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01 December 2023

VernadSky – the Sky is the Limit

The subordinates of God Nisanov leaked a word that the interest holders deceived by them would never see their housing. The premises are to be used for commercial purposes.

Interest holders of the VernadSky residential complex, which was taken over by God Nisanov, the owner of Kievskaya Ploshchad, from his former business partner Ilgar Gadzhiev, may never see their homes. This was a word passed by Flera Teplinskaya, company’s manager, to the correspondent of UtroNews reports.

It seems that the developer, God Nisanov was not particularly worried about the fate of hundreds of people waiting for their homes in VernadSky residential complex. Earlier, his people broke into the SDI Group’s offices of Ilgar Gadzhiev and stormed his construction sites. Being threatened, the businessman was forced to leave for London.

Flera Teplinskaya, who is the confidant of God Nisanov, told about the plans for the object. A video can be found on the Internet, where Teplinskaya explains that there will most likely be no residential building, since Kievskaya Ploshchad is engaged in commercial space, and all of its facilities are rented out.

Will the money of the interest holders go to the new shopping center?

It must be assumed that Teplinskaya knows what she is talking about. Theis madam showed herself in person on the day of the seizure of the SDI Group office and introduced herself as the company’s manager. Or, would it be more correct to say, Nisanov’s manager?

Teplinskaya also falsified signatures and signed payments for sums of money that flew away in an unknown direction. This was done, of course, bypassing the company’s leadership. For example, Valery Nozhichkin, the head of Accord Spetsstroy LLC, one of SDI Group’s companies, refused to sign documents for the issuance of obviously bad loans, but this did not stop Teplinskaya, she pressed forward. This was reported by The Moscow Post.

According to Ilgar Gadzhiev, as a result of such simple schemes, millions of rubles ended up on the accounts of shell companies. So where will the money invested by the interest holders and Gadzhiev into the construction of the residential complex go now?

It is likely that a new shopping center will grow in place of the promised residential building, and the premises will be rented out. Interest holders will ultimately remain overboard, and all the blame will fall on Ilgar Gadzhiev.

He took up VernadSky project together with his brothers German and Isai Zakharyaev, longtime friends of God Nisanov. The complex included a large shopping center and a residential high-rise building. When apartments started selling in 2018, the results exceeded all expectations: two months later, almost half of the apartments were sold out, and the list of potential buyers of commercial premises was growing. And then Nisanov apparently decided: why be content with a share if you can hit the jackpot?

Gadzhiev was literally thrown out. According to the businessman, in 2019 he was promised compensation in the amount of 5 million USD and several contracts for about 20 million rubles. But 12% of the amount supposedly had to go to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin! Nisanov also asked for a share. And when Gadzhiev refused the conditions imposed on him, he was threatened. As a result, the guys from Vityaz private security company captured the SDI Group. The incident was reported by The Moscow Post.

Nowadays, not only Gadzhiev is trying to find justice, but also his business partners who worked on construction sites, as well as equity holders of unfinished housing complexes.

A petition from the deceived housing equity holders of Pirogovskaya Riviera LCD to the President of the Russian Federation can be found on the Internet. According to the authors, the construction has now been put on hold, and in fact, finished apartments cannot be registered under the ownership of the developer in order to sell them, because the accounts of the developer-company Comfort Specialized LLC are blocked.

The fate of Gadzhiev’s business could be controlled by Vladislav Yusupov, Nisanov’s cousin. Almost all fake payments have a signature “agreed by Vlad”. Could it be the developer’s relative?

Could it be that Nisanov has no plans to finish his other project - LCD Pirogovskaya Riviera? Will he play out the already worked out scheme: wash off the invested funds on forged documents through dummy companies, and then it's as good as gone?

Surprisingly, despite the whole fuss around Nisanov's residential complexes, the Moscow mayor seems to be unaware of all the scandals. Could it be that the systematic kick-back schemes that Ilgar Gadzhiev spoke about have blinded the eyes of Sergei Sobyanin?

Moreover, the developer multiplies his success. The mayor’s office favor to God Nisanov can be further seen in the large-scale projects received one after another, as well as an impressive list of possessions.

For example, together with his comrade Zakhar Aliyev, he owns a project for the reconstruction of the Velozavodsk market, Shchelkovo bus station, and the Olimpiysky complex. Nisanov and Iliev manage the following markets: Moscow, Gardener, and Food City. They also have at their disposal two restaurants in the Zaryadye park, the future multifunctional complex with a hotel on Varvarka next to this park, the Grand Business Center, Panorama Shopping Center, the cruise company Radisson Royal Moscow and so on.

However, the possible protection of Sergei Sobyanin is not the only one the wheeler-dealers can count on. God Nisanov may also have the protection of the current Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The fact is that his son Alexander Kolokoltsev is associated with Nisanov and Iliev.

Kolokoltsev Jr. owns a 33.4% stake in Il Forno LLC, an unprofitable restaurant business. And here is something curious. One of its founders until December 2017 was Oleg Yusupov, who is considered not only Nisanov’s partner, but also his relative.

Yusupov, along with Alexander Kolokoltsev, was also a co-founder of another unprofitable restaurant asset - Brinde LLC, which he left in November 2017. It is surprising that the supervisory authorities do not pay attention to millions of losses. Or, maybe not so surprising after all? All thanks to the influential father?

Yusupov has another interesting partner, a possible relative of Zarakh Iliev, Iliev Ben Zion Zarakhovich. Together they own another unprofitable company Optima LLC. Ben Zion Iliev also controls Kievskaya Ploshchad 1 LLC. What a family relationship!

In this case, everything falls into place. Could it be that thanks to Yusupov’s ties, the law enforcement agencies did not pay attention to the unfriendly takeover of Gadzhiev’s business?

And, it should be assumed, not just that. Last year, the developers’ markets where searched. The visit of security officials was connected with cryptocurrencies - supposedly, a large money laundry was located on Nisanov’s markets. But, as spiteful critics say, Nisanov was ready for a visit by security officials. Could it be that the Kolokoltsev’s department warned the businessman about the upcoming raid?

By the way, this is not the only possible money laundry of Nisanov. According to rumors, he has the so-called shadow accountant Anar Shadlinsky. Rumor has it that he can do money laundering for Nisanov through New Moscow Bank, allegedly controlled by him.

It may be for this precise reason that back in 2018, the Central Bank allegedly held administratively liable the head of the credit structure in the case of countering the laundering of criminal proceeds. This information was published on the website.

The financial performance of the bank is also suspicious. Only from February to March this year, net profit fell by 112%! Does this mean that the funds are simply withdrawn?

If Nisanov really has access to the bank, then it is likely that the millions of deceived equity holders have long been withdrawn. One gets the feeling that the sky is the limit to God Nisanov with his connections. And therefore, it seems safe to assume that he can afford to first squeeze out the business, and then, with the money of people waiting for their homes, construct another shopping center.

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