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09 December 2023

"Spark" for Sviblov: is the plant bankrupt in the interests of the gold miner?

It seems that Denis Zhivtsov decided to give the Ogonyok plant brought to the handle for "development" to unfriendly structures. Was the scandalous entrepreneur Vladislav Sviblov also interested?

From the information received by The Moscow Post from its own sources, we can conclude that the legendary Ogonyok toy plant can be prepared for demolition. And the ultimate beneficiary of this process may be the construction company Atlas Development by Nikolai Samsonov and his partners.

At the same time, Samsonov himself, through the companies to which he was related, may be associated with the owner of the plant, Denis Zhivtsov, whose result of management policy was the sad position of the enterprise. As part of the bankruptcy process, a monitoring procedure has already been introduced there. In the same story, the interests of the scandalous Russian businessman Vladislav Sviblov could also be strangely involved.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post

Not so long ago, our publication wrote about the Ogonyok plant, which is located in Moscow's East Biryulyovo. Since Soviet times, this is one of the largest toy manufacturing enterprises in Russia. The plant is known for Russian counterparts of Barbie dolls, and before that it was famous for rubber Khryushy and Stepashki.

Bring to the handle

In 2016, Denis Zhivtsov received control over the plant. Even then, the company was experiencing problems. It was assumed that the investor would breathe new life into him. But the result turned out to be absolutely the opposite. The plant not only did not develop, but also literally sank in debt.

In May 2023, a monitoring procedure was introduced. But Denis Zhivtsov, it seems, does not intend to correct mistakes at all. It seems that he set his sights on a rather banal "multi-move": just put the enterprise under the hammer after bankruptcy. In this sense, it can be assumed that he himself is "in interest." Will this bankruptcy not be manageable?

Earlier we suggested that in the end the enterprise may go to the ambiguously well-known company Red Development Alexei Kovalchuk, which specializes in the equipment of residential lofts. The plant could fit perfectly into this model.

However, later, thanks to our informants, we received other interesting information. It turns out that the structures of the entrepreneur Nikolai Samsonov, who can now actually be the head of the enterprise, have long been registered at the plant.

Our source claims that at least from June 2021, the rent for the premises of the plant is paid not by Zhivtsov himself, but by Atlas Development LLC, the founder of which is Nikolai Samsonov.


This company has a similar name with the Atlas Development development group from Yekaterinburg. That group of companies is owned by entrepreneur Vladimir Gorodenker. At the federal level, the company gained fame thanks to its top manager Vyacheslav Batakov.

In 2021, the former structure where Batakov worked before Atlas Development, namely the Prinzip construction firm, accused Batakov of theft. This was reported by EaNews. They wrote that he faces a criminal case. However, no formal ties with the two Atlas Development can be traced. Perhaps Samsonov's firm is Gorodenker's proxy structure?

"Solidarity" with Samsonov

Returning to Samsonov's Atlas, its main type of activity, is the analysis and demolition of buildings. Apparently, this is such a hint of what will happen to the plant later. At the same time, on what grounds "Atlas Development" Samsonova can pay rent instead of "Ogonyok" Zhivtsov himself (if true) is not clear.

Similarly, it is not entirely clear where the structure has such explosive income growth - just from 2021, when it could "go" to the plant. If in 2020 the company received losses of 8.5 million rubles, then in 2021 - a profit of 58 million rubles. As if the revenue grew exponentially, which in 2022 amounted to 86 million (in 2020 - 2.7 million).

It is also interesting that until 2019 Atlas Development was literally in a neighboring building with the plant - on the street. Radial 6th. But subsequently he legally moved to Serpukhov near Moscow.

One gets the impression that the structures of Zhivtsov and Samsonov may be affiliated with each other. Now Mr. Zhivtsov remains the head of Mtok LLC, which is engaged in the textile industry. The value of assets is minus 75 million rubles, the loss in 2022 is 23 million rubles.


From 2016 to 2017, the co-founder of the aforementioned LLC Mtok Zhivtsova was a rather "muddy" structure - the Altair Group Financial and Industrial Company. I.e. it is logical to assume that FPK and Zhivtsov were business partners.

The company turned out to be associated with a series of litigation, where it acted as a defendant in economic disputes. One of them is case No. A40-18317/2019, where the plaintiff was Solidarity Bank, and the defendants were Altair Estate LLC and the very Atlas Development owned by Samsonov.

