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24 September 2023

Take and not give: A provocation of 35 million was being prepared against Mirimskaya

The defense of Olga Mirimskaya believes that behind the recent story of the arrest of the "resolver" who proposed to close her criminal case may be a special operation to seize tens of millions of dollars.

Mirimskaya's lawyers released the details of the detention of a native of Omsk, Sergei Sokolov. He tried to provoke lawyer Yulia Zhuravleva to pay a bribe of more than 33.5 million rubles. For this money, Sokolov promised to help mitigate the preventive measure of her client and terminate the criminal case. In particular, in a press release, the parties to the defense of Mirimskaya disclose the not-so-usual requirements of the "resolver." He insisted on transferring part of the money from the card to the card, and only from Zhuravleva (he categorically refused to accept money from the joint children of Olga Mirimskaya and her ex-husband Alexei Golubovich). He also demanded to "resolve the issue" strictly until March 31. An important detail: Sergei Sokolov at the same time spoke about such nuances of the criminal case that cannot be known to an outsider.

The lawyer agreed, but only for the view. The transfer of the tranche in the amount of 3.8 million rubles was carried out under the control of FSB officers. Otherwise, Julia Zhuravleva and Olga Mirimskaya would commit a crime provided for in part 3 of article 30, part 5 of article 211 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation with a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. Given the direct transfer of money, it would not be difficult to prove this.

Lawyers for Olga Mirimskaya pay special attention to the desire of the arrested provocateur to complete the "operation" by March 31, 2022. It was on this day that the consideration of the appeal against the decision of the Golovinsky court of Moscow, which satisfied the requirements for the recovery of about $35 million from Alexei Golubovich from his ex-wife, Russian Olga Mirimskaya, was scheduled. And they emphasize that if the provocation against Yulia Zhuravleva had succeeded, she would not have been able to represent the interests of Olga Mirimskaya. But at this court it is Zhuravleva who is her only representative.

The court decision, which challenges the defense of Mirimskaya, is also very interesting. "The Golovinsky court of Moscow partially satisfied the lawsuit of Alexei Golubovich to recognize as jointly acquired property 69 million 812 thousand dollars, which were stored in the accounts of his ex-wife Olga Mirimskaya in the British branch of the Swiss bank UBS more than ten years ago," this information was published by a online publication BFM.ru.

"The defendant in the lawsuit was the Russian representative office of UBS Bank, from whose accounts the plaintiff asked to claim money. However, at the moment, according to the answer from the bank, there is no money from Mirimskaya in the accounts with UBS bank, so in this part the lawsuit was rejected, "explained Olga Mirimskaya's lawyer Alexander Chernov.

At the same time, the lawyer noted that the decision was made on the basis of unsecured photocopies of bank printouts of short-term deposits from 2008 and 2009, as well as the testimony of a certain Alexander Ramov, who is the lawyer of Mirimskaya's former common-law husband Nikolai Smirnov. Interestingly, it was Ramov four years ago who was one of the initiators of the criminal case against Olga Mirimskaya.

In the telegrams, Mirimskaya's channel drew attention to another detail: "when Mirimskaya was shown a photo of Sokolov, she noted that at one time she saw him (or a person very similar to him) in the CFT office."

As the second lawyer of Mirimskaya, Alexander Chernov, said, "Probably, the purpose of the provocation was to detain Zhuravleva after transferring money to Sokolov. Then she would be removed from the criminal defense of Mirimskaya and would not be able to represent her interests in a civil case in the amount of $35 million. "

Similar allegations were published in a press release from the defense: "We assume that the" case of Sergei Sokolov "is directly related to the criminal case against Olga Mirimskaya, and the attempt to provoke may be part of a single plan to seize many millions of dollars, as well as the abduction of a young child."

Source: Moskovsky Komsomolets

Photo: press service of the courts of general jurisdiction of Moscow

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