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30 November 2023

Towers for "looking": Pavel Tyo aimed at new megaexpensive site of Moscow

Vice-Mayors of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov and Vladimir Yefimov, it seems, support the businessman Pavel Tyo.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports, the Capital Group company of the businessman Pavel Tyo represented by the affiliated structure "Investprofi" became the owner at once of six companies which possess buildings of several autocenters on Antonov-Ovseenko Street in Moscow. According to realtors, it is very expensive earth of 2.37 hectares, it is located near the Moscow City business center.

According to the updated data, the developer Pavel Tyo is going to construct over 616 sq.m of the real estate, including offices, apartments, training center there. About the sum of purchase it isn't reported, but it is known that investments into building of the territory will make about 130 billion rubles. It means that estimated profit on implementation of this project will be significantly higher.

The fact that Pavel Tyo had such "tasty" sites, involuntarily raises questions to the Government of Moscow and its head Sergei Sobyanin. Very few people believe that, besides Tyo, on the site there were no applicants? Why there are such assumptions what to Pavel Tyo to help receive the site Moscow mayor's office could?

The Capital Group company of Pavel Tyo - one of the most successful companies in the developer market of the capital. Her progress tries to explain with certain relations of the builder with the Moscow officials long ago. At the time of Yury Luzhkov the rumor attributed Tyo to communication with the mayor's press secretary Sergei Tsoi - allegedly, the developer could sponsor career of his spouse, singer Anita Tsoi. And in exchange - I got "access to a body" for the chief.

If it is the truth, then the Moscow mayor's office rumors about last Tyo didn't confuse. According to authors the Telegram channel "Cheka-OGPU", allegedly earlier, at the Soviet Union, Tyo was judged for large scale fraud. And after departure of the punishment and crash of the USSR Tyo moved to Moscow and preferred not to mention the past.

As approved evil tongues, allegedly earlier Tyo could keep up acquaintances to criminal leaders Vitaly Korsakov and Aslan Usoyan who allegedly and helped him to locate in Moscow at the beginning of the 90th.

Even if this lies, the authorities of Moscow couldn't but pay attention to Tyo. The group implemented a number of large developer projects around which there were many scandals. Didn't confuse officials that parent company of structure Tyo is the offshore Capital Investments Limited (C.I.T.).

Who "will look after" Tyo?

After Luzhkov was replaced by Sergei Sobyanin, a talk about the possible protection rendered to the developer Pavle Tyo from the authorities amplified. Whom only didn't call him the patron! First of all, former Minister of Construction of the Russian Federation and former head of the Ivanovo region Mikhail Men. Said that Tyo could finance his election campaign.

Today mister Men is accused of waste of 700 million rubles which he could allow just during work as the governor of the Ivanovo region. When Men became a minister, a talk went that he can give the Capital Group companies for building of the earth of Timiryazevsky academy.

Then Government Housing Commission and assessment of efficiency of use of the land plots decided to withdraw more than 102 hectares from academy, and just mister Men headed the commission. It seems that only intervention of the Kremlin helped to stop process, and then Men lost a ministerial post.

Now the main possible patrons of Tyo and his business in Moscow call vice governors Pyotr Biryukov and Vladimir Yefimov. The real heavyweights from whom Pyotr Biryukov - still Luzhkov's appeal, he supervises housing and public utilities and construction. They had to get acquainted still in former times. And today mister Biryukov lives with comfort in the mansion constructed by mister Tyo - a penthouse in ZhK "Legends Color".

But all this trifles, in comparison with the fact that since 2015 the structures of Capital Group received contracts for the sum of 21.5 billion rubles according to the My Street program. The program as you guessed, mister Biryukov supervised. "Medusa" writes about it (it is recognized as the foreign agent in the territory of the Russian Federation).

As for the vice-mayor Vladimir Yefimov, in the mayor's office he is responsible for questions of economic policy and the property and land relations. With the Moscow earth (more true, the most tasty sites under building) Pavel Tyo is very lucky.

Say that Tyo could help Yefimova in the certain way, namely "to podnakachat business" him I make related. The vice-mayor's sister Elena Yefimova who received in property Eos Consult from Andrei Samara is specifically mentioned. Today she is an owner of 100% of shares of firm.

Now the company is in the process of liquidation with a "hole" from losses for 2020 in the amount of 31 million rubles. Do the authorities want to ask what happened to the company where the profit went?

Andrei Samara is called a close friend of Pavel Tyo. In addition, they were long-term partners in a number of businesses: Pantheon Group LLC, Skytower Group LLC, Apart Group LLC and Big City Group LLC, controlled by Pavel Tyo's Holding Development. To trace these connections, it is enough to look into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of these organizations.

For example, Pantheon Group LLC, together with Pavel Tyo, is owned by Maria Pak. But earlier together with Tyo a co-owner of shares was Andrei Samara. Is it a coincidence that a relative of the vice mayor of Moscow was doing business with a partner of one of the largest Moscow developers?

Look for a woman (in the tower)

But more than all Pavel Tyo, detractors are trying to connect with another vice mayor, the head of Sobyanin's apparatus in the Moscow Government, Natalya Sergunina. She is credited with a close relationship with Pavel Tyo.

Among other things, she previously dealt with the management of state property, worked in the Federal Property Management Agency. She could lobby for the decision of the Moscow City Hall to redeem half of the acreage of the Oko Tower in Moskva- City, which then belonged entirely to Pavel Tyo. The cost of the transaction for the Moscow budget amounted to a considerable 14 billion rubles. Until now, no one can understand why the Moscow City Hall could need such expensive commercial real estate.

But the answer, it seems, is prosaic - after all, it was there, in the "Eye," that the structures of the city hall, which Sergunina oversees, moved.

Now, next to Moscow City and OK, a new Capital Group real estate by Pavel Tyo may appear. By the way, local employees of various organizations cannot forget the shooting in the same Eye tower several years ago. There was a conflict in which rumor tried to "draw" the developer.

The departments supervised by Sergunina moved to the Eye Tower to be closer to Pavel Tyo?

In November 2017, the authoritative entrepreneur Dmitry Pavlov, nicknamed "Peacock," celebrated his 55th birthday in the restaurant of the Oko tower. A conflict occurred between his guards and the security of dollar billionaire Gabriel Yushvaev over an incorrectly parked car. As a result, opponents took up arms and fired in the spirit of Hollywood militants. About this wrote "Лента.ру."

It would seem that Mr. Tyo, who owns half of the building, has nothing to do with it at all. But does the Moscow City Hall ask the question: why did the areas built by the developer become the point of attraction of criminal showdowns in the center of the capital? And is it not worth waiting for such "casuses" and "gatherings" on the new site, for the development of which an odious entrepreneur is taken?..

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