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09 December 2023

The donkey also thought: the daughter of the head of the FOM works for Jordan?

The head of the Public Opinion Foundation, Alexander Oslon, can, through his family and cooperation with Boris Yordan, who is engaged in the transfer of funds from Russian business to America.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post found out, the alleged daughter of the head of the Public Opinion Foundation Alexander Oslon Olga Aleksandrovna Oslon is connected with the partners of Boris Yordan, who could transfer funds from Russia to the United States.

From America with Love

In addition to the consonance of the surname and patronymic, there are other signs of kinship between Olga and Alexander Oslonov. According to the closed bases at the disposal of The Moscow Post, Olga Oslon's registration address coincides with the registration address of a certain Maria Galchanova. Open sources write her last name on the same line with the Public Opinion Foundation. This is probably the wife of Alexander Oslon.

Olga Oslon, as a co-owner, belongs to Love Yoga LLC. Another co-founder there is Anna Valerievna Lunegova. The individual entrepreneur of this lady appears in open databases as a person associated with the American company JIVAMUKTI GLOBAL INC, which deals with cosmetic products.

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Bramley Emmy Charlotte is another owner of the company, apparently, just a representative of the American side.

No financial flows formally go through the company. But she is acting. This suggests a leading role for the American firm in making financial settlements. And this in the current geopolitical conditions is unlikely to honor the daughter of a Russian organizer cooperating with the Government of the Russian Federation.

After all, "Public Opinion" is a supplier of government orders, at one time "spun off" from VTsIOM and provided services, including during the presidential campaign.

Jordan's Trail

Another company that is controlled by Olga Oslon is Sis-Investments. It is already directly tied to foreign jurisdiction. 50% of the company belongs to FEARBROOK LIMITED. The financial situation is the same: formally, the company's revenue is round zero.

FEARBROOK LIMITED is designed for Yanna Alexandrow. The same lady appears in the list of Rosenergoatom affiliates for 2011. She can represent Boris Jordan. Below we explain the possible connection of the latter with the controlling persons of Sis-Investments.


Since 2012, Tatyana Aleksandrovna has been the head of Sis-Investments. The same lady just recently served as managing director of the Alexei Yordan Cadet Corps Assistance Fund. According to the website of the Moscow Patriarchate, it was named after Alexei Borisovich Jordan, who died in 2002. Alexey Borisovich during the Second World War served in the Russian Corps, and his son - Boris Jordan - a famous businessman, president of Renaissance Insurance. He is currently the main person of the Foundation.

In 2013, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev included the Fund in the list of organizations not subject to taxation. Such "buns" reached Jordan for helping military education. Although he still does not declare either profit or revenue.

Who is Jordan

Note that Jordan has American citizenship, a business for the production of prohibited substances in the United States and, according to the authors of the website, allegedly calls himself a patriot of the United States. How, with such introductions, he manages to support business in Russia, and even, perhaps, not entirely clean - a mystery.

Perhaps it's all in partnership with the managers of the largest oligarch Roman Abramovich. For example, with Andrei Bloch. In conversations with Forbes, several people in the market said that Bloch invested in Jordan's firm Curaleaf. Moreover, not only his own funds, but also Abramovich's.

Jordan cooperates with another major insurer - Oleg Mikhasenko. This is the president of the BCS financial group. The partners stand together. In 2009, the Federal Service for Financial Markets (FSFM) canceled the qualification certificates of Mikhasenko and his deputy Anton Vetoshkin. It was announced that the BCS violated the FFMS order banning "short sales," and also did not comply with internal accounting and control rules.

During the reorganization of Uralsib Bank in 2015, its owner Nikolai Tsvetkov was suspected of wanting to sell Uralsib Management Company to Azimut. Its sole owner was the offshore Danof Trading Limited, registered in the British Virgin Islands. And the address of "Azimuth" strangely coincided with the address of the BCS. The FAS was then in no hurry to agree to the deal, probably suspecting that in this way Tsvetov and Mikhasenko could try to take the bank's assets offshore in this way. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this and other stories around Mr. Mikhasenko.

Apparently, Ms. Kovaleva and Oslon can work, among other things, in the interests of Mr. Jordan and the same Mikhasenko. In this case, ties with American companies and the fact that this is "forgiven" to them are quite understandable. Kovaleva also worked at Renplus - the company until 2022 belonged to Renconsalt, which, together with Renaissance Group PJSC, controls Medkorp JSC.

"Love Yoga" Olga Oslon is registered at the same address as "Renplus" and "Renkonsalt" - in Moscow on Derbenevskaya nab., 11, even the floor coincides.

It turns out that the daughter of Alexander Oslon can cooperate with an American citizen, who, in turn, has the opportunity to withdraw money from Russia. In this case, it is probably not without the help of an influential father.

"Donkey" business

Alexander Oslon himself is indirectly related to the company Transdat AOZT. This office existed from 2992 to 2008. belonged to the "Public Opinion Fund," headed by Donkey. But his full namesake since 2008 has been indicated by the head of this organization, which suggests that it is directly his brainchild.

Photo: Rusprofile

The AOZT transdata was liquidated exactly on the day when Oslon came to the post of head of the company. And a year before that, another Transdata LLC was formed, which began to engage in development and was disgraced in 2017, when it was hired by a subcontractor to create the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRN).

In 2014-2016, more than 1.6 billion rubles were allocated for the creation and launch of the registry. However, the implementation of the federal law was thwarted. And somewhere more than 820 million rubles evaporated. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this story. Did the Donkey have a hand in what was happening? In 2021, the company was declared bankrupt.

Several other companies of interest were registered for Oslon at different times. For example, Vikivot! LLC, which was engaged in software and performed contracts for Sberbank and other state-owned companies. In 2017, a rather successful company suddenly went into the red, and three years later it was liquidated "due to the presence in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of information about it, in respect of which a record of unreliability was made." At the same time, some of the contracts remained in the status of execution. We must think that the funds received for them settled in American offshore companies?

In general, the scope for investigations by the special services is huge. Will Jordan be able to insure himself and partners?

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