The bank tried to recover more than 130 million rubles for the pledged property. And the property is a plot owned by Atlas Development. Bypassing the nuances, the bank was refused to satisfy the requirements. This decision was "dominated" by higher authorities. But the connection is indicative - why does the structure to which Zhivtsov could be related attract Samsonov's company as a pledger? And then also "pays" the bank in court?


And here - an important remark. We are talking about JSC "Bank of Trade Union Solidarity and Social Investments" Solidarity, "which back in 2017 was deprived of its license.

The bank's business was focused on aggressive attraction of funds of the population and their placement in assets of unsatisfactory quality - roughly speaking, they invested money where it was extremely problematic to get returns from. Apparently, we can also talk about Zhivtsov's structures, which were actively credited in this bank.

It came to serious lawsuits. In 2020, the bank put forward claims to the Ogonyok plant for 435 million rubles, which were satisfied. Writes about this "Kommersant".


It turns out that Zhivtsov was credited to the bank, to which, at least before, he had a direct relationship. And then this money was "pumped out" by the bank from the plant (quite legally, it turns out) through the courts, while Ogonyok itself "faded" before our eyes. Maybe this was the ultimate goal of lending?

These are not the only Solidarity proceedings with Atlas Development. In another lawsuit, the bank asked to recover from the company over 80 million rubles received on the loan. However, in that case, the bank was refused completely. The same decision was confirmed by higher authorities. And now the bank has caught a cold - the big question is whether the structure received its money back.


This approach is surprising. Money is collected from the dying plant, but not from the owed developer Samsonov. Is the plant sinking, and Samsonov's structures occupy the factory premises?

And he has no other existing businesses. But he remains the head of TEP LLC, which trades electricity, and is located on the territory of the plant - st. 6th Radial, d. 18. The organization moved there in 2021, i.e. after the completion of the litigation of the plant with the Solidarity Bank.


Apparently, even then it became clear that the plant could not live. This means that it is time to develop its territory - even if formally it continues to work. Apparently, today the TEP can transmit electricity to the plant. That would make it dependent on the structure.

Until the beginning of 2023, the founder of the TEP was Rubikon Estate LLC. Recall that it was at the request of this company that a monitoring procedure was introduced in relation to the Ogonyok plant. The general director of Rubikon Estate Yevgeny Shcherbakov is also the general director of Moselectropribor LLC. This company was established by the Ogonyok plant, and was part of its circuit until 2018.


All this suggests thoughts of a possible direct connection between Denis Zhivtsov and Nikolai Samsonov.

Shadow of Sviblov

Until 2020, Nikolai Samsonov owned shares in Bakhmutovo LLC, which is now 100% owned by Larisa Shcherbakova. At the end of 2022, the company received a loss, although it has assets of 32 million rubles. Moreover, after Samsonov left the founders, in just one year they "lost weight" to this level from 133 million rubles. Leaving, Samsonov withdrew assets from the enterprise?

The same company acted as a recoverer in claims for more than 200 million rubles. And here, too, she acted as a united front with the already known company Altair Group, with which Altair Estate sought bankruptcy. The one who gained debts from Solidarity secured by Atlas Development.


In this case, the structures demanded that Altair Estate be declared bankrupt, which was done. However, the court did not seem to draw attention to the above-described connections between all participants in the process.

Another important detail: from 2014 to 2018, the co-owner of the plant was Vladislav Sviblov, the main shareholder of a number of large Russian geological exploration, mining and industrial assets, including Highland Gold.

Sviblov is a regular hero of The Moscow Post publications, with whose name they tried to connect raider seizures and corporate scandals. In particular, the scandal in the Petropavlovsk Group of Companies, as a result of which the founder of the company Pavel Maslovsky and his son were sentenced to real imprisonment.

Previously, Sviblov worked in the infamous Rosbuilding company, which was credited with raider seizures of businesses back in the 90s. Now his interests are "protected" at Ogonyok - and even with the likely approval of the plant owner Denis Zhivtsov? Perhaps it is Sviblov who is the ultimate beneficiary of current events.

To summarize, it is very similar that Denis Zhivtsov has long put an end to the plant. And he may be in the hands of people with whom the Solidarity Zhivtsova Bank previously conducted business. And above all this hangs the shadow of Vladislav Sviblov.

In this situation, the remaining workers of the plant and tenants of its premises have very few reasons for optimism.

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