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09 December 2023

The "plane" flew away from Wiener: did Usmanov's stepson fail to cope with the "Motherland"?

The developer "Samolet" decided not to contact the projects of the former stepson Alisher Usmanov. Will the billionaire take the "sinking" legacy of an ex-relative?

The Moscow Post correspondent discovered changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in the company SZ Rodina-2: now its founders are Rodina and its general director Vladimir Shchekin. This is the partner of Nathan (Anton) Wiener - together they own GKR LLC and a number of other companies.

Mr Wiener is the stepson of billionaire Alisher Usmanov from his marriage to Irina Wiener.

Previously, Rodina-2 was formed as an enterprise of beneficiaries of the MIC and Rodina group for the implementation of common projects. Companies began to develop several sites for joint implementation in the future. The deal, in theory, was supposed to be mutually beneficial. But suddenly, after the MIC went to the developer "Samolet", everything changed.

Why they decided to get rid of the joint venture, and what prospects it now has - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post

Dealer mother

Back in 2012, Nathan Wiener's mother Irina began buying up the assets of her daughter-in-law Julianna Wiener, probably using the money of her then-wealthy husband. As a result, most of this business passed into the hands of the family of her sons - "Dialogue" is owned by Nathan Wiener's child Daniil and Irina's brother Boris Wiener with partners.

Daniel Wiener also moved "Grenade", Nathan Wiener got "Technomarkt". Apparently, Nathan divorced Julianna, so the assets previously issued for her went "to the family". In fact, with the money that his mother invested in him, Nathan Wiener, apparently, was engaged in his business.

How Wiener "drowned"

Viner, in fact, was "squeezed out" of the project for the construction of a residential quarter on the site of the Moscow Thin-Rolled Factory of Pyotr Alekseev (MTFPA) on Mikhalkovskaya Street. The structure of Viner Management Company "Homeland Welfare" entered the project in 2017, but a year later stopped working with the object.

As Shchekin said then, the company left the authorized capital of MTFPA, as it "fully fulfilled all the project tasks." True, what these tasks are, he did not say.

Wiener announced the creation of Homeland back in 2015. Then Denis Borodako and the then co-owner of Best-Novostroy Pavel Rodin became his partners in the group.

Already in 2016, structural changes took place in the group of companies, which led to the exclusion of Rodina from the founders. Ill-wishers assure that Pavel Rodina from Rodina was simply asked, hiding behind the influence of Alisher Usmanov.

The debut of "Motherland" - the creation of a cluster in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region - did not take place. Only in 2020, Rodina seems to have begun its first project - the Russian Design District residential cluster in the village of Vatutinki in new Moscow. The Osnova group was supposed to become a partner of the company, but on the pretext that it decided to focus on developing its own higher-class projects in Moscow, it politely refused.

Russian Design District Project. Will it be implemented to the end? Photo:

Previously, Wiener had already worked in the development business, was the creator of Khimki Group, but even here it seems that except for beautiful words, he was not enough for anything. Alisher Usmanov invested in his business, representatives of the company joyfully announced that the group would soon grow to Donstroy and Capital Group, and then Usmanov simply took this business entirely "under his wing". Isn't it because the company, as in the case of Rodina, did not work shaky, not a roller?

The group then implemented a project to create a complex of townhouses and sports centers under the general name "Olympic Village Novogorsk".

I exhausted

The result of all this confusion was that Usmanov's holding said that it had nothing to do with Wiener's projects and did not plan to invest in them. Perhaps this explains the current position of the "Motherland," which can be characterized as stagnation. Moreover, after Usmanov's divorce from Irina Wiener, the billionaire certainly should not grow in desire to finance her son's projects.

As Wiener herself said, "the page is turned forever". Apparently, the ex-spouses do not connect anything else.

In 2020, the media reported that Wiener plans to build up, among other things, the territory of the Iskra stadium in old Moscow, and in 2021 ex-minister Sergei Shmatko became a partner in the project. Literally a year after that, the latter left the founders of the company-owner of the Gradproekt site. And there is an explanation for that.

If you look at the company's assets, there are big doubts about the success of this enterprise. Zero revenue, negative asset value, negative profit. One gets the feeling that there is no developer from Viner, and even despite the fact that for some time he was followed by one of the richest businessmen Alisher Usmanov, Viner's projects still sunk into oblivion.

Photo: Rusprofile

So the course of the "Samolet", which now owns the MIC, is understandable. Realizing the risks, the company, which is associated with the interests of the Moscow Region governor, could, following the example of Osnova, decide not to contact Wiener, who now even, most likely, does not have an influential stepfather behind his back.

Echoes of Agrochem

There's another reason Wiener could become toxic. The fact is that his surname appears in history around the attempted theft of the Shchelkovo Agrochim enterprise.

The situation there was as follows: at one time in the hands of the chief accountant Lyudmila Prikhodko turned out to be 20 percent of the shares of the enterprise, another 11 percent belonged to the commercial director Elmira Iraidova. According to the media, as a result, through the persuasion of Lyudmila Prikhodko, Iraidova managed to unite these shares into a blocking package (31%) and start banal blackmail of the holding's leadership. Yekaterinburg businessman Eduard Fedosov began to help her in this.

The friendly company offered to buy out the stake in them for a fabulous amount of 3 billion rubles, threatening in case of refusal, to sell it to third parties.

But the reception here is Usmanov's stepson? The fact is that Wiener was the founder of the "South Regional Association of Credit Unions," where a certain Vadim Meshkov worked as the general director. This citizen was the founder of Central Asian Investment Corporation JSC, where Eduard Fedosov was listed as the general director. Moreover, it is this company that one after another receives licenses, also available from Shchelkovo Agrokhim. All this is similar to the fact that it was to this enterprise that they were going to transfer the assets of the manufacturer of plant protection products.

As a result, the capture failed. But this story can significantly spoil the reputation of the developer. And without the support of Usmanov, even make his stay in Russia dangerous. The billionaire was already taking his stepson's business "under the wing." Perhaps the time has come to once again resort to this method?

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