recently had a number of other problems. Dmitry Bosov was the founder of 13 companies. While many of them were heavily loaned, LLC UGRK, LLC PGRK, LLC BGK and others were unprofitable.

Let's remember that Bosov and Isaev had a joint project in Indonesia. In 2015, they established Blackspace, which owns licenses for coal, nickel, manganese and bauxite mining sites in Indonesia, reported Forbes.

Connection to Abyzov

Another headache for Bosov could be the criminal case of the former Minister of the Open Government Mikhail Abyzov, so-called friend of Bosov.

Abyzov and Bosova had a long-standing relationship. Back in 2008, Novosibirskenergo, back then controlled by two businessmen, could “dine” on the budget funds of the Novosibirsk Region, which was headed by Vasily Yurchenko. Subsequently, he was dismissed due to loss of trust and  confidence and sentenced to 3 years probation.

Former minister without a briefcase - Mikhail Abyzov

There have been rumors that Mikhail Abyzov was one of the beneficiaries of VostokUgol. Bosov and Abyzov could own the company through a network of dummies, reports The Moscow Post.

In addition to Vostochny, VostokUgol also incorporates Razrez Kiyzassky, the founders of which  are several foreign legal entities. Among them are Cyprus-based companies - Allevia Investments Limited and Hillestrato Investments Limited: they hold 89.97% of the company's shares.

The other 10% belongs to Pechora Mountain Company LLC, which was established by the Cypriot offshore Sibanthracite Pielsi. It also holds 85% of shares of Razrez Vostochny LLC .

Rumor has it that the share of Mikhail Abyzov may be stashed in the offshore company "Hillestrato Investments Limited." 

Perhaps Bosov, who is accused of creating the OPS, could funnel billions across the border with Abyzov ?

Abyzov,according to one of many existing versions, hoping for leniency, may break down and start turning in his partners. Or has he been doing it all along? And did Dmitry Bosov reach for a gun?

Rumor has it that, indeed, Alexander Isaev is already arranging an informational attack on Yekaterina Bosov. Isaev feels the threat the widow of Bosov emanates. After all, Ekaterina Bosov was in charge of the entire commercial block of companies, detailed UtroNews. Ekaterina Bosov supposedly possesses detailed information about all the revealed schemes of Isaev’s work, including the reasons for his dismissal. It is unlikely that Isaev would want these details to be disclosed.

And what if those details are criminal in nature?

But among his acquaintances Isaev claims that Dmitry Bosov apologized to him shortly before his death and offered him to return to the common business. But there is the other side of the coin:the authors of the Vgudok portal have reported that Alexander Isaev supposedly informed his longtime friend Bosov about the irrelevant romantic relationship Ekaterina Bosov had outside of marriage.

Could this be the reason for Dmitry Bosov's demise? One way or another, the phrase  "Cherchez la femme" is still on the agenda as a viable version.

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