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03 October 2023

Siluanov and Khromchenko from the big road

The construction of the Lytkarinskaya toll road around Moscow may cover the multibillion-dollar interests of Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

In the Moscow region, the construction of the Lytkarinskaya toll road is underway, which should become an understudy of the Moscow Ring Road. With the only difference that travel along it will cost a lot of money that will flow into the concessionaire's pocket - Lytkarinskaya Toll Road LLC, behind which Rusdor-Finance LLC is standing.

The latter is the parent organization for many such structures that build paid routes with the involvement of state financing, which Finance Minister Anton Siluanov is very worried about. And apparently, it doesn't just bother.

We managed to find out that he could have his own interests both in Lytkarinskaya and in other similar projects. Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Moscow region.

In February 2020, the Moscow Region government concluded a concession agreement with Lytkarinskaya Toll Road LLC, according to which the LLC pledged to build a toll high-speed road, linking the settlements of the Moscow Region Vidnoye, Lytkarino, Kraskovo, Tomilino, Zheleznodorozhny. The length of the road is 53 km, the width is 4-6 lanes.

For the concessionaire, this is a real bonanza - he will be able to collect money from those passing until 2049. Of course, this requires a lot of money, and the concessionaire found it - from the very state. The capex for the project is 156.8 billion rubles, and 105 billion of them, i.e. two-thirds will be financed by Gazprombank. The bank also provided state guarantees for the project.

Construction began in 2022, and immediately came across many claims of residents of the Moscow region. A petition is circulating on the Internet that reflects people's fears.

The road can destroy entire forest landscapes in the suburbs. Photo:

It says that instead of passing through the fields, the road will allegedly destroy the Butovo forest, the protected landscape of the Sukhanovo Estate, the forest around the Gorki Leninsky estate museum. In other words, it will bring a real environmental catastrophe to the Moscow region, damaging the "green shield" of Moscow.

Our editorial office also receives letters from concerned citizens. Among other things, readers claim that they got acquainted with the state examination of the project, and learned that the concessionaire made changes to the calculation of the estimated traffic intensity - now this is not 40-60 thousand cars per day, but 80-100 thousand. I.e. the rest of the locals cannot be seen. But this is not reflected on the project website, where the cargo flow is blurred in 40 or more thousand.

Letter from residents of the Moscow region. Photo: Archive of The Moscow Post

"Shershe la fam" for Anton Siluanov

However, all the fears of people, petitions and problems for the environment are unlikely to stop the project. After all, it may have a direct interest of large federal officials, in particular, the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov. Recall that it was he who lobbied the Government for the idea of creating a special state fund to finance toll roads. Its total volume should be 3 trillion rubles.

Siluanov may have personal interest. A young beautiful girl Olga Khromchenko is associated with him, who at one point turned into a business woman and became a co-owner of companies receiving billions of state financing. Earlier, PASMI (the publication was recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation) and many other media wrote about Siluanov's possible connection with Khromchenko. According to rumors, allegedly Siluanov and Khromchenko may be in close relations.


LLC Lytkarinskaya Toll Road is 99.9% owned by Rusdor-Finance LLC and 0.1% by Alexei Stroganov. All 100% of the shares are pledged by Gazprombank. In turn, Rusdor-Finance LLC is owned by the same Stroganov (33.5%) and Olga Puchkova (66.5%).


However, from September 2019 to May 2022, Olga Khromchenko was the co-owner of the shares in the company. Perhaps she was the real owner of the structure, behind which was Anton Siluanov, who in those very years knocked out federal funding for the construction of toll roads. And after interest in her person, the media decided to leave the structure, leaving their possible protégés there. Puchkova, according to evil tongues, is a close friend of Ms. Khromchenko.


Lytkarinskaya road is far from the only one in the asset of Rusdor-Finance. As soon as Khromchenko acquired shares there, the company had a lot of projects. Among other things, the subsidiary of this company, Odintsovskaya Toll Road, is building an overpass near the village of Savvinskaya Sloboda.

According to the authors of the Rus-republic website, allegedly Khromchenko was affiliated (or were they) with Stupinskaya Toll Road, Shaturskaya Toll Road, Akulovskaya Toll Road, Sergiev Posad Toll Road and Shchelkovo Toll Bypass.

Former partner of Khromchenko in Rusdor-Finance Alexei Stroganov looks, rather, a nominal figure. In addition to Lytkarinskaya Toll Road LLC, other similar projects of the structure are recorded on it - Toll Road of the Northern Capital LLC and Moscow Region Toll Road LLC, as well as several more already liquidated companies that can be simple "dummies" - Tradinvest CJSC and Normed CJSC.

It turns out that Finance Minister Anton Siluanov bothered for all this? Which, among other things, was supposed to approve the financing deal for Rusdor-Finance with Gazprom?

Until the summer of 2021, Rusdor-Finance LLC owned shares in Multifunctional Cargo District LLC (MGR). The latter is a concessionaire for the construction of a freight complex in Poronaysk on Sakhalin. And the same company was "wooed" into concessionaires for the construction of a bridge across Sakhalin - these are multi-billion dollar projects.


Earlier, the co-owners of MGR LLC were LLC Development of Transport Projects (RTP), which, through the Cypriot TPD Holding Limited, belongs to St. Petersburg entrepreneurs Mikhail and Yevgeny Skigin in equal shares.

Mikhail Skigin is the son and heir of the famous St. Petersburg authority Dmitry Skigin, who had a business with no less authoritative businessman Ilya Traber, known in certain circles as "Antiquarian." He is called the night governor of St. Petersburg - his influence in the city is so supposedly great.

It turns out that Khromchenko could do business with both Skigin and Antikvar? Interesting people can surround the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov.

Among other things, Olga Khromchenko is a co-owner of another company called Unik LLC. Vesta with her and other persons, the owner of this office is Igor Nak, the son of the famous Tyumen deputy and United Russia member Grigory Nak.


The name of the latter was associated with the possible theft of money from Gazprom. This was written by the publication In addition, Igor Nak is credited with the phrase "It is necessary to steal from the state beautifully." Can Olga Khromchenko and Anton Siluanov do this?

Unicom LLC is an IT company that received a lot of money from VTB State Bank to create applications on IOS, Apple's operating system, which has now announced a boycott of Russia and refuses to update the applications of the largest banks. Apparently, so does VTB.

What about "Yunik" today? From 2020 to 2021, the structure's revenue fell from 39 million rubles to zero, a net loss of 36 million rubles. Moreover, the last time the company came out in plus back in 2016.

The value of assets decreased every year, reaching minus 600 million rubles to date. I.e. it can be assumed that VTB money could simply be withdrawn from the company. It's amazing how she hasn't gone bankrupt yet.



Obviously, a lot of money is spinning around Khromchenko, which can bring the influence of the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov. And if so, then all the indignations of residents against the construction of the Lytkarinskaya toll road will probably remain the voice of a blatant in the desert, and residents of the Moscow region who fall into the project zone, unfortunately, will have to live 20 meters from the thundering trucks.

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